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  • QuestionDoes this version work with IOS Big Sur? Also, just wanted to make sure that the Federal e-file is included and not an extra fee.

    Asked by Dognostrils.

    • Answer I’ve been using this with MacOS Big Sur so, yes, that works fine. It does include federal e-filing at no extra charge, but this version requires a separate online purchase and download of the TurboTax state product for $40 (which I didn’t realize when I bought it). As far as I can tell, there’s no limit to how many state returns you can file once you’ve bought that product. This seems like a new overall pricing model compared to what I recall from years past. Under the old pricing model, you could get one state product for free, but then paid about $20 for each state return you e-filed. (You could print and file state returns by mail for free.) So under the new pricing model, you basically break even if you e-file 2 state returns. For everyone that only needs to file one state return for a single state, it works out to be a $20 price increase. I suppose that if you live in a state that has no state income tax and therefore doesn’t require filing a state return, then this is all you would need and represents a good deal.

      Answered by TechDad

  • QuestionCan I file for more than 1 person from the same computer

    Asked by old64.

    • Answer Yes, but I am not sure that there isn’t additional charges for more than one e-file. The first is free for sure.

      Answered by Cazzie

  • QuestionDoes this also come with state tax filing

    Asked by Eric.

    • Answer There is a version of Turbo Tax that includes a single state version download or you can purchase your state version or additional state versions from within the app. There is a charge for this if you don’t have the version of Turbo Tax that includes this option.

      Answered by Cazzie