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  • QuestionCan you charge a cell phone with a back cover on?

    Asked by Balto11.

    • Answer I have a cover on my phone and it works. It’s thin but plastic. I know they won’t work with a pop socket though, we tried my wife’s and it wouldn’t work.

      Answered by Chuck

  • QuestionHow many watts is this Qi charger rated for?

    Asked by Jeff.

    • Answer Thank you for your inquiry. Ottlite QI (pronounced Chee) charger can put out up to 5 Watts for charging. We say “up to” because it really depends on what your phone chargers at, but the max is 5W. Hope this helps. Best regards, Marcy Mooney Ottlite Customer Service Rep

      Answered by OttLite

  • QuestionDoes it charge samsung smart watch?

    Asked by Candice.

    • Answer No, It does not charge my Samsung Galaxy Smart Watch. It does a great job with my Samsung phone though. I really like the Desklamp.

      Answered by Schmoop

  • QuestionDoes the Qi charger support "Fast Charging" for any/all devices?

    Asked by JoeBoy.

    • Answer JoeBoy it doesn’t support faster charging. However it charges good enough. It takes about 90 minutes to charge my iPhone 11. Also I don’t know about android but it supports iPhone 11 and 12 models. I like the product because it’s two in one and light is customizable. Overall it’s a great product.

      Answered by Anwar

  • QuestionDoes this charge the iPhone 12 Pro Max?

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer Yes

      Answered by Anwar

  • QuestionIs the brightness adjustable?

    Asked by pat1732.

    • Answer Yes

      Answered by Anwar

  • QuestionCan the bulb be replaced when necessary?

    Asked by SouthernBelle.

    • Answer No the blue is set but it can run for like a long time

      Answered by jboll41

  • QuestionWhat type of LED bulb does it use, and can replacements be purchased?

    Asked by Liam.

    • Answer Not replaceable

      Answered by featherbunny

  • QuestionHow many lumens is the lamp?

    Asked by hdanny.

    • Answer Between 30 - 50

      Answered by 7SiNz