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  • QuestionWhat is the major difference between Echo show (2nd generation) and Echo show 10 (3rd generation)? Are there any remote device that comes along? Are they both wireless? I am trying to decide which one I should get!!

    Asked by PCHO.

    • Answer Hello PCHO, and thank you for your question regarding the differences between the 2nd and 3rd generation Echo Show 10 devices. Currently neither one of them is wireless as they both need to be plugged into a wall outlet in order to have power. They both do connect wirelessly to your home WiFi though if that is what you were asking. Neither one of them comes with a remote device but you do use the Alexa app on your smartphone to control certain functions and settings. As for the major difference between the two, they both have the same features in regards to screen size, smart home hub, premium sound, etc but the 3rd generation adds on an upgraded 13 MP front facing camera that can be used as a security camera in the Alexa app, a self-rotating base that moves to keep you in focus and facing you when you use the Alexa wake word or when viewing videos and video calls, a tilting screen that allows you to adjust the angle of the screen, enhanced privacy features such as the camera cover, and improved speakers for better directional sound. I hope this answers you question and that you have a great day!

      Answered by Amazon Devices Customer Support

  • QuestionIs Echo Show 10 compatible with the iPhone?

    Asked by Marilyn.

    • Answer Hi Marilyn, Yes, the Alexa App is all that is needed for our Echo devices, and it is available on iOs. You would simply go into the app store on your phone and download the Alexa app, create or sign into your account, and when setting up your Echo Show 10, you would use that same account info. Then you would have the ability to access your Echo Show 10 from your phone as well to do things like drop in and even choose what music or announcements are happening from your Echo Show 10. Hope this info helps. Have a great day!

      Answered by Amazon Devices Customer Support

  • QuestionLooks like the unit has a bigger and better speaker... true??

    Asked by Kirk.

    • Answer Hi Kirk, This is a 2.1 system. It has 2 1" tweeters as well as a 3" woofer! Have a great day!

      Answered by Amazon Devices Customer Support

  • QuestionDoes this work with the ring doorbell?

    Asked by Janet.

    • Answer Hi Janet, yes, this will work with the Ring Doorbell. You can get the Ring Skill, link your accounts, and when someone rings your doorbell, you can set it so that the Echo will let you know someone is there, as well as show you the camera and allow you to talk to the person at the door. Hope that info helps.

      Answered by Amazon Devices Customer Support

  • QuestionWell the third gen Echo show have a browser like the second gen does?

    Asked by Renee.

    • Answer Hello, Yes, this is a feature that the 3rd Gen will have.

      Answered by Amazon Devices Customer Support

  • QuestionWill the 10 sync with Sonos speakers?

    Asked by Joe.

    • Answer Hi Joe, The new Echo Show 10 does not have a 3.5 mm cable in the back of it to connect to your sonos systems if they are speakers that do not have Alexa already built in. That would be how you would use the Alexa to voice control your Sonos. As far as "syncing with your system" most 3rd party companies will not allow you to mix and match a foreign speaker (such as Alexa) with their systems (such as Sonos) for a Multi-room music system if that is what you mean by syncing. You can play music through one device or the other, but not together as a group. I hope this info helps in making a decision. Have a great day.

      Answered by Amazon Devices Customer Support

  • QuestionCan I watch YouTube on Echo 10?

    Asked by Elle.

    • Answer Hello, Elle! Yes! You can simply say, "Alexa, show me videos on YouTube" and she will open YouTube on the Silk browser! Have a great day!

      Answered by Amazon Devices Customer Support

  • QuestionCan it show word documents? If so, how? Can it communicate with Cortana? How do you get TV shows on it?

    Asked by LEPerky.

    • Answer Hello, LEPerky!! The Echo Show 10 cannot access Microsoft Word documents. As far as Cortana goes, you can enable the Cortana skill in your Alexa app. This will give Alexa access to Cortana. TV shows can easily be watched on your Echo Show 10. You can ask Alexa to open Netflix, Hulu, Tubi, and more. There is also a browser on the device that you can use to visit websites and view things from there. Have a great day!

      Answered by Amazon Devices Customer Support

  • QuestionDoes Echo show have Closed Caption capability? So that an elderly person, hard of hearing, can read the words if they can't hear them well?

    Asked by guyarnold.

    • Answer Hi Guyarnold, That is the benefit of the echo show devices, anything you ask them to do, they not only give you an audible response, but they also give you text on the screen, whether its lyrics to a song you are listening to through Amazon Music, or the latest scores from your favorite sports team. I hope this information helps. Have a great day.

      Answered by Amazon Devices Customer Support

  • QuestionCan Echo Show open FaceBook and Messenger and Viber for video call

    Asked by Myint.

    • Answer Hello Myint, Unfortunately, Echo show can not open those apps as of now. They can open Skype, and Zoom, as well as they use the Alexa app to do the same type of communication with someone who has the app on their phone, or someone who has an Echo Show device. I hope this info helps. Have a great day.

