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  • QuestionAre there cooking/baking benefits of the 240v over the 120v? i.e. are cooking times better, microwave more powerful, anything like that?

    Asked by adam.

    • Answer Hey there, thanks for reaching out to us. The 120 volt and 240 volt Advantium ovens both offer the same great cooking options. The primary difference is in the speed and interior light function. The 240 volt Advantium offers the following: 1) 4x-8x faster than conventional cooking. 2) Can have multiple heat functions on at once: microwave, fan, upper heat, lower heat, interior lights, etc. Ex. During Speedcooking, the microwave and upper and/or lower lamps can be on at the same time while cooking. 3) Interior light is the halogen cooking lights, so light does not stay on; cycles on/off with the cooking. 4) No preheat necessary, except with convection cooking. 5) Not approved for under-counter installation. The 120 volt Advantium offers the following: 1) 2x-4x faster than conventional cooking. 2) Heat functions cycle one at a time: microwave, fan, upper heat, lower heat, lights, etc. Ex. During Speedcooking, the microwave, upper lamps and lower lamps cycle on at different times. 3) Has a separate light for the interior light; light stays on. 4) Preheating is recommended. 5) Approved for under-counter installation. We hope this is useful information to you and we're wishing you the best. - Guy@GEA

      Answered by Cafe Appliances

  • QuestionI would like to replace a Profile Advantium 240v with a Cafe Advantium 240 V. Should there be any installation issues for the electric or outside venting?

    Asked by GTBuhr.

    • Answer Hi there, thanks for reaching out to us. It makes us so excited to hear that you have chosen this fantastic Café 5-in-1 Advantium to upgrade your kitchen and we would love to offer you guidance in this replacement! We would need your model number to determine the specific electrical, dimensions, and venting requirements of your current Profile model. However, when installed as a single Advantium installation, this unit must be connected to a 120/208 or 120/240 volt, 60 Hz, supply and protected by a time delay fuse or circuit breaker. Power should be supplied from a separate, dedicated 30-ampere branch circuit. You can learn more about the various installation requirements and preparing the opening on pages 4-8 of the Installation Guide here: https://files.bbystatic.com/nJYIJjMwzsUXy5VCUDjZIQ%3D%3D/694924ef-ab9f-46c6-ab34-68dae42864a7.pdf. You can also learn more about air clearances and more in this helpful Specification Guide: https://files.bbystatic.com/P%2F%2FM10nG1KqpieJ%2FBZHPwA%3D%3D/7d525a46-66cf-4dec-80bc-683542501da4.pdf. ---- We would recommend that you review the installation guide of your current model and compare for any differences that may arise. Additionally, you may want to reach out to your installer and have them review these documents with you to better prepare for your replacement. We sincerely hope that this helps and are confident that this model will impress and serve you well in the years to come. All the best! -Eliza@Café

      Answered by Cafe Appliances

  • QuestionWhat is main difference between Monogram Advantium and Cafe Advantium? When is it necessary to get the 240V over the 120 V?

    Asked by TaxM.

    • Answer Hi there, Thanks so much for reaching out! The main difference between the two brands is the options available. Cafe has a double oven and some additional finish options, while Monogram has advantium microwave options available. It is completely dependant upon your home set up whether you need to get a 120V model or 240V model. If you're not sure what type you need, check the outlet. 240V outlets are larger than 120V outlets and have rounded tops with 3 or 4 holes. We hope this helps. Mike@Cafe

      Answered by Cafe Appliances

  • QuestionIs this oven self cleaning and what is the highest temperature?

    Asked by Izzy.

    • Answer Hello Izzy - Thank you for reaching out about this outstanding Advantium oven. We are happy to share more about it. This model does not offer a self-clean feature, however, it does steam clean. The highest cooking temperature it can be set to is 550 degrees F. Keep in touch! - JB

      Answered by Cafe Appliances

  • Questioncan this Cafe Brand Built in Microwave work with the french door oven under it ? as a combo an if so send me photo

    Asked by Dewey.

    • Answer Hi Dewey - Thanks for considering Café™! Café™ Professional Series 30" Smart Built-In Convection French-Door Single Wall Oven CTS90FP2NS1 can be installed under Cafe™ 30" Smart Five in One Wall Oven with 240V Advantium® Technology CSB923P2NS1. Our apologies there is no online photo at this time. We suggest viewing the Installation Guide for model CSB923P2NS1 at the following link (Page 6 - Installation over a Wall Oven): https://products.cafeappliances.com/MarketingObjectRetrieval/Dispatcher?RequestType=PDF&Name=31-2000356.pdf&_ga=2.201223214.1608218066.1581341508-1573675575.1578588307 - Keep in touch at cafeappliances.com. Sue

      Answered by Cafe Appliances

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