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  • QuestionHow many f stops or what ND number is this?

    Asked by Robt.

    • Answer This product reduces incoming light from 1 to 8.6 f-stops and it is variable ND2 to 400.

      Answered by Platinum Customer Care

  • Questioncan this go on canon 16-35mm 2.8 L lens?

    Asked by Gimbal.

    • Answer I know this is a year old question, but I will answer in case anyone else is looking presently. You can always get step up rings for it to fit your, or almost any, camera lens. They are easy to use and can be had inexpensively. Pay no attention to the person who just said "no."

      Answered by RobBee

  • Questiondoes this nd filter have a color cast

    Asked by jake.

    • Answer There is a slight color cast, but nothing that can't be compensated for during shooting within the camera settings or in post. It's slight enough and the workaround is easy enough that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it, especially at this price point.

      Answered by JMPF

  • QuestionWill this be enough to shoot the eclipse if you stack 3 of them? Nikon D810 / 70-200 2.8 glass

    Asked by DatGuy.

    • Answer No.. unfortunately you can't stack enough of these to use for the eclipse. You'll generate heat in every one of them and it is not a safe alternative to a solar filter.. and if you try it anyway, don't look through the viewfinder. And expect some dead spots on your sensor after.

      Answered by Aleg8or

  • QuestionCan this filter reused to capture the solar eclipse ?

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer No. You need a large f-stop ND filter to prevent your sensor from frying.

      Answered by Chris

  • Questionwill this fit my nikon d3400?

    Asked by aidencoley02.