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Sony - 65" Class - LED - X930E Series - 2160p - Smart - 4K UHD TV with HDR-Front_Standard
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  • Q: Is this tv Edge Lit or Full Array?  (3 Answers)

    By Anonymous 

    • Best answerAccording to Sony it is edge lit but with a proprietary new bit of tech called Slim Backlight Drive. Sony has taken the traditional single row of LED's and doubled them. Then like Samsung they have added 'Quantum Dots' but unlke Samsung's using the Quantum Dots in the LCD panel, Sony has put their Quantum Dots in tubes that the LED's shine through. The Quantum Dot technology helps increase contrast levels and make colors pop. And along with the two rows of LED's shining through Quantum Dots, Sony is using two additional panels to direct the LED's light into 'zones' that allow for localized dimming, helping make blacks look close to OLED black and increasing the bright areas of the image to increase contrast range.

      By Cross 

    • Best answer61 5/8 x 38 7/8 x 7 3/4" (1,565 x 985 x 196 mm) for the 930E 65" carton box, Source: Sony website

      By RealDeal 

  • Q: How is the viewing angle? Does the colors wash out?  (3 Answers)

    By winn75 

    • Best answerNo stays bright even from side angles

      By Hunter 

    • Best answer Highly recommend giving these both a read. One of the best TV review sites online. Both are great tv's. The 930e uses the better x1 extreme chip. The 930e gets brighter, one of the brightest tv's this year, which is great for HDR content and bright rooms. But the 900e still gets very bright, just not as much. The 930e also uses a different local dimming technology than the 900e which uses full array local dimming, but the 930e local dimming end results are slightly better which is great for deep blacks and should be used. The links will have all the info you need, along with proper tv settings when you do buy one. Enjoy.

      By Josh 

    • Best answerI have the 930D bought just a few weeks ago. My set is on a wheeled stand that I turn 90* to face from seating area to desk. When facing the desk the TV is 12 feet almost directly across the room from a large window. Most of my TV watching is at night, after work. But on some days, like today, when I'm home sitting at my desk with the TV facing the bright daylight pouring in though the large window, the reflection is not at all bad. I don't see the desk lamp or anything in the room. Only during dark scenes the TV screen will show the bright sunlight in the window. But with any lighter scenes, like Mike Rowe standing in a swamp in the afternoon with blue water and light green grass surrounding, it doesn't even show fairly bright sun light from the window. Keep in mind when I'm not dedicated to watching the TV I'm somewhat 'insensitive' to glare though. And when I want to put on something like a movie with the intent of focusing on the TV, I move and face the TV perpendicular to the window so there's almost zero reflection, even during very dark scenes. At night in the darkened room, even with the darkest scenes on the TV, there is no issue. Consider where you'll be placing your TV and the lighting during the times you'll be watching. As they say, your mileage may vary.

      By Cross 

  • Q: What are the rectangular stand dimensions of the Sony XBR 65X 930E ? Please get back.  (2 Answers)

    By JOE 

    • Best answerHi Joe, The stand base measures approximately 20" x 8" x 1" in (w x h x d). -Jerome

      By SonyListens 

    • Best answerHi bill, thanks for bringing this up. There are some ways on how to perform a software update. You may visit the link below for more information. I hope it helps. Regards, ^Ron

      By SonyListens 

    • Best answerNo, it doesn't have anything to do with the X processor - that does all kinds of magic to make the picture better, and in the future will be able to support DolbyVision via a firmware update. I'm referring to the circuit board that supplies power to the TV. Folks have reported lots of issues with not being able to power on the 930D predecessor models. Sony has verified this as a real problem and has extended the warranty for 3-4 more years (it's right on their website, I checked). My worry is that I'm starting to see some similar comments about the 930E, which might indicate that they are still using the same power board, which would mean that early in the lifespan of the 930E there might be a need to have it repaired and/or replaced. I would have hoped they would be using a more robust design in the new model, but it's also possible that the design was too far along to redesign the power board when it was released (though they could certainly have put in better ones after a certain manufacturing date).

      By Percussionista 

  • Q: What is the difference (other than screen size) between the 930e and 940e?  (3 Answers)

    By Dreamz007 

    • Best answerHi Dreamz007, the 940E is the bigger version of the 930E series. Their difference is that the 930E uses our new Slim Backlight Drive+ technology which guides light to where it's needed most on the screen. The 940E, on the other hand, uses Precision Full-array dimming which offers much better black levels and a more uniform picture across the screen. You may refer to this link for more information about these TVs: Thanks, -Mark

      By SonyListens 

  • Q: Does theSony flush mount bracket model SU-WL810 that is advertisd with the XBR930D work with the XBR930E?  (1 Answer)

    By Atrain 

    • Best answerHi Atrain, No, SU-WL810 is not compatible with X930E. Thanks! ^Ron

      By SonyListens 

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