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  • QuestionWill the i7 11th gen processor bottleneck the system? Is this system a max q variant?

    Asked by Mystery.

    • Answer In gaming environments it is extremely unlikely; this laptop has an i7-11370H which is a 4 core 8 thread processor 3.3GHz with boost up to 4.8GHz. The single core processing of this CPU going to be the fastest on the market, besting the 5900HX flagship of AMD. For any games made 2019 and prior you are extremely likely to see no bottle necking and likely best in class performance on this laptop. For the small but admittedly growing list of games that actually use more than 4 cores you will likely see a slight improvement on an AMD. For strictly gaming purposes I honestly think the 11370H is not only a good choice it will likely be the best benchmarking CPU aside from the 11370H and amazingly it pulls off that incredibly single core speed using only 35W. PCI-Express 4.0 will also play a role in increasing performance and the 11370H and possibly limiting any bottleneck concerns. Not only will it be ideal for most gaming scenarios but it will run much cooler and ASUS is boasting a 13 hours video playback battery on this laptop, likely thanks largely in part to the lower power consumption of the 11370H. I would caution this laptop if productivity is a goal as I think quad core is going to suffer but I am seeing lots of folks upset that the 11th gen I7 is a "rip off its just an i5" and thats just not true. the 11370H is over 30% faster than the 10300H. It does not appear that this laptop will have the Max-Q variety. the RTX 3070 Mobile is "max-q" when it is the 80W variety at 1290 MHz out of a possible 120W, 1620MHz (max-p). This laptop keeps the 80W lower power variety but boosted the clock to 1390MHz. It is much closer to the max-q side of the spectrum but might be a pretty good compromise since it will clock 100MHz higher without any tweaking and still run at the cooler temps. From everything I can tell this laptop really has the potential to be the true price to performance chamption of the RX30 lineup. I found most of the specifics for this laptop by looking up 2021 ASUS TUF Dash F15 which seems to be the new branding name for this TUF series.

      Answered by Carnage1624

  • Questionwhy does $1450 laptop such as this have a 4 core i7? is there going to be a 5800h option also why no webcam on a device this expensive

    Asked by brian.

    • Answer Unfortunately the above answer has been proven wrong with reviews now available. In actual gameplay, this laptop scores slightly under the last gen 2070 max-q laptops (which are available at around the same price). This is because this model uses the bare minimum voltage allotted for a mobile 3070 as well as sub par cooling. Though the single core performance of this CPU is more efficient, the multi core is well less than the i7-10750H and considerably less than the Ryzen 9 5900h. And games over the past few years are becoming very reliant on multi-core workloads. Here is the link where I base these statements: https://www.ultrabookreview.com/44196-asus-tuf-dash-f15-fp516qr-review/ I compared the results of several laptops while trying to decide what to get.

      Answered by Blurp11469

  • QuestionWhich power variant is the RTX 3070? (e.g. 115W, 85W, etc.) Thanks!

    Asked by abcd.

    • Answer This is set at 80W (on Turbo/Performance Setting). Drops to 50W on Silent Setting.

      Answered by Qwippy

  • QuestionDoes this laptop feature rgb keyboard? Or if it's just one color what color?

    Asked by RyanSamuel64.

    • Answer No RGB

      Answered by Breville

  • QuestionThis model includes 16 gb RAM, but is it a single soldered or is it 8gb x 2?

    Asked by Gerard.

    • Answer According to the CES 2021 details from Asus it will have a single 16GB stick that comes with it, but a second slot for another 16GB of RAM.

      Answered by Reaper21c

  • QuestionNo mini or standard display port?

    Asked by PhantomW72.

    • Answer Now that I have it, I can answer that this is not compatible with the Oculus Rift S as the Thunderbolt is wired to the integrated graphics. Huge bummer.

      Answered by PhantomW72

  • QuestionDoes this computer have a second NVME drive?

    Asked by CaptainCanuck.

    • Answer Yes there are 2 NVME slots. There is also an SO-DIMM slot

      Answered by Carnage1624

  • QuestionHow would this laptop run modern warfare? Frames per second?

    Asked by Bigboi.

    • Answer Are you kidding me? Modern Warfare is going to run great on this laptop! It has a 3070 on a 1080p screen! You will be able to run it on MAX.

