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PowerA - DualShock 4 Charging Station for PlayStation 4 - Black

Release Date:11/15/2013
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You've planned this guy's night for days. You've got the snacks out, a cooler of drinks ready, TV set up and your PlayStation 4 raring to go. Your buddies start to show up and you can't wait for the gaming action to begin. You fire up the console and get out on the battlefield. Everything is going great, your team is taking down enemies left and right and you're sure that victory is yours until suddenly your soldier stops moving. Frantically, you look down to realize your DualShock 4 controller has died. How embarrassing. Now you have to interrupt the action so that you can plug in and give your controller some juice. Avoid this inconvenient scenario by storing your DualShock 4 controllers on this Charging Station, and next time, guy's night will go off without a hitch.
This Charging Station can charge and store two DualShock 4 controllers to ensure they are powered up and ready for game time, as well as to keep them neatly stowed away. The attractive, compact design won't take up too much space and makes an eye-pleasing addition to your media setup. You'll know the moment your controllers are fully charged thanks to LED indicators, and the AC adapter plugs into the wall to keep your PlayStation 4's USB ports open. Once the gaming action is done, put your controllers right back on the Charging Station, and you'll know that they'll be ready to go next time.


Charging Station

Ensure that two of your DualShock 4 controllers are charged and ready for use, while keeping them neatly stored with this

Make an attractive addition to your media setup with the stylish and compact design

Stay up to date on the charging status with the LED indicators, which let you know when the controllers are charging and when they are fully charged

Charging Station

Keep your PlayStation 4's USB ports open, since the is powered by the included AC adapter

What's Included

  • DualShock 4 Charging Station for PlayStation 4

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