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Electronics and Appliances Recycling at Best Buy

Best Buy offers the most comprehensive appliance and electronics recycling programs in the United States, and consumers recycle more appliances and electronics with Best Buy than any other retailer. The company collects more than 400 pounds of product for recycling every minute our stores are open — no matter what retailer the products were purchased from.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why does Best Buy offer recycling to customers?

Technology is the fastest growing waste stream on the planet. As the world’s largest retailer of consumer electronics, we want to be part of the solution. This was an important part of our Renew Blue transformation. As a result, with your help, we met our goal of recycling over 2 billion pounds of electronics by the end of 2020.

Customers can get rid of their old or unwanted appliances and electronics in several ways:

  1. Recycling in store at the Customer Service counter — Best Buy stores accept most electronics, with a few exceptions. See the state-specific recycling information section on the Electronics and Appliances Recycling page to view program details for your area.
  2. Appliance and TV haul-away and recycling options — Best Buy will haul away a major appliance or TV from your home for a fee of $59.99 when a replacement product is purchased and delivered by Geek Squad® or Best Buy Home Delivery. A $59.99 service fee will be charged for each appliance that is relocated within the delivery address.

Best Buy accepts most electronics and large appliances, with a few exceptions. See the Electronics and Appliances Recycling main page for more information on recycling restrictions for specific products in your state.

Best Buy does not accept any product subject to a CPSC recall through the company's voluntary in-store or online recycling programs. For more information and support on a product purchased at Best Buy that has been recalled, please visit Product Recalls & Safety Alerts or Consumer Product Safety Commission.

All U.S. stores, including those in Puerto Rico, offer the in-store programs for customers to bring their old, unused, or unwanted consumer electronics for recycling, no matter where they were purchased.

  • Employees can accept up to three qualified recycled items per day, per household
  • The daily household limit on TVs and computer monitors (both CRT and flat panel) is two per day, per household (CT and PA stores do not accept TVs or monitors)
  • The daily household limit on laptops is five per day, per household

See the Electronics and Appliances Recycling main page for more information on recycling specific products in your state.

Best Buy works with electronics recyclers that adhere to the highest guidelines and standards. This assures customers that the products we are given for recycling do not end up in landfills and that all hazardous materials are disposed of properly, and in accordance with our recycling standards.

The products are removed from our stores, consolidated, and then delivered directly to one of our contracted recycling partners. From there, the recyclers determine if the product can be repaired, repurposed or recycled. To ensure all products collected for recycling through Best Buy are handled and processed responsibly, we partner directly with qualified and respected recycling companies. The recyclers recover ozone-depleting chemicals and other waste streams from discarded refrigerators and freezers. PCBs, mercury, used oil, refrigerants and insulating foam are properly dealt with through the best environmental practices available. Using various technologies, our recyclers dismantle the units, separating out the commodities (metals, plastics, glass, etc.). The recyclers ensure the reclaimed commodities are recycled and repurposed into new products.

Best Buy accepts hard drives and items containing hard drives for recycling. Customers may consider removing or wiping their data at their own discretion. In the case of hard drives on laptops or desktop PCs, customers have the choice to remove their data themselves, or they can consult with a Geek Squad® Agent about services we offer to remove the hard drive before handing the PC over to be recycled.

Best Buy does not accept large appliances in stores. However, most large appliances can be recycled for a fee through our haul-away recycling program. See the state-specific recycling information section on the Electronics and Appliances Recycling page to view program details for your area.

Customers can visit to find alternate locations to recycle these products.

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