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Fnatic Gaming Accessories

Available in North America only at Best Buy, Fnatic accessories bring e-sports into your home.

Person, computers, NVIDIA GeForce GTX game ready

Made to game with NVIDIA.

Be the last one standing with GeForce.

Arm yourself with the game-changing performance of GeForce GTX 10 series graphics cards.


Save up to $30 on select CORSAIR gaming accessories.

Choose from keyboards, a mouse, a mouse pad and a headset.

Minimum savings is $10.

Fnatic Accessories
Person, computers, NVIDIA GeForce GTX game ready
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Customize Your PC Gaming

Add new dimensions to your gaming experience with a variety of accessories and peripherals suitable for desktop gaming computers and gaming laptops.

Gaming Headsets

Full-ear gaming headsets surround you in audio and cancel out background noise. You can choose from a single speaker for each ear, or multiple speakers in each ear cup for a true surround sound experience. You can also take your gaming to another level with your choice of virtual reality headsets, which surround you in the audio and visual elements of games.

Gaming Keyboards

Offering an accuracy advantage, durable mechanical keyboards produce a click sound with each keystroke, which can reduce errors when typing. Other features that can aid in accuracy and speed include anti-ghosting and macros. Anti-ghosting minimizes the number of possible key combinations, reducing the likelihood that your keystrokes will be ignored if you accidentally press multiple keys at once. And some keyboards feature extra keys that can be used to program macros so that a single keystroke handles a complex string of commands.

Gaming Mice

Since your mouse is one of the key ways you interact with your game, you'll want to consider a gaming mouse with features to increase accuracy. Mouse sensitivity is measured in dots per inch (DPI). The higher the DPI rating of a mouse, the more sensitive it is. Consider a mouse that lets you adjust DPI so you can find your ideal setting. Polling rate measures how often the mouse sends data to your computer, which is an indication of response time.

PC Video Games

Best Buy has an assortment of digital games, so you can play the moment a game is officially released. In addition to the digital game selection, Best Buy sells a variety of the best PC games in physical, boxed format. If you'll be playing a game that requires a monthly subscription or in-game currency, you might want to purchase a game card to conveniently renew a subscription or get more in-game currency.