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  • QuestionWhere are the games that go with this? Real consoles like the PlayStation 5 come with games that are a bargain at $69.99.

    Asked by JimRyan.

    • Answer The Atari VCS does not use physical media. Games are available for purchase through Atari's digital store. So far, games have ranged in price from $3.99 - $24.99 (a bargain!). In addition to Atari's offerings, users can access gaming content from services like Antstream Arcade, AirConsole and Stadia. You can also load another OS in PC Mode and access games on their native platforms.

      Answered by 80sKID

  • QuestionSo at $400 it comes with Zero games included. Is that correct?

    Asked by RicBret.

    • Answer Not correct. The VCS comes with the AtariVault preloaded, which contains about 100+ games. Using the included and certified Chrome browser, you also have access to all games on STADIA. AntStream arcade is also built-in, and provides hundreds more games, all free, all available out of the box.

      Answered by Negaduck

  • QuestionWhy is it priced $250 more than it's worth?

    Asked by Realist.

    • Answer If you compare prices of gaming PCs with the same horsepower, and consider the bundled controllers, it is priced not only competitively, but cheaper than most alternatives. Your question is loaded and trolling. Do some research before slamming a product you don't even own, and clearly, have never even seen.

      Answered by Negaduck

  • QuestionDoes the PC mode run windows 10? And if it does how fast is the processor? How much memory does it have. Will it run modern PC games with hi-resolution?

    Asked by Keev1965.

    • Answer I'm running Windows 10 on mine, from an external SSD. Performance is excellent - and superior to my Intel i5 quad-core desktop. Onboard memory is 8gb, expandable to 32gb (which you will need to do if you want to run AAA games at a high FPS).

      Answered by Negaduck

  • QuestionWhere are the specs?? Which processor; memory size installed, max, free slots; hd type and size; exact type of USB ports; other ports; how display type ports, DVD drive, etc.., etc....

    Asked by Momus.

    • Answer Ryzen R1606G, 8GB of RAM and 32GB of storage (both upgradeable), two USB 3.1 ports on the front and two on the rear along with Ethernet and HDMI 2.0 ports. Not exactly a PS or XBox rival on that front, but it looks like it does have a desktop mode which is nice and technically makes it a mini PC.

      Answered by Kyle

  • Questiondo you have access to 5200 series game centipede

    Asked by jenksb68.

    • Answer The original arcade version of Centipede is included in the Atari VCS Vault of 100 games that is included free in the system, along with the Atari 2600 version that is also part of the Vault. To get the Atari 5200 version of Centipede, you must purchase the Atari VCS Vault Vol. 2 (50 more games), which is available in the Atari VCS store for $4.99.

      Answered by ReedRichards

  • QuestionWill you be able to play World of Tanks on the Atari VCS 800?

    Asked by SKCJRW002.

    • Answer Yes. For now you would be able to play that and almost any other Steam game in PC Mode, which requires use of a Windows 10 USB stick. The Atari VCS customer service site has guides for how to use PC Mode and its easy if you are good with PC's.

      Answered by ReedRichards

  • QuestionDoes it give you that 1980's feeling?

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer Having grown up playing the Atari 2600, I can honestly say, 'I love the VCS!' The classic joystick controller is by far the coolest thing about the VCS. Not only is it a modern twist on a classic joystick, it doubles as the paddle control that came with the 2600. The console is bundled with several classic Atari games to help bring back early childhood memories. I also use my VCS as a Windows PC so there's even more reason to love this console. I ignored the reviews and took a chance and I'm glad I did.

      Answered by Steelers2k5

  • QuestionAre the old school Atari 2600 games available to purchase on the console ? Thanks

    Asked by Bogey66.

    • Answer No, it comes preloaded with a bunch of Atari classics but not third party games. There’s a pay service through an app to get access to other classic games in the console. You can also try installing windows and adding your own games.

      Answered by JCSF

  • QuestionJust trying to confirm a bit more directly: Will I be able to play my Steam games in the PC mode? Thanks!

    Asked by KJT4B.

    • Answer Yes; Atari vcs support on the website has directions on how to boot up windows in an external hard drive, it runs steam games great at low settings 720p, I tried over watch and got that to run at medium settings with about 45 FPS

      Answered by Sethro

  • QuestionIs Windows or Linux pre-installed in this hardware? and can it run steam games?

    Asked by GordonFreeman.