      Answered by Guslcjr

  • QuestionHow well would you say this would compare to the zephyrus G14 in terms of preformance ? Also do you feel this would be considered a midrange or high end gaming laptop when it releases ?

    Asked by Comparing.

    • Answer Are you referring to the G14 with ryzen 9 and 2060 maxq? This will crush the G14 in every gaming measure. The 3070 mobile is slightly faster than the 2080 super mobile. The G14 has a 2060 Mobile Max-Q so you are probably looking at a 75% or higher gain in performance. In terms of processors the nod goes to the G14 for intense multitasking like streaming or is productivity is your main purpose for laptop but if gaming is your focus the 11375H nearly 40% faster than the 4900HS in single core but 30% or so slower at multicore processing since it has half the cores. Compared to the current generation this laptop should perform as well if not better than top tier high end gaming laptops with rtx 2080 super mobile chips. Hard to gauge if it will be the "new" midrange but for gaming this thing is a beast

      Answered by Carnage1624

  • QuestionIs there a date that we will be able to preorder these? Or is it going to be first come, first serve?

    Asked by Justsomeone.

    • Answer Pre orders have already opened up and sold out.

      Answered by Claydood

  • QuestionCan we fit a 2.5” SATA drive in this laptop?

    Asked by AHammadi.

    • Answer No, there are no SATA connectors. There are only two NVMe M.2 slots for NVMe M.2 SSDs. There is also a SO-DIMM slot for memory upgrades.

      Answered by Splendidcomputer

  • QuestionIs this windows 10 home or pro?

    Asked by Ambrosia.

    • Answer Windows 10 Home. (I got mine from Best Buy yesterday. It's Home, not Pro.)

      Answered by laptopbuyer

  • QuestionI got an Asus TUF laptop a while ago with a GTX1650 but I returned it since the chassis material was plastic. Will this also have a plastic chassis? Thanks.

    Asked by abcd1234.

    • Answer Having actually been inside this to install an extra ssd, I can say the outer shell is plastic but the inside of that shell has an aluminum plate. Your gonna be hard pressed to find a laptop these days, gaming or not, that had a full metal chassis

      Answered by AVALIR

  • QuestionHas anyone upgraded the RAM? If yes, which memory have you bought?

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer I bought and installed a 16gb ddr4 3200mhz laptop ram from another online retailer. 24gb is the maximum amount of ram a normal person can upgrade to in this machine. Mostly since 24gb sticks are not made to fill the Asus stated 32gb max. Inside this Tuf are two 8gb ram modules, but only one stick is reachable to replace.

      Answered by JT109

  • QuestionWhat fps will this get playing destiny 2?

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer The most I've seen is 224fps

      Answered by RonnieB2

  • QuestionCan we replace the 8GB stick of RAM which comes with it on the SO-DIMM slot with a 32GB stick? If yes, which specific memories (in terms of frequency) are supported?

    Asked by Splendidcomputer.

    • Answer Yes.

      Answered by hitsuyoo

  • QuestionWill this support vr? Oculus Link with Oculus 2?

    Asked by Mike.

    • Answer Based on the specs of the laptop, this will support VR and have no issues running the Oculus Link with Oculus 2.

      Answered by Blottie

  • QuestionWhat is the screen refresh rate for this model?

    Asked by Jairus.

    • Answer 240hz 3ms Adaptive-Sync 100% sRGB Also this is not an "i3" the 11730H does only have 4 cores 8 threads but have you seen the benchmarks? To call this processor an i3 is a joke is outperforms a 5900HX in single core and outperforms a 4600H 6 core in multicore processing. It wouldnt be my number one pick for a productivity focus but for gaming this processor GPU combo is going to be as good if not better than the 5900HX in most settings if I had to guess and using 10W less so cooler and longer battery

      Answered by Carnage1624

  • QuestionWhat is the screen brightness level?

    Asked by Rick.

    • Answer 300nit

      Answered by Steve

  • QuestionRAM is onboard or memory slot (1 or 2 slots)?

    Asked by Hoff.

    • Answer It's 8GBx2, one slot soldered and one slot replaceable. So no free slots by default. (I got the laptop and I checked.)

      Answered by laptopbuyer

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