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Petcube - Play Indoor 1080p Wi-Fi Camera - Matte Silver

Communicate with your pet from anywhere with this Petcube Play. A two-way audio system lets you talk and listen to your beloved buddy, and the 1080p HD live video makes it easy to keep an eye on him when you aren't home. Featuring a pet-friendly laser pointer, this Petcube Play keeps your pet active when he's in need of exercise.

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    What's Included

    • Petcube Play Indoor 1080p Wi-Fi Camera

    Ratings & Reviews

    Overall Customer Rating:
    77% of customers would recommend this product to a friend (173 out of 226)


    Download the Petcube app to access the system remotely

    And play with you pet by dragging or tapping your finger on the Petcube app screen from your compatible iOS or Android device.

    Keep an eye on your pet wherever you go

    Lets you watch, talk and play with your pet remotely from a smartphone.

    Capture everything in HD

    Vivid 1080p resolution allows you to see small details on your screen.

    Night vision capability

    Monitor your pet even in low-light or no-light conditions.

    See more with the 138° field of view

    The camera features a 138° ultrawide viewing angle that covers a wide area.

    Customize motion and sound alerts

    2-way audio stream through built-in microphone and speaker.

    Secure and trustworthy video feed

    128-bit encryption and secure data transfer (SSL).

    Connects to your Wi-Fi network

    For convenience and simple setup.

    Autoplay mode

    Enables regular playtime when owners busy.

    Check on your pets throughout the day

    Pet immunity feature prevents your pet from activating the motion sensors or setting off the alarm.

    Built-in 5mW 3R class laser, certified and safe

    Play with animals with built-in safe laser toy.

    Customer rating

    Rating 3.9 out of 5 stars with 226 reviews

    would recommend to a friend



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    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Lonely no more!

      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      My 12 year old son has a lonely pet parakeet. The bird’s name is Oreo who resides in his the boy’s bedroom. When my son is gone at school or and away at camp thios summer, poor Oreo sits all alone. That is, until recently. Personally, I was a little apprehensive about getting a Petcube Play for a bird as it is marketed mainly for dog and cat owners. Well, my worries subsided as soon as I saw my son talking to and playing with his bird on his cel phone even though he was away from his room! Since then, we have really enjoy our Petcube Play pet camera. Here are some details for our experience so far… SET-UP Set-up was simple with the downloaded App. The app is well built and works great on my son’s iPhone. The app immediately recognized the nearby Petcube and walked us through connecting the camera to our wifi. Within just a few minutes we were up and going - interacting remotely with Oreo. VIDEO / SOUND QUALITY The video quality is nice with a great resolution (see photo). Sometimes the refresh rate is not the fastest but we also received frequent warning that there is a slow connection. It is probably because our home wifi internet speed is not the best. The video refresh rate actually increased once my son looked-in on his bird when he was out of the house using a cellular network on his phone rather than our home wifi. As to sound, it is great with very little lag. The two way communication is so incredible. It is pretty cool that Oreo can hear his owner and visa-versa. My son will whistle into his phone and nearly immediately Oreo hears, perks up and begins singing back to him. All remotely! Pretty cool stuff. OTHER FEATURES This little pet cam has many options. You can record photo or video from the live camera feed. These images and videos automatically save to the iPhone photo app. There is an option to sign up for a subscription to have days of recorded video stored in the cloud for you. There is also a cool laser light which one can move and control remotely from the app. For his bird, my son does not use this feature. Neither does he use the setting where you can have your phone alert you when the camera detects motion. Yet, I imagine many canine and feline owners would have a need for this and other automatic alerts that you can program the Petcube to trigger. CONCLUSION If you have use for a pet cam, definitely get this one! We have owned other wifi cameras and this one is the best that we’ve tried. The app is never buggy and works as it should. The video quality is nice with a decent refresh rate, and audio sounds fantastic with very little lag. Overall, we are very happy with our Petcube Play. Though really, the happiest to have the new wifi camera is Oreo! He now gets played with much more often and is much happier as proven by his more frequent singing heard throughout our home. Thanks Petcube!

