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Getting Everything You Want for Your Dream Home Theater This Cyber Monday

Obviously, your television is a vital part of your setup, but what really makes your home theater immersive and uniquely yours is the audio system you pair with it. That's why shopping Cyber Monday home theater deals may start with bargains on televisions but will likely include home audio deals. And for that reason, you'll do yourself a favor by making some decisions before you start shopping.

For instance, beginning with the receiver – the connection hub – it's a good idea to determine how much power you need and how many outputs and channels will be required to facilitate the system you want. For a basic surround sound system, you'll need a receiver with five channels of power. If you want high-quality audio for listening to music, it probably makes sense for you to focus on two high-performance main speakers. Then, either immediately or later, you can add a center-channel speaker for clearer dialogue, a subwoofer to emphasize the bass (and thunderous explosions), and finally, rear speakers to provide the finishing touches to your home theater audio spectacular.

Cyber Monday Sound Bar and Audio Deals

A popular alternative to setting up a multi-speaker system is a sound bar, a single speaker system placed in front of or below your television, often mounted on the wall. While many think of this as a poor substitute for a component audio system, technological advances have resulted in a number of high-quality sound bar options. You can get Cyber Monday deals on sound bar systems from some of the biggest names in the industry, like Bose, Sonos, Samsung, Klipsch and Yamaha, with top-end units that have up to seven individual speakers, including a subwoofer. A home theater in a box is another option to consider because it provides everything you need for true surround sound in a single package, including the left and right main speakers, a center speaker and two rear speakers, plus a subwoofer.

Regardless of which way you decide to go, you'll be able to save money with any of our Cyber Monday sound bar deals, system-in-a-box deals or individual component deals. Just do your product research in advance, including reading the extensive customer reviews that accompany each offering, so that you can make a quick, informed decision once you get down to business.

Cyber Monday Speaker Deals

Being prepared to take advantage of our Cyber Monday speaker deals involves, first, determining how you’re going to use your new speakers and, second, where you’re going to use them. If you’ll use them to listen to music, a pair of speakers might suffice. If you want immersive television sound, you’ll want to check out a surround-sound speaker system that can include floor speakers, bookshelf speakers, in-wall or in-ceiling speakers and perhaps a subwoofer, center channel speaker or sound bar. If you’re looking for something mobile and portable so you can take your music along, you’ll want to take a look at our selection of outdoor speakers, most of which are wireless. Many wireless speakers use Bluetooth technology, and it’s probably no surprise that if you’re interested in getting the best price on a Bluetooth speaker, Cyber Monday is a good time to shop. You might also want to consider our selection of powered speakers — each featuring its own built-in amplifier so it can be directly connected to the sound source.