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Shop the Black Friday smart home deals.

Create your smart home: devices to look for.

If you’ve been looking to transform your residence into a smart home, without breaking the bank, Black Friday is a good time to do it. Smart home technology allows you to control your appliances, lighting, air conditioning, computers, entertainment systems, security systems — pretty much anything you can think of — remotely or with your voice. You can unlock front and back doors, adjust lighting when you walk into the room, keep tabs on visitors with a video doorbell, set your thermostat to turn itself down when you leave, track activity inside your house or out, play music on demand, start your coffee maker… You can perform a multitude of activities that can give you added convenience, improved security and, in some cases, lower energy bills.

Black Friday Deals on Amazon Echo, Google Home and more.

Aside from showcasing smart tech devices from industry leaders like Samsung, NETGEAR, Philips Hue and Nest, Black Friday is also a time to get a voice-activated assistant that can help control a variety of smart devices with voice commands. For people most familiar with the Google Smart Assistant, the Black Friday Google Home deals are sure to grab their attention. More comfortable with Alexa? You need to check out the Black Friday Deals on Amazon Echo devices, including the Dot, a hockey puck-sized mini Echo that brings control and functionality to other rooms in your home.

And, because your smart home tech is only as good as the strength and range of your Wi-Fi, Black Friday router deals and mesh Wi-Fi deals may very well be near the top of your Black Friday shopping list.

Don’t miss the home security Black Friday Deals.

Many people take advantage of this once-a-year shopping event to start creating the home security system they’ve been wanting. On Black Friday, security camera deals are easy to find, as are bargains on many other security components aimed at deterring crime and keeping a watchful eye on your home, loved ones and possessions. You can choose from deals on motion lights, door locks, garage door openers, sirens, smoke alarms, CO detectors, water sensors, even all-in-one security systems that provide you with remote monitoring capabilities, including alerts and sirens.

Automating your home doesn’t need to be intimidating. On the contrary, today’s tech has an emphasis on ease of use. And, it doesn’t have to be expensive either, thanks to Black Friday smart home deals at Best Buy.

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