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  • Questionwhat are differences in chips and power between 7th generation and this model? Also is there an ugrade in graphics,cameras,and WiFi /Bluetooth connectivity?

    Asked by 99jeep4x4.

    • Answer The only difference is that the 8th gen has the faster A12 SoC compared to the A10. Since the A12 is both the CPU and GPU, graphics and processing speed will be improved. Everything else is the same, though. If you found this helpful, please click the Helpful button below. Thanks :)

      Answered by alwaysrightanswers

  • Questiondoes this ipad have face time where you can talk face to face

    Asked by chuck.

    • Answer Yes, all Apple devices have FaceTime. If you found this helpful, please click the Helpful button below. Thanks :)

      Answered by alwaysrightanswers

  • QuestionIs this the 8th generation model?

    Asked by Sunsets4ever.

    • Answer Bought it two days ago its the 8th generation

      Answered by Iris

  • QuestionWhat is the difference between WiFi & Wifi Unlocked?

    Asked by Dee.

    • Answer This isn’t really the place to ask general questions about technology, but I’ll provide an answer as it pertains to iPads. ALL new iPads are unlocked. If a device is “locked,” it means that its cellular capability is tied to a specific cellular carrier, like AT&T, or Verizon, etc. But every new iPad that has cellular ability works with all carriers, generally, rather than just a specific carrier, so in that sense all new iPads are unlocked. But of course some iPads have cellular capability and some don’t. And, by the way, the phrase is “WiFi and unlocked,” not “WiFi unlocked.” The lock part and the WiFi part are two separate things. In contrast, cell phones typically DO provide a choice between “locked” and “unlocked.” For example, you might buy an iPhone that is “locked” to AT&T, meaning that AT&T is the only carrier you can use with that phone. Of course instead a phone might be locked to Verizon, or T-Mobile, etc. When a phone is said to be “unlocked,” that means it is NOT limited to a specific carrier. It can work with all carriers.

      Answered by Dtperk

  • QuestionDoes this model work with an Apple Pencil? If so, what model?

    Asked by CC.

    • Answer Apple Pencil 1st Generation

      Answered by ddee

  • QuestionWill the 8th generation iPAD work with the Apple Magic keyboard?

    Asked by Blaize.

    • Answer It will not. The Magic Keyboard only works with the IPad Air and IPad Pro. The Smart Keyboard is Compatible with the Ipad 8th Gen

      Answered by PepperoniTony

  • QuestionDoes this pad work with Verizon cellular

    Asked by Dede.

    • Answer Yes, if you buy the WiFi + cellular version.

      Answered by Anonymous

  • QuestionIs this ipad 7th generation?

    Asked by Scooch.

    • Answer This is the 8th generation iPad

      Answered by Susu

  • QuestionIs the iPad renewed/refurbished? Is it compatible with iOS14 and the apple pencil? Does it come with the charger? Is it new or has scratches/dents?

    Asked by Shamia.

    • Answer This iPad is brand new, will support iOS 14, work with the Apple Pencil, and it does come with a charger.

      Answered by Kyle

  • QuestionIs this I Pad the 8th generation apple I Pad?

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer Yes, it is. The most recent generation of iPad for the 32 GIG WiFi only is priced at $329.99 The 7th generation is less. So this IS the iPad 8 However, with iOS 14.0.0 and 14.0.1 taking up a significant amount of space, I exchanged and got the 128gig for $100 more. I would recommend doing the same depending on what you’re plans for this device are. I got it for work, as did my brother and after a few apps, he ran out of space. I believe the iOS takes up roughly 14-17 gigs so really you are only getting a 15-18 gig capacity

      Answered by SlickWulf

  • QuestionDoes this model have a speaker jack ? :..(port)

    Asked by drychalice.

    • Answer Yes. On the top left is a 1/8” headphone jack/port if that’s what you mean by a “speaker” jack(port) The standard size for plugging in headphones or other audio connection

      Answered by SlickWulf

  • QuestionDoes it have Bluetooth?

    Asked by Mick3852.

    • Answer Yes

      Answered by Rich

  • QuestionDoes this have cellular capability?

    Asked by Mimi.

    • Answer This particular model is WiFi ONLY. However, if you have a compatible iPhone you can make and receive calls from this iPad as long as you have the settings correct to allow it. Both the iPad and iPhone would need to be on the same WiFi network and with Bluetooth turned on (I believe it needs Bluetooth, but definitely on same WiFi and with phone nearby) both devices must be logged into the same Apple ID as well for this to work.

      Answered by SlickWulf

  • Questioncan i purchase micro-sd cards for the Apple Ipad

    Asked by Herman.

    • Answer No. Not available on Apple products.

      Answered by HomepodMini

  • QuestionCan you make telephone calls from this iPad?

    Asked by BESTBUYER252.

    • Answer No you can't. For an extra $130.00 you can upgrade to the Wifi + Cellular (phone) model.

      Answered by Mike1818


    Asked by river44.

    • Answer Someone should be able to help you with it, provided the Apple specialist is at the store. Almost all the recent Apple devices come with a built in “Tips” app that can show and teach you how to use many of the newest features. I used this to learn how to use some of the features that I hadn’t ever used before. And you can always check YouTube for many “how to” videos.

      Answered by SlickWulf

  • QuestionWhat generation is this ? Thank you

    Asked by Elaine.

    • Answer 8th Generation

      Answered by Venkat

  • QuestionCan this device be used to draw graphic designs

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer Yes. The 8th Generation iPad is compatible with the Logitech Crayon and the Apple Pencil first generation. There are a multitude of art and design apps available for the iPad 8 and it’s only a matter of checking the App Store and looking at some reviews of the various apps to see which will work best for you. Adobe does offer photoshop for a monthly fee, there are also some basic free apps and some that are one time purchase. With the Apple Pencil, this latest iOS has a setting where it will “only draw with the Apple Pencil” so that you can use your finger to scroll around the screen, but only the pencil will “draw” this is also subject to the app. Some apps are compatible with that setting, while others will still allow your finger/hand/normal stylus to be used to draw on the screen.

      Answered by SlickWulf

  • QuestionIs this iPad new or refurbished

    Asked by Denn.

    • Answer It's a new one

      Answered by Marie

  • QuestionCan this be used as an e-reader?

    Asked by apa8ball.

    • Answer Amazon has an app for the Ipad which allows it to be used as a reader, the same as a Kindle

      Answered by lucy15

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