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  • QuestionAre the outside cameras motion sensor and shine a light in dark areas?

    Asked by Cat52.

    • Answer Yes, the Outdoor Camera features intelligent motion detection that can tell the difference between humans and other moving objects. It also features a spotlight for color vision even at night!

      Answered by Michelle

  • QuestionI already have a full simplisafe system. Can I purchase this set for the additional parts?

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer Yes you can. I just purchased this solely for the cameras (value is ridiculous vs separate purchase!) and was able to link them to my current base station without using the base in the package.

      Answered by Anonymous2

  • QuestionCan additional cameras be added?

    Asked by David.

    • Answer I assume additional cameras can be added. However based on my experience with the video doorbell, I will not be adding any more Simplisafe equipment

      Answered by Frank

  • QuestionCan cameras be plugged into power while mounted to wall or do they have to be charged then put up. And pull down to charge when dead

    Asked by Will.

    • Answer So the wireless cameras can either be mounted wirelessly or hardwired in to a wall outlet. If you dont feel like charging the battery every month or so then you do have the option to wire them in as well. As far as charging goes the batteries are removable from the cameras so this way when it comes time to charge them you dont need to charge the whole camera unit just simply the battery pack.

      Answered by Crasher

  • QuestionDoes it record movement

    Asked by Manny.

    • Answer yes it record motion and you get to chose if you want it to record all motion or only motion from people

      Answered by Crasher

  • QuestionDo you have tonoay for monthly monitoring

    Asked by Tammy.

    • Answer you dont have to pay for a monthly subscription however keep in mind the free plan is very basic and i mean very basic. The free plan only allows for you to disarm and arm the system and allows the siren to go off if the alarm is triggered however they will not call the police and they will not allow for your video footage to be recorded. So it basically forces you in to a monthly plan but keep in mind there is no contract so you can cancel at any time.

      Answered by Crasher

  • Questiondoes this camera system run on a 5g mhz speed wifi i have at&t fiber internet and my camera system that i have now BLINK only works off of 2.4 mhz speed .

    Asked by tmann.

    • Answer Good question. On my Linksys it runs on the 2.4 band and as of right now there is no option on the Simplisafe app to move it over to the 5g band.

      Answered by Crasher

  • QuestionHow do the cameras attach to the house?

    Asked by Frank.

    • Answer the outdoor cameras are attached via magnets to the base. The only item that requires 2 screws to mount is the base plate. Once the base plate is mounted then the cameras are attached and removed via magnets.

      Answered by Crasher

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