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  • QuestionSo you just purchase the phone and there are no monthly fees and you just connect it to your own WiFi? How do you get a phone number?

    Asked by Addy.

    • Answer They charge you taxes and fees every month, something like $5 or $6 depending on where you live. You have to give them a credit card number to activate the service and get a phone number assigned. They assign you a phone number immediately, but you get to pick the area code. Then for about $40 you can port an existing number, which takes a few days. If you pay them an additional $120 plus tax per year, they don’t charge the $40 porting fee, you can keep both your ported number and the original number they assigned to you, and you get a bunch of other features like deciding what calls to block and forwarding calls to other phones like your cellphone. Those features seem to give you more flexibility than phone service from the local phone company or cable company. I got one of these for my mother 2-1/2 years ago, and I pay the $120 + tax per year (plus the $5 or $6 per month). I have set the call blocking feature to send all calls from numbers that are not in her contacts to voicemail. That way she does not get calls telling her her grandson is in jail somewhere in the Caribbean and she needs to send money to get him out. We monitor her voicemail and add any numbers to contacts if she gets a call from a friend whose number is not in there. We also add any numbers from solicitation calls to a blocked number list, at which point they don’t even go to voicemail — they just hear a recording that says they have been blocked. Ooma sends an email for every voicemail, and you can just click on the attachment and listen to the voicemail right then and there. I just bought another one for our vacation house. Now I can take it back and forth so I always have that phone with me. You just have to plug it into a laptop to connect it to your local Wi-Fi (or plug it in if you are not connecting wirelessly). Also by the way, you do not have to buy their phone. You can just buy an Ooma device and plug in any phone. Bear in mind that there are two versions of it, one which needs to be plugged in to the Internet, and one which can connect wirelessly and is a little bit more expensive. If your Internet goes down, you have to unplug the Ooma (from electricity) and replug it in to recycle. It flashes blue if it is working and red if it is not working, so it’s very obvious. Also, there is an app you can put in your cell phone that tells you whether it is working and lets you add contacts, listen to voicemail and set blocking levels.

      Answered by LASNY

  • QuestionSo the base connects wirelessly to router, how are the phones connected? Phones have a wireless connection to the base station from different rooms or each phone needs an RJ11 phone cord that plugs into the base station or into a wall jack?

    Asked by Unclear.

    • Answer The wireless phones that come with the unit only needs an ac power outlet to keep the phone charged while in it's charging cradle. Once you get the base station set up you can then plug the phones and cradle anywhere in your home and get them linked to the base station. It takes a couple of minutes for the phone to establish the link and then update. You'll see a message on the face of the phone telling you it's updating, etc. After that, you can pick up the phone and push the talk button. You will get a dial tone! You're set. Oh, you can purchase more phones from Ooma and set up more extensions if you need too. I used to have about 4 or 5. Now I'm only using 3. Hope that helps. GeorgiaDad

      Answered by GeorgiaDad

  • QuestionWhat advantage does Ooma have over Magic Jack?

    Asked by Plantronics.

    • Answer I've had both and found that Magic Jack sucks and Ooma has been great for the 9 years I've been using it.

      Answered by Nikki

  • QuestionIs it the nightmare that it sounds like. You go from quick and easy set up to paying somebody in somewhere land money to keep your phone number yearly? I don't quite get it. Sounds a lot more complicated than it's made out to be. Can somebody simplify it?

    Asked by Sabrinafair.

    • Answer So I switched from Verizon because they ended copper landline service in my area this December. I should have switched a long time ago but didn’t because I didn’t want to upgrade my home security system. Anyway, to get to the setup, it was pretty straightforward. I already have Comcast broadband internet so I unpacked the OOMA and plugged in an Ethernet cable from an unused port on my router to the Ethernet port labeled internet on the OOMA base station. I then followed the instructions in the QuickStart guide to use my computer (which is also connected by Ethernet cable to the same router) to setup the OOMA base and pick a phone number from the lists tat were displayed on screen. They also offer an app based method that uses Bluetooth to setup the OOMA base without any cables by connecting it to your home WiFi network but I didn’t bother with that. I did want to keep my old landline number so I followed their directions to put in an online request to have Verizon transfer it over. This does cost money. The $40 fee they charge for this is waived if you pay for 1 year of service up front. I found the charges to be clearly explained on their website. Ran into a small glitch with Verizon balking at the transfer for unclear reasons but I was able to clear it up with a single call to Verizon. So far so good and I actually save about $30 per month.

      Answered by Longfellow

  • Questioni have poor wifi reception in the back of my house. would i most likely not be able to use the phone there? or would it still connect if the base is set up near the router?

    Asked by Robinsnest60.

    • Answer I had similar issues with my wifi (limited reception/low bandwidth) in certain spots in my house. I did place the base closer to my wifi router. I didn't have to place it right next to my router ... I positioned it about 20 feet away, in the next room, but where I knew I had good wifi reception. The handsets have had no problem connecting to the base from anywhere in my house. When the handsets and base "talk" to each other, they don't use the home's wifi connection . They use a separate communication protocol/frequency to "pair" themselves together. So, your wifi will only be used between your router and the base unit of the telephone system. Hope this makes sense and helps.

      Answered by SuperNona

  • QuestionMy old Ohma stopped working today. Do I need to pay again to keep my old phone number when I activate the new Ohma box?

    Asked by GolferGuy.

    • Answer No; Just call OOMA support and ask they to move the old number to the new OOMA box. Since it is tech support call, the regular support number can't handle it but they will give you a special number. Just give them the new OOMA serial number.

