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      April 16, 2013

      Hi AL2JBLguy,

      We are well aware of the issues re: specs. If we publish lots of numbers there is the danger that people only pay attention to those numbers and buy the cable with the biggest number. That doesn't necessarily have any bearing on the quality of the cable.

      A 3D BluRay player sends less than 6 gHz per second down the cable. An HDMI cable rated at 18gHz (by the way, the HDMI format allows a maximum of 10.2 gHz per second) will not necessarily perform better than a cable rated at 12 gHz.

      Rest assured that your AudioQuest HDMI cables can handle all that information, and will give you years of excellent picture & sound quality.

      AudioQuest Customer ServiceAudioQuest

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      AudioQuest Customer Service 

      November 21, 2016

      That's great to hear! FYI - the arrows relate to the audio only. For the very best results, make sure the arrows point in the same direction as the signal flow, i.e. from your BluRay player to the TV. audioquest