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  • Rated 5 out of 5 stars

    great idea

    Posted .

    this is one of my favorite games on any sysytem. the idea was unique and the game play is really fun. if you liked pokemon as a younger kid.. this is kinda like the more grown up girls version...ok maybe not real grown up- the language is tame and the violence is pretty much on the same level as pokemon. but the idea of crushing a zombie dog into bits... yea pretty exact wording.. with a magically possessed doll is a little more mature of an idea. you arent capturing anything, but the fight system is on the same line as the strolls in the long grass back in the old pokemon red and blue. Nipponichi keeps to its standards of the most adorable characters ever. the whole game is very lolita from the names to the outfits. it's one of those games that even with it having a bit of a linear plot, it's still fun to go back and replay it.

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  • Rated 4 out of 5 stars

    Pretty Addicting

    Posted .

    Like the heading says, the game was pretty addicting. The one downside is that it seems like the game has very little gameplay (this is coming from someone who hasn't finished it so don't take my word for it). The odd characters make the game more interesting. They're fairy tale characters which makes the game interesting for younger kids but their more of an adult, creepy take on the happy, sparkly versions which makes the game interesting for teenagers and adults (probably younger adults...and older, creepier adults). It's pretty easy to pick up even though, at first, I thought the concept was confusing. It's a different way to play an RPG but it's definitely a good game. Oh and another downside, while some parts were hard to figure out, I'd still say the hardest part of the game is remembering where everything was and making sure you've searched everywhere.

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