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Pillsy - Smart Cap - Orange

Keep your prescription doses straight with this Pillsy smart pill cap. Linking to the iOS or Android Pillsy app reveals dosage history, with reminders if you forget a dose or warnings of potential double dosages. Program this Pillsy smart pill cap to send notifications to caretakers if a loved one misses a prescription dose.
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What's Included

  • Pillsy Smart Cap
  • Blank medication label (sticker) 2" x 3"
  • Pillsy "Thank you" card
  • Multicolored bands in bag
  • FS-20 medicine vial


Pillsy smart cap

The Bluetooth-enabled smart pill cap automatically tracks doses and sends intelligent reminders when you forget. Pillsy works with the Pillsy app to act like a digital assistant for your pills.

Automatic dose tracking

The Pillsy smart cap automatically tracks doses when the cap is opened.

Intelligent reminders

Get reminders when you forget a dose. The Pillsy smart cap beeps and blinks when it's time to take a dose, but only if the bottle hasn't been opened recently.

See your history

View your dose-taking history in the accompanying Pillsy app.

Double dose alerts

The Pillsy smart cap will give a warning beep if the bottle has already been opened near a scheduled dose.

Smart snoozing

If you're not near your pills for your scheduled dose, Pillsy will remind you when you come in range.

Care for loved ones

Turn on Pillsy's sharing feature to get text message notifications when a loved one misses doses.

Wireless synchronizing

The Pillsy smart cap synchronizes wirelessly over Bluetooth Low Energy to your smartphone.

Smartphone notifications

You can also receive smartphone notifications when it's time to take a dose.

Long battery life

The Pillsy smart cap has up to one-year battery life with normal use.