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  • Questiondoes it come with the tamper?

    Asked by Jackie.

    • Answer I ordered this blender from Best Buy, it was delivered today (5/13) and does NOT include a tamper.

      Answered by Cristina

  • QuestionThe description says it has a glass jar.. can someone comfirm?

    Asked by Chocolate2011.

    • Answer It is not a glass jar

      Answered by Artty

  • QuestionCan you order a glass jar for the blender separately?

    Asked by Jerry.

    • Answer Hello LegacyAuthor, We do apologize, there is not a glass jar available for this model. We hope this helps.

      Answered by KitchenAidTeam

  • QuestionHow tall is this blender when the container is on the stand?

    Asked by Nick.

    • Answer It’s about 15 3/4”, my countertop to bottom of cabinet is about 19”. But my blender is stationed away from any cabinet obstructions. (countertop to cabinets vary)

      Answered by Marquitos

  • QuestionCan this be used with a wide-mouth mason jar?

    Asked by Jexa.

    • Answer Hi Jexa, I bought this beautiful K400 Blender for my wife and it works beautifully versus the “Bullet” she used to have. Which was ok but, it was too noisy and eventually failed to continue to do its job. In regards to your question, I believe it is better to stick with genuine KitchenAid products my reasoning is because to the best of my knowledge; these “Mason Jars” are typically made from glass. In my opinion the centrifugal force created in the jar by the blender will break the glass causing severe injury to you and probably damage your blender. I would suggest getting the “16-oz Personal Blender Jar Expansion Pack for KitchenAid” which is a rare breed, I’ve had no such luck in finding one, are always out of stock. If you ever are able to find one of these rare specimens let me know, wish you the best.

      Answered by Marquitos

  • QuestionIs the jar in this blender glass?

    Asked by Diana.

    • Answer Yes

      Answered by Antoinette

  • QuestionCan this blender crush ice to make Margaritas and Pina Coladas?

    Asked by Billiam.

    • Answer Yes!!! It works great for that!

      Answered by Jenaaay

  • QuestionCan this blender purée hot soup?

    Asked by Nan.

    • Answer Hi Nan, We recommend allowing the soup to cool down prior to puree to avoid damage to the blending jar.

      Answered by KitchenAidTeam

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