      I would recommend this to a friend

      • Brand response

        Petcube Customer Care

        Hello David,

        Thank you so much for supporting Petcube with your excellent review and your time to write it.
        We are glad to hear your son enjoys playing with Oreo through the Petcube. :)
        Please let us know at in case you need any help with Petcube, we will be happy to help.
        Petcube Team petcube

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Tons Of Fun!


      The Petcube Play is a truly fun and interactive device if you own any number of pets whom you would like to check in on during the day or night while away from home whether you are working or simply gone for the weekend. The laser toy that's built in allows for endless fun for those pets in your life who love to chase the ever elusive red dot and the two-way built-in speaker ensures you can talk to your pets and hear them talk back to you. The Petcube Play comes well packaged and well constructed, doesn't feel cheap by any means and is very substantial. Upon opening you find that inside are only three items: the Petcube Play, a very generously long USB cord (approximately 6 feet) and outlet adapter, and instructions with a reset key pin and a few Petcube Play stickers to show your pride if you decide later you must tell the world how pleased you are of your purchase through the sticker. Setup up was super simple. You are directed to download the app which is available on iOS and Android. I was using an iPhone 7 with latest iOS version and install of app was a breeze. On the app it asks you what kind of device you purchased and once you pick it all you have to do is plug in your Petcube to a power source and the Petcube will power on and the app will find it. The app asks you to set up an account which is free and you have the option to name your Petcube and add a picture on your profile. The app does walk you through very easily on allowing your Petcube to access your wireless network which is a requirement if you buy one of these as is does not have a Ethernet port built in. Once you set up an account, which also allows you to share your Petcube Play with either family members or the general public who can then access your Petcube Play and use the laser pointer to play with your pets or just view what's going on in real time, you connect your Petcube on your wireless internet, you are up and running and can view live streaming 1080p picture quality goodness. I mounted the Petcube Play on top of our 73 inch television in the living room and tested the connection and streaming quality from various locations and connected to the internet using either wifi or LTE on the phone. I found at times when I connected via my wifi I would get poor connection issues and quality. This is probably an issue with router settings and I didn't investigate it. It wasn't an issue of the router being too far away as it was only 20 feet from the phone. When using LTE I never had any connection problems or quality issues. I could use the laser pointer with no issues other than a one second lag time from where you are pointing on the screen to when the laser reactes in the physical environment where it's located. I also had my wife access the Petcube Play and my mother-in-law who lives 600 miles away and neither one had any issues of connecting or using the toy or being able to use the two-way speaker (I should mention that anyone who wants to access your Petcube Play must also download the app and create an account. Once they do all they have to do is give you their user name and then you search for them in your app and add them to your friends or family list which sends them a message to confirm their addition to your group then they have access to your camera from that point forward. You can always remove them at anytime for whatever reason). Furthermore, I found that this Petcube Play has an automatic night vision carry over so if the light isn't bright enough, it automatically switches to night vision and has an infrared light which brightens up the room in the night vision mode so you can see what's going on, pretty neat. The Petcube Play also has a tri-pod receptacle on the bottom of the unit if you are so inclined to use a tripod for placement. In conclusion, the Petcube Play is very fun to use to keep tabs on your pets, to play with your furry friends, or just to simply spy on them. It's a true plug and play device with the exception of having to download an app and the picture quality won't disappoint no matter if it's during the day or night. As a bonus, I could definetly see someone using this device as a in home surveillance solution. Either way, if you are on the fence because of the price tag or just not sure it's worth it, stop worrying. This device is well worth the money and peace of mind. It's very well constructed and promises to give you hours of fun with your pets while you are away.

      I would recommend this to a friend

      • Brand response

        Petcube Customer Care

        Hi Silvertruth,

        Thank you so much for your detailed and helpful review. We are glad to hear you like the Petcube.
        Please contact us 24/7 at with any questions, we will be happy to help.