    • Answer Technically AtariOS is built on debian - the same Linux distro that SteamOS uses. That said, it is more or less locked into Big Picture mode equivalent. To have a truly full Linux or Windows experiment a second drive with either of those installed is needed.

      Answered by David

  • QuestionOn PC mode, can you install Windows on the main HDD or you need an external HDD to run it ? Thanks

    Asked by Mooncat.

    • Answer You can't install Windows on the main internal hard drive. The easiest way to use Windows on the Atari is to put it on a flash drive or external hard drive. When the Atari VCS boots up, it looks for a bootable usb drive, before booting up the normal Atari VCS console. If you'd prefer it to be internal, you can add a m.2 ssd, and put Windows on that, but then you'd have to hit f12 when the Atari boots up to choose which internal hard drive you'd rather boot from (main drive for Atari console, or added internal drive for pc mode). I've been using a flash drive with windows for basic computer tasks and retro computer gaming, and thats been working great, and it's simple.

      Answered by PatrickJohn

  • QuestionIs internet connection constantly required to play or just to download the games?

    Asked by Derf.

    • Answer I couldn’t play without using the internet. You need internet for initial setup and I tried switching from wifi to my phone data and console went bonkers so be careful.

      Answered by JCSF

  • QuestionCan you purchase or download Colecovision games to play on this?

    Asked by EmJ.

    • Answer Not in the Atari VCS store. However, I have an attached external hard drive with unlicensed Windows 10. I have been using the VCS as a PC mostly. Of course you can play any emulator booted up as a Win 10 pc.

      Answered by marklovesstella

  • QuestionWhat games are included in the vault?

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer https://atarivcs.com/atari-vault

      Answered by JonWill

  • QuestionExactly what games are included? Thank you.

    Asked by Ileana.

    • Answer The Atari VCS Vault Volume 1 and Antstream Arcade are included for free. Antstream Arcade is a large library of games you play by streaming. They have over a thousand games. The Atari Vault has the games listed below. Atari Arcade Titles: Asteroids Asteroids Deluxe Black Widow Centipede Crystal Castles Gravitar Liberator Lunar Lander Major Havoc Millipede Missile Command Pong Red Baron Space Duel Sprint Super Breakout Tempest Warlords Atari 2600 Titles: 3D Tic Tac Toe Adventure Air Sea Battle Asteroids Backgammon Basic Math Basketball Blackjack Bowling Brain Games Breakout Canyon Bomber Air Raiders Armor Ambush Astroblast Dark Cavern Frogs and Flies International Soccer Sea Battle Space Attack Star Strike Super Challenge Baseball Super Challenge Football Swordfight Desert Falcon Dodge-Em Double Dunk Fatal Run Flag capture Football Golf Gravitar Hangman Haunted House Homerun Human Cannonball Maze Craze Millipede Miniature Golf Missile Command Night Driver Off the Wall Outlaw Quadrun Race Radar Lock RealSports Baseball RealSports Basketball RealSports Boxing RealSports Football RealSports Soccer RealSports Tennis RealSports Volleyball Return to Haunted House Save Mary Secret Quest Sentinel Sky Diver Slot Machine Slot Racers Sword Quest Fireworld Space War Sprint Master Star Raiders Starship Steeplechase Stellar Track Street Racer Stunt Cycle Sub Commander Super Baseball Super Breakout Super Football Surround Sword Quest Earthworld Sword Quest Waterworld Tempest Video Cube Video Olympics Video Pinball Warlords Yars Revenge

      Answered by PatrickJohn

  • QuestionWill it run Windows 11?

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer I don't see why it wouldn't. I have loaded Ubuntu and Window 10 with out any issues.

      Answered by marklovesstella

  • Questionhow long does it take to get? is it years at this point or like weeks?

    Asked by curious.

    • Answer I received min in 4 days

      Answered by JonWill

  • QuestionIdont have pay palor any means of paying online, could we pay for games with a money order?

    Asked by Localsalesknowledge.

    • Answer If for some reason you don't have PayPal or a credit card, and can't get either, you can get an assortment of what are called "debit cards." Google the two words. They are available from American Express, Walmart, and (probably all) banks.

      Answered by luislast

  • QuestionWhat happened with the Best Buy free item ? I thought I saw a free Blue Atari Hat (Bluetooth) speakers with the Best Buy bundle for the Atari 800 VCS? $129 value?

    Asked by Atartifan.

    • Answer Agreed, was wondering what happened with this as well

      Answered by Anonymous