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ARRIS - DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem - White-Front_Standard
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    • Best answerThe difference between the 6141 and the 6183 is the number of pipelines the Modem will handle. To give you a better idea: vs The 6141 is more ideal for people who are not into the higher tier, high speed connections as they will only have 8 pipe lines for Data versus the 6183 with 16. Unless you are really planning on switching over to a higher tier plan, you will not use the full 16 pipes or gain the higher speed as it will be the ISP provider who will make use of the pipeline channels. The flipside, though, even with the lower tier plans, is that with the additional channels, if a few of them are flakey, you have other pipeline channels to fall back on. The important question for you is if you really want to spend the extra money for the additional channels of support, knowing you will not upgrade to a higher tier plan and whether or not your connection to the internet is 'flakey' or fairly stable. If it is fairly stable, go with the 6141, don't spend the money on the 6183. If you plan on going to the higher tier plan or your current plan shows a lot of noisy/error channels and connection must be 'rock solid'... You may want to consider the 6183. Note, the 6183 will not necessarily guarantee the BEST connection status over the 6141, even after what I said. You will want your ISP to look over your cable connection first before seriously looking at a modem as well. I only state the 6183 will probably help with connectivity given the additional channels for the ISP to rely on, but an expensive modem will not be able to overcome a bad cable run.

      By SKasai 

    • Best answerThere isn't a phone line connection port in the back of this modem. I canned my Xfinity phone service; almost always use my cell anyway and the majority of calls on the Comcast phone were telemarketers (robots mostly).

      By GregM 

    • Best answerYes this will work with Optimum. You will have to call them to provision the modem for your account. Once provisioned and working, you will need to return the arris modem to them and make sure you get a receipt for the return. The will note your account that you are using your own modem and you will not pay the rental fee. Please note that this modem does not support Optimum Voice, so if you are using that service you will not be able to get it with this modem.

      By Omnos 

  • Q: does it work with Apple? I have a mac & Comcast / Exfinity?  (11 Answers)

    By Jay 

    • Best answerYes!! I have a brand new Mac Book Pro. Buy the adapter for thernet to thunderbolt and this works great!!!

      By Kdub 

  • Q: can I use with Comcast triple play with voice  (12 Answers)

    By Anonymous 

    • Best answerThis modem is only able to provide you Internet access, not voice service. You would have to get one of the voice capable modems to get voice service.

      By Atadroc 

  • Q: Is this compatible for Suddenlink?  (10 Answers)

    By Anonymous 

    • Best answerMine works great with Suddenlink.

      By Brobe55 

    • Best answerThis modem does not include a router. It is not true that all DOCSIS 3.0 modems have built-in routers.

      By goonboy 

    • Best answerOkraku, if you have COMCAST's phone service you must use a modem that can filter voice calls; this DOCIS Modem does not perform that function. There are modems that you can purchase that can do this for you; just go google COMCAST approved modems and try to find your selection on Amazon, Wayfair, E-bay, etc.... Or if you really do not need the phone/voice service of a land line; stop paying for it and just get the COMCAST DOUBLEPLAY and rely on your cell phone only....or get installed a less expensive line by a local company ugh like ATT, VERIZON, etc..

      By FasterInternet 

  • Q: Is arris docsis SB6183 compatible with verizon fios? And also the Nighthawk AC2300 router?  (5 Answers)

    By Connie 

    • Best answerNo this modem is strictly for cable (coax) internet providers. Verizon provides a list of approved modems.

      By ajef7885 

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  • Q: will the sb 6141 arris modem work with windows 10 on comcast internet  (10 Answers)

    By Anonymous 

    • Best answerThis modem will work with Comcast. Windows 10 is irrelevant.

      By Glen 

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