        Kind Regards,
        Petcube Team petcube

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Great camera for all situations

      • My Best Buy® Elite MemberElite Member

      I help run a Cat Shelter in Ecuador and this is my review of the Petcube Play Camera. SET-UP Set-up was very easy, the instructions were simple to understand and easy to follow, we set up the camera using an Ipad that we have at the shelter and didn't run into any issues, we have the Petcube set up 2 rooms away from the router so the wifi range is pretty solid VIDEO / SOUND QUALITY The video quality is great given our current internet service, this petcube is being used and controlled by people all over the world and we get nothing but praise from them. We really have no complains once again due to our location and not so great internet , we sometimes get some lag or jitter but nothing out of the ordinary, we don't really use the sound but we have enable it before for testing purposes and it's easy to carry on a conversation between 2 parties using the camera microphone OTHER FEATURES The camera has many options for all kinds of users Our most heavily used feature is the laser, people and our cats love the laser feature, it has a surprisingly long range and hold pretty steady while being controlled through the app. Also since the release of the Petcube Play there's a new option to Livestream directly to Facebook which helps us tremendously in getting our video in as many social media platforms as possible, setting up the Livestream feed was very easy as well, nothing too complicated and I would say anyone that has installed any bluetooth or wifi enabled device in their home should be able to do it without any issues CONCLUSION We highly recommend Petcube, we've been able to use it consistently since it was released and we keep it on 24/7 and available to the public almost 16 hours per day. You don't have to take our word for it, you can check out how it works directly at or through the Petcube app under the user gatosgye and let that help you make your decision about this product

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      Fun camera to spy on your pets :)

      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      Before anything, let me mention that i adore my pet cube. Being able to spy on my pets when I am at work is priceless. Although the camera is really cool, it does have some flaws. I have a total of 2 cameras for different locations in my house. For both cameras, i had to return the one i had initially bought as they were defective. 2 out of 4 cams did not work properly. Once I got them to work though, they did exactly what I wanted! SETUP super easy to link with your phone app. I have an iPhone and everything works great, easy to navigate. However, my husband has an android and the app for his phone isn't as great as mine. I did not have to perform any updates on my working cameras. (sometimes a manual update is required) SHARING you can share your cameras with your family (private sharing). my husband and mom get to enjoy spying on them too! You can also set times where you do not want your family to look up on them or activate/deactivate audio and laser. You can also set notifications to see who used your pet cube. You can also stream on Facebook! CONNECTIVITY No issues for me as i have great internet! you do however need a minimum of 2MB of Upload speed to not lag per camera. It is also what customer service at pet cube have said and recommended to me when i asked. AUDIO the 2 way audio option is great! you can hear your pets and they can hear you. however there is some feedback. when i talk in my phone then i can hear myself from the app as an echo. VIDEO generally good quality! it is 1080p. it also depends how close or far the cam is from your pets. night vision is very fun! you can also zoom in and out. Usually 10 seconds videos are recorded when it senses a pet or sound around. CLOUD SAVE/SERVICE you have a 4 hour video history for free with the camera. so if you are at work or busy, you can look back and see what happened. if you want more options, pet cube offers different plans. it can save 3 days or 10 days depending on what you pick. their plans aren't too pricy which is nice! LASER laser can be laggy but overall such a fun features! you can play with your kitty even if you're not home! when you do zoom in though, you cannot play with the laser. CUSTOMER SERVICE i have never called them but i have contacted them about my issues online with chat and email. they are very responsive and helpful! AESTHETICS small and compact! doesn't appear intrusive in the decor of your home! NEWS FEED you can chose to share your camera to strangers. I do recommend however that are careful with your privacy if you do so. on my end, i only liked the family sharing options. I have however explored the play section and viewed other people's pet and played with them. it's super cute! overall i love my cams!!! very happy with them. if you want to stay close to your pet, it's a good way to do it! :)

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

      Too many issues - had to return

      • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
      • My Best Buy® Elite MemberElite Member

