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ASUS - AC3100 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Router - Black-Front_Standard
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    • Best answerI've had this issue with every Asus router I've ever had. It's currently happening to me on my 3100. There only thing i can get anyone to tell me is that it's faulty hardware and the band is burning out. I can understand that once but over all my owned asus routers it's happened to all of them at some point in their life. First time it happened it was off warranty so I was out of luck, lately it's been shorter so I just take it back and exchange it. My problem is I paid an extra 200 for this router thinking their high end wouldn't have this issue but no it happened one of the fastest out of them all.

      By Sanctus 

  • Q: Can you connect this router to a VPN?  (5 Answers)

    By lhodge 

    • Best answerYes, a VPN can be used with this router.

      By CommunityAnswer 

  • Q: Is this Asus router the same with RT-AC88U (8 LAN ports) ? Is this Asus router the same with RT-AC88U (8 LAN ports) ?  (11 Answers)

    By Anonymous 

    • Best answerThe RT-AC3100 is essentially the same hardware (minus the 8 lan ports). The AC3100 has 4 lan ports and 1 wan.

      By Tech20 

    • Best answerLet FIOS replace the existing router, far less grief and pretty decent equipment. There is a password log in that comes with the new router. No they don't use a modem and the cable used is fiber optic not coaxial. This unit would be a nice extender for that system if you are still having range problems.

      By Justthedriver 



    • Best answerThe default password for the router login is Username "admin" and Password "password". Your wifi router key can be found by logging into your router (Typically through the web browser and clicking on Wireless on the left side. Your key is listed under the WPA Pre-Shared Key. If you cannot get into any of it there is a reset button on the back of the router. By holding it for about 10 seconds it will reset to factory defaults and then you can reconfigure the router from scratch. I would result to that as a last resort though.

      By Jason123456 

  • Q: Does this work with xfinity?  (10 Answers)

    By Luxuraus 

    • Best answerRouters have no issues working with internet, it's your cable modem that needs to be working with Xfinity or any other ISP provider that allows your cable modem to have access to the internet. I have Xfinity and I have this router and i have absolutely no issues of any kind. If you are using an Xfinity cable modem from them or their all in one cable modem with phone, you can end of with issues because they do control how you access the internet. i have an Arris Cable modem from best buy no wifi built in, it's the newest one that has 32download streams SB6190. i have 10 times more devices on it and using the internet and i have nothing that slows down. i also am downloading at 800 plus megs without having to upgrade any internet package.

      By AaronW 

    • Best answerThe range depends on the physical layout of your house, but it should reach 200 feet, and several users rate the range as 'very good'. It's for very large homes, and as a dual band router, is compatible with Hughes Net.

      By CommunityAnswer 

    • Best answerMy configuration will most likely differ from your setup. My RT-AC3100 is configured as an Access Point and is the second router on my network. That means the network connection goes thru my first routers LAN then connects to the Asus LAN port. I have a WD MyBook 4TB with USB 3.0 connected to the front USB port and my measurements were made based on a wired connection - not wireless. You did not say how you measured your transmit speeds. Win7 Pro x64 system, 1GB network and I used Resource Monitor for the MB/sec measurement. I used a 4GB iso file as the test file. My upload speed from the computer to the WD USB drive measured ~30MB/s. Copying the same file (downloading) measured ~40MB/s. Are you sure you are using a USB 3.0 rated cable? You didn't say what kind of USB drive you're using but be sure you also have the latest firmware installed on the router.

      By BobS 

  • Q: what does asus stand for?  (5 Answers)

    By jer 

    • Best answerIt takes its name from Pegasus the winged horse.

      By Jeepster 

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  • Q: Does this router support vpn?  (5 Answers)

    By Brick 

    • Best answeryes it does. When you go into the router settings, there is a tab to turn VPN on

      By john 

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