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Autel Robotics - EVO 4K Drone with Controller - Orange-Front_Standard

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    This was intimidatingly fun

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    Let me first say that I had never been close to a drone, let alone flown own. But, I'll give my commentary a little later. Autel packaged the EVO very well protecting the camera and the props. Along with the drone it came with extra props, an SD card, the battery, hand held remote, mobile connectors with both a 'C' and standard android end, charging cables for the battery and remote and carry case, which looks like a well padded camera case. Not knowing what to expect I was kind of surprised by how heavy it was, I'm thinking kind of feather light but it actually has the weight of a brick. It took a minute to get the protective cover off of the gimbal, and when I did the camera sort of flops around so I thought it was broken...its not. I then removed the plastic from around all 4 props and from the hand held. To remove the battery you press the button on top and slide it out, this is kinda tricky because there's no finger grip on the smooth plastic. Connecting the charger was a breeze and being able to charge both the battery and handheld with that same cable is nice. Sorry folks, because I have absolutely nothing to compare this to I can't give you facts or figures, but for others like me who have never had this experience before I can give you my maiden flight perceptions. I did tons of YouTube research on on how to fly it and what it was capable of doing. This is something I would suggest to any novice flyer. First things first, I registered it with the FAA for 3 years with a cost of $5. I also downloaded the Autel and the B4UFLY (FAA) apps. The latter was somewhat useless to me. I do recommend the Autel it gives the opportunity to do inline recording of the flight. I then read the manual from front to back, which really got me more intimidated. OK, so it's fly day everything is charged 100%. I went to a high school on a Saturday, the parking lot was empty. After putting the drone on the concrete, and unfolding the propeller arms I turned on the handheld first and then the drone (you're urged to do it in that order). I also remembered to give it time to go thru it's diagnostic check and aquire the GPS location. The confidence level is starting to grow! Then I started it up by pushing the two remote handles together...the props were spinning and then I pushed the button for land takeoff but got nothing but an error beep, I tried again and again with the same results so I looked to make sure all of the packaging was off, it was. That's kinda when I realized everything I read and watched had flown out the window. I got back in the car dejected to re-read take offs and landings LOL. It was just a minor mistake, I needed to HOLD the take off/landing button or push the left remote knob forward. So here I go and, it's a go this time It sounds like a large bee on steroids amplified by 10! As the drone lifts off the ground (amazing) I try to get a feel for each knob movement and what it will do, if I do no movements it just hovers. This is about 6' off the ground at this point, and after 5 minites of this I feel ready to fly. So I go straight up about 30 feet and start moving forward, kind of afraid to loose sight of it I start flying her within eyesight I'm not confident enough to fly by looking at the remote with my cell attached. I didn't swivel the gimbal for different camera angles, nor did I put the petal to the metal all I wanted to do was get a feel for it without losing it. I kinda forgot about the home button which would have automatically brought it back. I was very careful to bring it down slowly landing on concrete smoothly. No crashes, no near misses, no getting snagged in the trees. While it wasn't a long flight, it was fun and I do have a few takeaways to share. 1. Drone flying is the closest one can get to being a pilot without a license. 2. Take time to know your drone and understand its limitations. 3. Dont expect to be an ace the first time out. 4. Starting out with a $1000 drone may not be th smartest way to go but, if you're gonna do it why not go big. Practice makes perfect! Ive heard a lot about the competition to the Autel Robotics, but I must say I cant imagine what they can do to beat this baby. P.S. as my flying and recording becomes more fluid I'll revisit this post if I can with an upload.

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Splendid & Brilliant Drone with Neat Features