      I had great hopes for the PetCube Play, so much so that I was thinking of upgrading to the PetCube Bites. But after almost a month of trying to get it to work, I returned it. I had several issues with it, and customer support could not resolve any of them. *First of all, the setting for "Care Asleep"..... one would think this means the PetCube is no longer detecting motion or sound, and no longer taking video triggered by either event. However I would get notifications all the time in this mode. *Second of all, setting for "Care Awake"..... one would think this means not only will you get notifications for both motion and sound, but this should also trigger the video camera to start recording said motion or sound events. This worked successfully only a handful of times during the first two weeks. After that, I would only get notifications for motion or sound detection, maybe one or two videos were actually recorded after sound or motion was detected - it was never consistent. In fact, one of the last days I had it, there was a solid hour of 30 second videos of my dog sleeping on my time line, and I got ZERO notifications. When the videos did work, during the first two weeks, they were maybe seven second snippets of my dog in the middle of something, or 30 second recordings triggered by sound from my TV or some other random background noise like me doing dishes. 30 full seconds of that, but somehow only 7 seconds of my dog at the door barking or scratching, not 30 full seconds of him running to the door and barking/scratching?!? *Third issue..... limited to one user/cell phone that has access to your PetCube, no desktop/website access. This felt so limiting. Especially when trying to review all the 30 second videos taken of my dog sleeping instead of running around tearing up my house. *Sound quality of two-way audio..... not so good. *Video playback..... a few were all green or started off green, or the video greened out right in the middle of playback. Loading video to playback sometimes took over a minute. Otherwise the playback was usually jumpy. *When I would try to check in on my dog, a lot of the time the video would time out, so I would have to close the app, then open it and try again. For $200, the expectation is that the device will do everything it says it does on the box and their website. This was not my experience. Even the support page wan't updated (for Android users), and there was no explanation of the icons that showed up on your video timeline. So, it went back to BestBuy. I traded it in for a Samsung SmartCam, which so far has been easier to set up and use, video quality is way better, and when I put the SmartCam in "sleep mode", no annoying notifications.

      No, I would not recommend this to a friend

      • Brand response

        Petcube Customer Care

        Hi there,

        Thank you for your review. This is Daria. I am a Senior Customer Support Representative at Petcube. I am sorry to hear that your Petcube experience has not been up to your expectations. But I will do my best to address the issues you have mentioned.

        Petcube application can send you two types of notifications:
        1) Petcube Care notifications of the video being recorded
        2) General alerts of the sound or motion being detected.
        So, if you set your Petcube Care in the 'Sleep' mode, you might still receive push alerts about the sound/motion being detected without any video being recorded. You can find more information on these alerts here To receive no notifications at all, you can disable the general alerts in the app settings.

        As for the desktop/web access, we have received numerous requests for a desktop or a web version of the Petcube application and we will satisfy our users' needs with the future updates. Although considering our team is quite small and this is not the easiest task to do, it may take us a few months to accomplish.

        We are working on a push-to-talk way of audio interaction and are going to release it with the future updates. As a temporary workaround, to reduce the echo and improve the sound quality, we suggest reducing the volume level in the Petcube app to 70%.

        We will be happy to further investigate the issue with the green video feed but we would need more information. I'd appreciate if you could reach me at and share the email address you used to contact our support team so that I can retrieve your case.

        Thank you again for your detailed feedback on the product. Looking forward to hearing from you!

        Petcube Team petcube

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Irresistible Real Moving Prey Simulator

      • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
      • My Best Buy® Elite Plus MemberElite Plus Member
      • Top 100 ContributorTop 100 Contributor

