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6 Free Video Games When You Buy Oculus Rift and Touch

Buy the Oculus Rift headset and Touch controllers and receive 6 free video games.

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Oculus - Rift Headset for Compatible Windows PCs - Black - Angle
  • Model: Oculus Rift
  • SKU: 4932000
  • Release Date: 04/27/2016
Oculus Remote; OLED display; 2160x1200 resolution; 90Hz refresh rate; IR LED sensor; rotational and positional tracking
Oculus - Touch - Larger Front
  • Model: Oculus Touch
  • SKU: 5587706
  • Bring your real hands into virtual environments with this pair of controllers for Oculus Rift
  • Natural gestures and finger movement create a sense of true hand presence for more realistic, memorable, and tactile VR
  • Constellation tracking lets you manipulate objects in your virtual environment with extraordinary precision
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