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APC - Back-UPS Pro 1350VA Battery Back-Up System - Black-Front_Standard

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Part of best protection

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    Expensive electronic devices like computers and tv's need a number of layers of surge protection, starting with less expensive surge blocks and graduating to the pricey UPS. This way the cheap pieces fail in order to protect the more expensive, which shield the part of the surge that goes through. The UPS keeps the memory from being lost during most power outages.

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    electronics are expensive. this item helps protect them.

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  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Great UPS if a bit noisy

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    The APC BN1350M2 is APC's mid-range high output UPS. I've been a long time APC customer, and believer in UPSs. In fact I've probably about 5 around the house. I like them especially to keep critical infrastructure online for internet (modem, router, switch). UPSs are important if you want to keep the kids busy when the power is out. A unit like the BN1350M2 should give a modem and router about 2 hours of auxiliary power. Of course the BN1350M2 is a 1350VA/810 watt unit, so it can power a lot more than a modem/router. Keep in mind that the 810 watt is a maximum rating, so it cannot be exceeded under load. That said, one of the drivers for me for this UPS was my new desktop computer build. I'm running an overclocked 7820x @ 4.6GHz, and it can pull 300 watts from the wall loaded alone. Add in a fully loaded GPU, and other components, I've seen 500w continuous load. In fact, I was tweaking my configuration when a constant beeping would occur under a stress test. At first I thought it was my computer, but I eventually realized it was my old 550va UPS. I was exceeding it's rating and it was warning me of the overload. The APC BN1350M2 is much more powerful and capable than that bargain 550va that I had before. In fact, runtime is estimated around 50 minutes with my computer at idle (about 100w load). This is excellent for me, as I like to avoid hard shutdowns and keep my PC running all the time. I noticed no weird noises or behavior when running on battery. The BN1350M2 has a stepped sine wave which appears to come close enough to a true sine wave to avoid any pitfalls of cheaper square wave designs. If you're lost here, it's essentially how the UPS reproduces the AC power's 'A' (alternating) behavior. Some older UPS's use a square wave, which can stress certain types of electronics. There are a total of 10 outlets, with 6 being battery backup and the other 4 being surge only. This is a great configuration as many models only provide 3 or 4 battery outlets. Of course there's more to the UPS than just battery/load capabilities. My favorite is the LCD, which provide not only runtime information, but direct load (how many watts/percentage of load), battery level, input voltage/frequency, and general status. The UPS software is also helpful, which connects over USB. While Powerchute personal edition hasn't seen a major update for over a half decade, the software is more than adequate for simple usage, and provides details like estimated cost, and carbon emissions. It can provide power usage history, so for instance it helped illuminate for me that my MESH overclock was causing almost 20w of idle power usage. All in all the UPS's info/software is top notch. One of my favorite features of this UPS is the mute switch. I can't tell you how annoying it's to have battery backups that wake up the entire house in the middle of the night. It was fine when it was just my wife and I, but with 2 small kids I dread a mid-night power outage. Being able to mute the beeper is a great feature that was overlooked for years. Other features that are important here are AVR (automatic voltage regulation), which helps correct dirty power - in the case of say a brown out. APFC compatibility - which means that active PFC power supplied keep running during the transition between line and battery. Most modern power supplies in computers are active PFC, so this is a pretty important detail. Another cool feature is hot-swappable batteries, which means you don't need to power everything off just to replace the battery. I also assume this means that the UPS won't just kill everything when the battery needs to be replaced. I had an older model that when the battery got old and died it powered off my home server repeatedly until the battery finally died completely. Last time I buy that brand. Rounding out the capabilities are gigabit ethernet protection, coaxial protection, ground fault LED, and TVSS ground. Another great feature is a USB-A and USB-C port that provide up to 15w of power (5V3A - this is combined). This is useful since it operates even on battery. Think of it this way: the power goes out and your phone is at 20% battery. You could reduce the load on the UPS and actually use this as a giant phone charger, giving you time to perhaps charge your phone up and even give that battery bank you forgot you had a charge to carry you on in the midst of the blackout. Now you could also use it to charge a device while not on battery - but this brings me to my next point: While this is a desktop UPS, I don't recommend putting it on a desk. The reason isn't because the display isn't useful, but rather (at least my unit) has a high pitch noise associated with it. Apparently this is a common occurrence with APC UPS's electrical design. Some exhibit this noise more than others. I've honestly never noticed on my other UPS's, but they live under desks, and behind devices. I tried with this one on my desk, but I found the noise distracting. This issue varies by device, but it seems like it's pretty common. You might not even be able to hear the frequency noises, but if you're under 30 you're probably a good candidate to be annoyed. Overall the BN1350M2 is a great device. The electrical noises are the biggest annoyance, but when installed under my desk I can't hear them. The runtime, software, and features of this UPS warrant its price premium, but it's still disappointing that the electrical design isn't filtered enough to prevent these. Overall the capacity is great, and APCs battery programs and general quality are great reasons to get this unit.

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