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Toshiba - 55" Class (54.6" Diag.) - LED - 2160p - with Chromecast Built-in - 4K Ultra HD TV-Front_Standard
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  • Q: what is the refresh rate  (4 Answers)

    By kook 

    • Best answerI checked around the site and found this link: According to this, the refresh rate is 60Hz.

      By Anonymous 

    • Best answerI had the same issue, I can't believe more people are not complaining about it. I see no way around it, you have to setup Chromecast even if you are not going to use it. Once I set it up the TV turned on to the input that was set when shut off......

      By BRK913 

  • Q: Is this a smart tv?  (5 Answers)

    By Anonymous 

    • Best answerBest Buy is very upfront. Only "Smart Features" are through googlecast. It lacks many of the attributes of the more expensive models.

      By Ithos 

  • Q: What are the reviews for playing video games on this TV?  (4 Answers)

    By Frank 

    • Best answerThere are some important things to know for both lag and PC connections with this TV - I have it and I work in the industry and will say this TV is one of the ABSOLUTE BEST DEALS available... but only if you know enough to enable them. So, first off, the simple one - want the lag gone? Set the TV mode to "PC." Also, on some firmwares, it will be much easier/better to set it to "Mode 2" (in the other menu options - not the display options.. it might be called HDMI mode 2, I forget...) Anyway, so the thing about this tv is that it actually supports 4k60 4:4:4 from a PC. What this means is that it will look every bit as sharp as a monitor does, providing your TV can output the right resolution. HOWEVER, the caveat is that you will need to force an EDID from your computer to the TV. Most people don't even know what an EDID is, but basically it is a file on every display that you connect that says "Hey, these are my available resolutions." In those resolutions is an option (at least from my Nvidia card) to run in RGB mode. This is IMPORTANT. Running in RGB will give you a 1:1 pixel mapping at 4k with 60hz refresh rate. If you try and do this in standard hdmi/non-rgb mode, you're going to be limited to 30hz, which is garbage. Now, I did have this enabled without forcing the EDID at one point, but then I setup Chromecase/connected ti wi-fi and the Television did a firmware update, which removed the RGB option... So, what to do? You gotta find an EDID (HDFury's site has plenty) that supports all resolutions. Then, you need to use CRU (Custom Resolution Utility, or something like that - it's free) to force that EDID to the video card. Reboot, and then you will be able to choose 2160px60hz, AND RGB mode. If you haven't seen the difference between this and the garbage 4:2:2 2160p mode, you will DEFINITELY be shocked at how great this TV can look. Also, turn your sharpness setting all the way down - that's a given on almost any TV, as the sharpness setting is merely post-processing that ruins your source image. Anyway, I'm not going into more detail than this.. but I will say that once you force the EDID, many resolutions will be availablie and you should NOT try any other ones that you don't know are supported, as they can mess up the TV. You've been warned. For those that follow this, you will be rewarded with a 2160p monitor @ 60hz that looks every bit as good as one costing 5 times the price.

      By Busch 

    • Best answerThe USB only works for pictures. No music no movies

      By somebodysnobody 

      • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
      • My Best Buy® MemberMember
    • Best answerEverything you tried is not compatible with 4K resolution. Most television providers don't support 4K. The version of Chromecast that is built into the TV also doesn't support 4K. The PS4 and PS4 Slim have a maximum resolution of 1080p, so the 4K HDMI cord won't "make" the PS4's resolution 4K. Some 4K-compatible products include Roku 4, a 4K Blu-Ray player, a PS4 Pro, and an Xbox One S.

      By Anonymous 

  • Q: What is the distance between the ends of the feet???(Need to know for TV Stand placement) Thanks!  (2 Answers)

    By gruntledowser 

    • Best answerThe two stand feet are exactly 28 inches apart, outside to outside. The rubber of the feet could fit on something 1/16 to 1/8 less than 28 inches, but that would be right on the edge.

      By IronMan 

  • Q: Has this television been used and sent back for work?  (3 Answers)

    By Qscottie 

    • Best answerNo, it is working great

      By tvliving 

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  • Q: Is the Toshiba 4K 2160p w/google cast lower in quality and resolution to the Lg, Sony or Samsung 4K?  (3 Answers)

    By D 

    • Best answerI disagree with the above answers. Which model LG, Vizio, Samsung and Sony are u comparing it to? Understanding this is an entry level 4k tv makes it just as competitive as the other brands entry level tv's and can be a better value depending on purchase price.

      By Anonymous 

  • Q: does it have HDR  (4 Answers)

    By ashdog 

    • Best answerNo, it does not support HDR.

      By IronMan 

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