      I am generally one who researches product reviews but when I went to Best Buy to pick up the new Nest IQ Cam, I saw this Petcube Play & bought it on the spot as an impulse - what pet would not deserve such an innovative cat toy! I returned it the next day, because it appeared to have a problem. When the 2nd one had the same problem, I called the manufacturer, who offers 24/7 live help!! I was pleasantly surprised by the clear speaking, super helpful, intelligent technical support they offered. Here is what to watch for, if you buy it: Petcube moves the laser around and chases the cat, then stops and rests. The original rest time was an hour. Nowhere in the instructions do they mention a wait time. So it appeared to be defective. They pushed a firmware update for me that is now a standard update. It reduced the rest time to about 15 minutes. That is ideal. Our 3) rescued cats sit by the cube, waiting for it to come on. They have to move after 15 minutes of rest time to wake it up. They go crazy & pounce on the laser. Petcube sends a clear video to your free app each time there is movement. You can clearly see your cat's antics chasing the red laser "prey"! This is one of the best cat toys we have ever bought!! Voted #1 by our 3) cats by spending the most time chasing & waiting for it! Petcube earns my HIGHEST recommendation!!

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars



      When I first received the Petcube Play camera, I had some high expectations. Upon unboxing the camera, I was surprised at how small and compact the entire product was. It can be placed almost anywhere while in use and needs very little room for storage. It is very sleek looking and will fit in any home with any decor. Setup was very simple for the most part. The directions were very clear but for some reason I was not able to connect the Petcube to my Android phone. I tried several times but eventually decided to try with my iOS device which connected almost instantly. Using the app was also quite simple. I placed the Petcube on my dining room counter facing towards the living room and I must say that I was quite impressed with the image quality. I was also impressed with the amount of room coverage the camera provides. I was not expecting to be able to view an entire room clearly with such a small device. My favorite feature was being able to hear and speak to my dogs. At first, they were quite confused and almost nervous when hearing our voice but they did get use to it. I love that I am able to speak to them or even correct them if they start getting into things while I'm away. One of my dogs absolutely enjoys laser pointers so this was a great feature to include. I love that I am still able to interact so much with them while not at home. The laser pointer did seem glitchy at times. It would almost freeze or jump when trying to move it around which was a little frustrating. I have enjoyed being able to record videos and take photos of them using this. Overall, I think this is a great product. My dogs are just like my children and having the Petcube to check on them is comforting especially when we are away for extended time like vacations. It's also great to just check on the home all together like a security system. The concept of this product was excellent. I do think there could be a few minor changes like the laser pointer issues which I've seen others have. I will definitely be recommending this to friends and family.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Helped solve a mystery in my house


      The pressing reason I wanted a Petcube was to solve a mystery in my house: The Case of the Repeated Litter Box Failures. Without going into all the gory details, let's just say I wanted to know the identity and details of the perpetrator, and whether there was anything weird about the litter box that was causing the crime to occur. I was a little worried because a friend got this same model Petcube and had a frustrating time-consuming experience updating the firmware. I'm happy to say that the firmware problem seems to have been worked out at the factory because my onboarding experience was SMOOTH AS SILK. Download the app... plug the Petcube in... give it your wifi password... and start watching your kitties live!!! The video quality is sharp in daylight, darkness, and low light. The motion detection is also incredible! The algorithm they're using is almost too efficient though... so for instance I'll get sent a 10-second video of my cat going into the catbox and then a second video of him leaving -- but it's all actually one visit. I think there's a limit of 31 seconds per video. The one thing I didn't love is the poor integration between the main Petcube app and their cloud service, for which you get a 30-day free trial with purchase. I can only see the cloud-based videos if I click on the notification -- but I can't figure out how to get to them from the home screen of the app! You need the cloud subscription service to be able to save photos and videos from the unit. Now that the Petcube helped me solve The Case of the Repeated Litter Box Failures, I will be moving it to different locations around the house as I experiment more with the other features. So far it seems like one of my cats really likes the laser, and the other one really likes the microphone. They both accepted the Petcube right away as unobtrusive and non-threatening, which is definitely a good thing. This really is the future of pet ownership, after a few days you can't imagine being without it!

      I would recommend this to a friend

      • Brand response

        Petcube Customer Care

        Hi there,

        Thank you so much for your review! We love to hear stories like yours! If you have any questions about Petcube, you can reach us at

        Petcube Team petcube

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