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“Use for chatting and gaming I love these headphones, but for this price, I have to be careful that they would be multi-purpose for me. If they can cover all aspects of my needs for headphones, then it's a definite buy. Can anyone help me with the following questions I have? I have a Macbook Pro, and one cable provided with the purchase is an apple-compatible in line remote and mic. I'm interested to know the input/output quality for speech, as I use Vent to chat with friends while play D3. I was also wondering if game sound quality would be good, too. Right now I use the apple earbuds, so I imagine that sound quality would at LEAST be the same as it's been, which is perfect for me. Also, I've heard of android compatible cables being sold on the Bose site, has anybody ever made a call with these on? Who is outgoing and receiving sound quality there, too? Thanks!”

Asked by Lovvie 
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