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GE - 24.9 Cu. Ft. Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator - Stainless steel-Front_Standard
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    • Best answerHi Jack- Thanks for considering GE! If doors cannot open to 90 degrees because of an obstruction or wall, the drawers can be fully accessed but generally cannot be removed. We encourage you to view page 18 of the Installation Instructions for details regarding door clearances for 155 degree and 90 degree door openings: - You can also view the Quick Specs at the following link for all product dimensions: - Keep in touch! SUEatGEA

      By GE Answers 

  • Q: When the freezer defrost will it ruin the food  (2 Answers)

    By Freezer 

    • Best answerHello Freezer - this is Nancy at GE Appliances and I am happy to help you. During the defrost cycle, the defrost timer activates defrost heater(s) in the evaporator section which heats up, melts frost off the evaporator coils, and then turns off. During defrost there will be no running sounds, no fan noise no compressor noise. You may hear water dripping or sizzling as it hits the heater. Most models will defrost for approximately 25 to 45 minutes usually twice a day. Temperatures in the freezer should not be affected during this heating process. I hope this helps! Thanks for checking with us!

      By GE Answers 

  • Q: Why does the inside light stay on when refrigerator door is closed?  (1 Answer)

    By Gina 

    • AHi Gina- Thanks for choosing GE! This would not be considered normal and we encourage you to contact GE Appliance Service at 1-800-432-2737 for assistance or conveniently schedule an appointment online: - A qualified service technician is required for an accurate diagnosis. We apologize for any inconvenience. Thanks for reaching out to us! SUE@GEA

      By GE Answers 

    • AHi CAN- Thanks for choosing GE! Adjustable legs at the front corners of the refrigerator should be set so the refrigerator is firmly positioned on the floor, and the front is raised just enough that the door closes easily when opened about halfway. To adjust the leveling legs, turn the legs clockwise to raise the refrigerator, counterclockwise to lower it. See page 31 of the Installation Instructions. Keep in touch! SUE@GEA

      By GE Answers 

    • AHello AuntSusie3380, This is Lisa from GE Appliances. I am happy to help. This model does not offer a built in option with a trim kit. We do not offer models with a trim kit for a built in appearance at this time. We appreciate you considering GE Appliances.

      By GE Answers 

  • Q: Are the doors of this refrigerator magnetic?  (2 Answers)

    By KathyW 

    • AHi KathyW- Thanks for viewing! Most 2017 bottom freezer and French Door models (except Café Series) will hold a magnet. Prior to 2017, we recommend testing it with a magnet while you are shopping. Thanks for checking with us! SUE@GEA

      By GE Answers 

    • AHi - Thanks for your purchase! We are sorry to hear of the water leak and can certainly understand your concern. Refrigerators with automatic defrost have a drain tube that carries water from the defrost cycle to a fixed drain pan under the refrigerator. If you have a clogged drain tube, you might see ice and/or water inside on the freezer floor or on the floor in front of the freezer. These models require some disassembly to access the defrost drain tube, so we recommend that you contact service. Please contact GE Appliance Service at 1-800-432-2737 or schedule a service appointment online: - Also, some leaks could be plumbing issues. Check the copper water line (icemaker) to the water valve on the back of the refrigerator. Please contact your local plumber if your leak appears to be coming from the copper line itself. See the following troubleshooting link: - If the icemaker is leaking water onto the floor, see the following link: - We hope this is helpful. Keep in touch! SUE@GEA

      By GE Answers 

  • Q: how do I turn off the ice maker on the bottom freezer of model GDE25ESKBRSS  (1 Answer)

    By puzzled 

    • AHi puzzled- Thanks for choosing our GE® ENERGY STAR® Refrigerator GDE25ESKSS! We hope you love the look of the stainless steel finish in your kitchen! Remove the ice bucket to access the icemaker and set the power switch in the OFF position. For reference, see page 14 of the Owner's Manual at the following link: - Also, view a short video (various models styles are shown): - Keep in touch! SUE@GEA

      By GE Answers 

  • Q: What kind of a compresser does the GDE25ESKSS have?  (1 Answer)

    By tired 

    • AHello tired - A reciprocating compressor, also known as a Scotch Yoke compressor, is designed to give years of reliable service. The main component of a refrigerator is the compressor. High quality is very important. This type of compressor consists of a reciprocating piston operating in a stationary cylinder. •It is actuated through a sliding yoke by a crank on the upper end of a vertical shaft. •The shaft is made of hardened steel and runs in cast iron bearings. •The upper bearing is self-aligning, which helps eliminate wear. •A rotary oil pump is at the bottom of the shaft, which keeps the compressor lubricated and operating smooth through years of use. As of January 1994, all GE branded refrigerators moved from a rotary compressor to a reciprocating compressors. Additionally, none of our refrigerators use linear (inverter) compressors. -TREY@GEA

      By GE Answers 

  • Q: what is the cubic footage of the refrigerator only not including the freezer section of the GDE25ESKSS MODEL  (2 Answers)

    By NAVAJO 

    • AHi NAVAJO- This is Sue at GE Appliances. We are excited to hear of your interest in our GE® ENERGY STAR® 24.9 CU. FT. BOTTOM-FREEZER DRAWER REFRIGERATOR GDE25ESKSS! The Fresh Food capacity is 17.6 cu. ft. We suggest to view the Quick Specs for dimensions and clearance requirements at the following link: - Keep in touch. We are always eager to provide assistance!

      By GE Answers 

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