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“HDD to SDD. Windows 8.1 reinstall. I have replaced the HDD with SSD on this laptop. I noticed there were 2 strip wires which are going above the Harddisk which I had to take out and then keep them after installing SSD. What are these strips for. Is there a possibility that Harddisk/computer can occasionally freeze because of not reinserting these 2 strips properly? Does this laptop have SATA 2 or SATA 3 interface? The new SSD sequential read and write speeds are around 250 MB/s. When I see the benchmarks shared in SSD review they were around 400-500 MB/s for the same. Is there any possibility that during replacement loose connection or improper connection is causing the slow speeds? Also the SSD started freezing just a few mins after turning on pc. I tried many methods suggested in google and it seemed to be resolved now. But my preference is to reinstall windows. How to reinstall windows 8.1? No DVD or backup drive provided in the system. Also the reinstall from windows settings doesn't work. I'm also not able to see/get the window 8.1 product key anywhere (I remember we used to have windows key as a sticker on earlier laptops). Thanks in Advance.”

Asked by Ravi 
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