      Answered by Jason

  • QuestionCan you transfer your current landline phone number to Ooma?

    Asked by Chris.

    • Answer I did. But use their online tool to check first. And there’s a fee involved.

      Answered by Longfellow

  • QuestionLike the idea. Can you confirm the voice quality is good as the verizon service, I have good internet service. Also can you have more handset phone beyond the two HD3 units. Would like six if possible.

    Asked by jimx.

    • Answer The call quality is great, I have been an Ooma customer for 8 years. unfortunately the telo only supports 4 phones. you could always plug in another cordless phone maybe for the less used locations.

      Answered by sc1500

  • QuestionAre the handsets compatible with a wired headset?

    Asked by Roadbound57.

    • Answer Nope. However, if you already own a conventional cordless phone system you can plug it’s base station into the OOMA base’s phone jack. I’ve done that with my Panasonic and it’s handsets support a wired headset so that works for me.

      Answered by Longfellow

  • QuestionBuy system,,,,$140.00 Buy service......$120.00 yearly , recurrent Pay service fee every month.....$5—6 bucks a month If equipment breaks,,,,,start all over again Why should change from home centered cell service? What is it I don’t understand, AARP

    Asked by Patst3119lincolnave.

    • Answer The $120 is only if you opt to go with the premium level of service. Not sure what you're referring to when you mention the $5 - $6. The reason I got Ooma was that my cell service at home is very weak and my phone doesn't have wifi calling, unfortunately. I tried Google Voice but it didn't fit my needs. So, Ooma was my solution.

      Answered by PL678

  • Questioncan i use this with a fax machine to receive and send faxes

    Asked by bur.

    • Answer Yes. There is an RJ11 jack you can plug anything a fax or any phone into. I plugged mine into my house RJ11 wall plate so all phone wall plates in my house, at least one in most every room, are now available to use the Ooma. For around $40 you can get a wireless extender. Plug into AC for power, plug your fax into the extender and your fax is now wireless. There is soem easy setup to pair it to your Ooma base is all.

      Answered by MrBill250


    Asked by MINI.

    • Answer This text was copied from the official Ooma website, https://www.ooma.com/faqs/: Can I use the Ooma system internationally? The Ooma system can be used anywhere there is a high-speed Internet connection. Regardless of where you use it, calls to the US will be free and calls outside the US will be subject to low-cost international rates. If you plan to use the device overseas, be sure to use a phone that meets US standards, and be aware that the power supply that comes with the Ooma Hub is built for US power specifications. Also, if you choose to install and use the Ooma system outside the US, you’ll be solely responsible for compliance with international laws and subject to all associated fees, taxes, tariffs, and legal penalties.

      Answered by ktubaugh

  • QuestionDoes the base unit have to be next to our modem/router? I am having a hard time finding a clear answer.

    Asked by Chris.

    • Answer It depends, It does not have to be next to the modem/router unless your Internet bandwidth is heavily used and you need the Ooma's quality of service (QoS) capabilities. In that case, you need to wire the unit in-between your provider's upstream device and your router. I tested it in my home (600Mbps down/20Mbps up) with it hooked up to my internal WiFi and it worked just fine no matter what we were using the Internet for. When I put it at my parent's home (20 Mbps down/up) on their internal WiFi it would drop a bit with heavy usage (streaming Amazon and Netflix simultaneously while also downloading patches). I then moved it to be hardwired between my parent's router and their upstream modem and it worked great even with heavy usage.

      Answered by TeamPlayer

  • QuestionLike my existing cable modem feeds the existing in wall phone lines and wall jacks, will this unit do the same so that these lines and jacks remain live and active; allowing any phone to be plugged into a jack?

    Asked by Thomas.

    • Answer Yes, I just replaced my cable phone with Ooma. I placed the unit next to my cable modem and just moved the phone wire from the cable modem to the Ooma unit. Very easy to install.

      Answered by KenZ

  • QuestionDoes this model #811008022365 have speaker phone feature-?- Is this "Telo Air Free" base the same as the "Telo Air 2" model #811008021450 -?- Please specify any differences.

    Asked by LEE979.

    • Answer The box I received with part number #811008022365 says "Ooma Telo Air 2 Phone Set" and contains a Telo Air 2 base and two HD3 handsets. I had the same question before buying. As far as I can tell there is no difference in the base in this combination set and the model number difference simply reflects that it includes the two handsets.

      Answered by TeloAir2

  • Questiondoes this have answering machine?

    Asked by mike.

    • Answer Yes it does.

      Answered by Longfellow

  • QuestionHow long is the battery life? My cell phone has wifi calling feature. Will that work with OOMA if I drop DSL over wire and get high speed internet from Hughes?

    Asked by Hank.

    • Answer The battery is still in usr but, I keep it on the charger. I have the phone connected to my cell phone and get calls and messages for every call on the house phone., I am connected by high speed internet only and it works fine on that.

      Answered by ducky

  • QuestionI recall the video saying this can also connect to Amazon Alexa through the Echo. How does this work?

    Asked by RonB.

    • Answer Not very well based in my experience. I uninstalled the skill very quickly.

      Answered by PL678

  • Questionagain i ask will my other phones work with this unit.?

    Asked by robert.

    • Answer Yes, your corded or cordless phones will still work with ooma.

      Answered by echo3166

  • Questioncan my other phones connect with the ooma or just the ones come with it.?

    Asked by robert.

    • Answer Any phone can plug into the Ooma Telo. If you have a phone set (a base phone with extensions that connect wirelessly to the base phone), you can plug the base phone into the Ooma Telo.

      Answered by LASNY