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LG - 2.3 cu.ft. 14-Cycle Front-Loading Compact Washer and 7-Cycle Electric Dryer Combo with Steam - White-Front_Standard

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    • Best answerMost of the settings are wash only. There is only one setting that is a wash/dry cycle.

      By irishkatiebug 

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  • Q: Will the 2.3 cu.ft. Model wash a top/bottom queen size sheet set? Need to decide between this or the bigger model.  (3 Answers)

    By dad1949 

    • Best answerYes this washing machine size 2.3 will wash a queen size sheets with no problem I put in my queen size Valore blanket in there it fits fine plenty of room just keep in mind you have to learn the machine because when you first get it you will be like oh my God the dryer does not even dry it takes too long it smells like rubber all the Reviews will state the same thing, when I tell you I absolutely love the machine once you learn all the setting you will se what a great machine it is .. please keep in mind do not put the dryer on high setting because in the beginning your clothes smell like rubber funny smell I had called LG and they explained to me to keep it on low setting and make sure the only part that is lit up is low temperature because when you hit the dry button where it says spin speed keep clicking it in till there is no light lit up that is one of my biggest things that I learned I hope this helps you. I gave you an image of my blanket so you can see I use the machine for both of those blankets that are on my bed it fits both of them in there.. I get just keep in mind the first two months the machine has a funny smell and you will say I do not even smell my fabric softener but trust me it does go away...Now my clothes smell wonderful..

      By Rere 

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    • Best answerIt turns out it varies according to the load and according to the setting. I have had it read four hours For the complete cycle down to two hours. The two hour cycle for washing and drying is comparable to my other machine. However, I don't have to go and take the wet laundry out and put it in the dryer. It turns out you can also interrupt the drying cycle and pull out whatever concerns you. If you don't let the whole cycle dry your clothes will be damp. Today I tried drying my very best clothes for 30 minutes on A low setting. They were wet. So I added another 30 minutes and they were still damp but I pulled them out and hung them. I have a friend who's daughter had the machine prior to children and loved it. When she had children she did not love it because of the drying cycle. There are just two of us And I don't just like it, I love it! I forgot to mention that the machine analyzes your load of wash and the setting you have chosen and determines the washing and drying cycle accordingly. It is pretty smart. For routine, non-expensive clothing I just to wash and dry. Pretty easy!

      By Cent 

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    • Best answerSorry to hear that what I do is use plenty of fabric softener and a small load.I time the dryer for 60 minutes and I don't think it gets to hot because I noticed the clothes are moistened.I hope it gets better for you.I love my washer and wish you the best with yours.

      By shar 

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  • Q: Can this washer and dryer combo, wash and dry comforter for a queen size bed without problems?  (3 Answers)

    By Chris92 

    • Best answerIt can definitely wash the queen size comforter but not dry it. The capacity of the washer is twice that of the dryer meaning that you can fill the washing bin to the top and it will clean it with no problem but if you want to have dry clothes you can only fill the tub to the half way point. So yes a queen comforter can be washed in the machine but it can not be dried in this particular machine.

      By Manci 

    • AIt's helpful to dry half at a time. You get less wrinkles and it's an easier process if you use "low" on the dryer settings because then you don't have to wait for the full Cool Down period.

      By HappyCustomer 

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  • Q: Does it have a water heater for hot/warm wash?  (2 Answers)

    By Jay 

    • Best answerIt does have a heater in it for extra hot loads

      By Manci 

  • Q: does this unit have a place to put liquid soap?  (2 Answers)

    By Anonymous 

    • AThe LG 2.3 cu. ft. High Efficiency All-in-one Front Load Washer & Dryer in White, Model # WM3488HW has a Pre-Wash Detergent Compartment that you can add either liquid or powdered detergent to when using the Pre-Wash option. When using the pre-wash option, if liquid detergent is to be used for the main wash, the liquid detergent cup accessory must be used in the main wash dispenser to prevent the main wash liquid detergent from being dispensed immediately. The Main Wash Compartment holds laundry detergent for the main wash cycle.When using liquid detergent, the liquid detergent cup and insert must be in place. If you will be using powdered detergent, you will have to remove the insert and the liquid detergent cup from the main wash compartment. Powdered detergent will not dispense with the insert and the liquid detergent cup in place. ^CP

      By LGAnswers 

      • LG Representative
    • Best answerI've read a lot of comments on concerns about the smell the dryer leaves on clothes. Good news! I think I've found a solution, and I also live in an apartment. The first weekend I had the machine I washed about 4 or 5 loads. The rubber-like smell was very strong in-spite of using liquid fabric softener. I found something at the store, a product called Tide Washing Machine Cleaner. I opened one pouch, put it in the drum (NOT the soap dispenser), and set the washer to "Tub Clean" mode. As per the instructions on the cleaner, I left the door open to let it air out (overnight as it was late). There was still a slight rubbery smell along with the fragrance of the cleaner in the air. I ended up being gone last weekend, but this weekend (about two weeks later) I'm doing laundry and finding a marked difference in the amount of the rubber-like smell on my clothes. I'm still using liquid fabric softener with each load. My plan was to use the three packets of cleaner once a week for the first three weeks. (As recommended on the box for strong odors). Having missed last week, I plan to run another "Tub Clean" mode after my last load today. I really think this stuff might just be working. I've uploaded two pictures of the front and back of the box containing 3 packets of cleaner. I'll let you know if there's any change for the worse, but after today's loads I doubt there'll need be any other updates. -- The machine is still a strong 5-stars in my book.

      By JCinNYC 

  • Q: Can you stack the dryer on top of the washer  (2 Answers)

    By Rocky 

    • AThis is a washer/dryer combo unit, so the single unit both washes and dries. You do not need a separate dryer.

      By Mike 

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