      Answered by Amazon Devices Customer Support

  • QuestionWill the echo show 10 gen, work with Blink Camera system.

    Asked by scott.

    • Answer Hello, yes it will. I use this device next to my couch to check on my Blink cameras all the time. When you set up your Blink cameras, make sure you name each one something unique. Add the Blink Skill to your Alexa App and then all you have to say is; "Alexa, show me the Backyard" or whatever you named your camera. Have a great day!

      Answered by Amazon Devices Customer Support

  • QuestionCan the Echo Show 10 make outgoing video calls to mobile devices?

    Asked by NavyWoman.

    • Answer Not from my experience. I have tried andriod and apple, neither would do video.

      Answered by Anonymous

  • QuestionIs Echo show10 3rd gen. compatible with LG washer and dryer, Samsung refrigerator, smart plugs and bulbs?

    Asked by kiki.

    • Answer Hello kiki! Thanks for your question! To better answer this question, you would want to refer to the instruction manuals or support of the devices in question. You would just to see if the device says "Works with Alexa". The Echo Show 10 as well as all of our Alexa Echo devices work with a wide range of devices from smart plugs to bulbs to appliances. I hope this helps and you have an awesome day!

      Answered by Amazon Devices Customer Support

  • QuestionWhat security cameras will be able to work well with the echo show10 . Beside the ring ? Is there a camera system that will work well with it?

    Asked by Butch.

    • Answer Hi Butch, Ring and Blink cameras work great with the Echo Show and are compatible with two-way audio from the Echo Show. Some cameras that would still work with one-way audio would be Arlo, Logitech, TP-Link, and Wyze. If there's a specific camera you're looking at, you can usually go to their website and they should have info if it's compatible with Alexa.

      Answered by Amazon Devices Customer Support

  • QuestionWhen syncing multiple calendars, is there a way to determine which calendar appointments are from? Can they be color coded, or grouped somehow? I have at least 3 calendars I would like to sync to the app.

    Asked by MrsD.

    • Answer Hello MrsD! Thank you for your question! While you will definitely be able to sync multiple calendars to this through the settings on your Alexa app, it will not distinguish from each calendar through a color code or label. It will just show you all of the appointments on your calendar regardless of which one it is from. You are able to select a default calendar for when adding new appointments through Alexa via the Alexa app settings though. I hope this answers your question and you have a phenomenal day!

      Answered by Amazon Devices Customer Support

  • QuestionDo you need to subscribe to Alexa for cloud storage for the echo show 10 and blink outdoor cameras to keep security footage for 30-days?

    Asked by Oaktree2.

    • Answer Hello Oaktree2! Thanks for your question regarding cloud storage for our Echo Show 10 and Blink cameras. You do not have to subscribe for any Alexa cloud service for the Show 10 but for the Blink Outdoor camera there are 2 options for storing video footage. Some of the Blink Outdoor cameras come with a hub or it is also sold separately that allows you to use a flash drive to store data locally while there is a cloud plan available for $3 a month or $30 a year. This is done via the Blink service for the Blink camera and not through the Alexa service. Hope this answers your question and have an amazing day!

      Answered by Amazon Devices Customer Support

  • QuestionCan I Download The Nanit App To Access The Camera To My Baby’s Nusery ?

    Asked by Jazz.

    • Answer Hi Jazz, There is a skill in the Alexa App called Nanit, it looks as though it will allow you to check in on your cameras, but it is not meant to continuously stream those cameras. The Echo Show itself does not allow app downloads, just the skills that the creators of those apps (like Nanit created their skill) for the Alexa devices. Hope this information helps. Have a great day.

      Answered by Amazon Devices Customer Support

  • QuestionWhat shelf or wall device can I use to put up from little kids or hang up in air but where it can still still rotate? Or and can you give the dimensions of the bottom base so I can buy a open shelf for my wall atleast . Thank you.

    Asked by Tinkandwine.

    • Answer Hi there! The recommended footprint for the new Echo Show 10 is 15" x10". It rotates around, so it will need that footprint clear so that it can fully function without hitting anything. The base it sits on is round, but there are no official numbers for that specific part as the footprint needed is larger that the base itself. I hope this information helps. Have a great day!

      Answered by Amazon Devices Customer Support

  • QuestionHi can you watch YouTubeTV on this?

    Asked by Julie.

    • Answer Hello, Unfortunately, YouTube TV has not been made available to our devices at this point. You can access other streaming services such as Netflix, and Hulu. Hope this info helps.

      Answered by Amazon Devices Customer Support

  • QuestionWill this work with iPad and iPhone FaceTime?

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer Hello, Facetime is specific to an Apple product. You could download the Alexa app on those devices and then make and receive calls on those devices from the Show devices through the app. Hope this info helps. Have a great day.

      Answered by Amazon Devices Customer Support