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    ==== Summary ==== The Autel Evo is an impressive drone that takes fantastic videos & pictures. It's very easy to fly with its excellent controller & safety features, flight is stable & smooth, and comes with many cool flight modes. The fit-and-finish is excellent ensuring long-term durability. Autel has created a very compelling & quality drone and app ecosystem. I love it~! @@@@@ Pros: -Good-looking design with nice colors. -Quick & responsive flyer. -Easy to control. -Remote is well-designed & has a 330-nit 3.3" OLED screen. -Can fly without a smartphone & still have a live video feed. -UHD 4K video at 60FPS looks stunning. -3-axis stabilized gimbal = stable videos and pictures. -Obstacle avoidance (front, rear, & below). -Comes with a nice carrying case. -"Intelligent Flight" modes are cool, such as Dynamic Track and Orbit. -No "No-Fly Zone" restrictions & forced firmware updates. -Charger charges the drone & the controller at the same time. -No privacy & security scandals like Da-Jiang Innovations (DJI) drones. @@@@@ Cons: -The drone is a bit sensitive to magnetic interference. -No automatic obstacle avoidance function when flying in reverse (just a warning). -Too easy to accidentally press the buttons on the back of the controller. ==== Design & Function ==== The Autel Evo drone is my first drone experience & I love it. Whether it's folded up into its compact travel form or stretched out for flying, I think it looks really cool with its striking color combo of glossy red orange with matte black color. Build-quality & build-material of the Evo are top-notch as well. The drone has been constructed with tight tolerances & all the seams and lines are clean and even. In other words, it has excellent fit-and-finish in a durable package. It's kind of embarrassing to admit but my first two flights ended in a crash - first inside the house & once outside during nighttime (not recommended by Autel). The Evo survived both crashes with no damages except some cosmetic scruff marks and a bruise to my pride. :P Handling the Evo is a simple & frustration-free affair. The folding front & rear arms actuate smoothly and the propellers fold and tuck away neatly. Gripping & carrying around the Evo one-handed is effortless thanks to its light weight and folded-up portability. The LED lights on the legs provide a quick visual status & orientation of the Evo. As for buttons & ports, there is a microUSB port (for file transfer) & a controller pairing button hidden underneath a plastic flap right below the two rear IR sensors. On the battery itself, you have a Power On button as well as a concave button you depress to slide off the battery from the Evo. Finally, there is a microSD slot on the right side of the Evo underneath a pull-back tab. Besides the drone and the controller, Autel also includes a carrying case with an adjustable shoulder strap that has ample room for the drone, the controller, extra batteries, and cables. Although the Evo is my first drone, I can still tell that it's a highly-crafted machine that has been meticulously designed with good durability in mind. It's stylish, very easy to handle and fly, and all the parts work harmoniously. 10 out of 10. ==== Controlling the Evo ==== The Evo can be flown in two ways - with just the remote controller & the embedded 3.3" live video screen or with the controller paired with a smartphone via a cable. The controller is quite a remarkable. The handles fold in and out smoothly from the body and is comfortable to hold. The smartphone holder can easily accommodate larger smartphones such as my Samsung Galaxy S9+ housed inside a case with its grippy rubber and secure clamping force. My S9+ was never once in danger of accidentally falling or popping out. There are many buttons on the controller that make it easy to operate the Evo. The four main ones are the "Take Off/Land" button, "Power On/Off" button, "Pause aircraft" button, and the "Hold to Start Go Home" button. On the shoulders are the "Record video," "Take photo," and "Screen navigation (DISP)" buttons as well as two Dial Switches - one switch controls the gimbal pitch/angle & the other is used to scroll through Settings & to select your choices by pressing down on the switch. On the back of the controller are the "A" and "B" buttons that are currently used to set Waypoints inside the Autel Explorer app. Per Autel, they will be customizable in future firmware updates. Due to their location, I found myself pressing them accidentally numerous times. I'm getting better at avoiding them with each flight session but they're still kind of annoying nonetheless. On the left and right of the screen are the two controller joysticks that you use to move/fly the drone. They work great and I had no issues with them. On the top are the two antennas that neatly fold away when not in use. Then in the middle of the controller is that nice 3.3" OLED screen. It gets as bright as 330 nits and that's where you'll be viewing the Evo's "Flight Information Panel" data or a live 720P HD video feed, all without a smartphone attached. Sweet~!! The Flight Information Panel offers lots of condensed data in a straight-forward and easy-to-understand manner. It's a LOT of data but I never felt overwhelmed. By flying the Evo with just the controller, you won't be able to use the Evo's Intelligent Flight Modes (Dynamic Track, Viewpoint, Orbit, Waypoint, VR). Plus you won't have access to the more advanced drone settings. Pair up the Evo to a smartphone and launch the Autel app, however, then you'll have full access to ALL the flight modes & the advanced settings. In addition, your smartphone's display will now act as your live visual feed (1080P resolution). My phone gets much brighter than the controller screen so it was my preferred way of viewing the live feed. With that said, I think it's wonderful that Autel provides the user with such flexibility to allow flight without a smartphone and still offering a live video feed. It's a very thoughtful & brilliant design by Autel. ==== How Does It Fly? ==== The Evo is one smooth operator and it flies great~! It performs all flight maneuvers very well - smooth take-off, graceful landing, quickly making turns and orbits, speeding forward, quick reverse, etc. With the built-in safety measures augmented by sensors and obstacle avoidance, the Evo is a great drone for novices and first-time fliers such as myself. More experienced users will have a blast thanks to modes like the "Ludicrous" mode which changes the top speed of the Evo to 45 MPH. 10 out of 10. ==== Video & Photo Quality ==== I was BLOWN AWAY by the quality of the UHD 4K 60FPS videos the Evo took. I've never before seen such high-quality, well-stabilized, and splendid video from any of my tech gadgets & toys. Auto-exposure & white balance are handled very well & 4K 60FPS is simply awesome. Here are two short videos I took & uploaded to YouTube - one in a residential neighborhood with mild wind & one at the beach during windy conditions: When it comes to photo quality, the Evo was pretty good as well. The 12MP 94-degree camera in Auto Mode takes good consistent pictures with good dynamic range, exposure, and contrast. For more control, Autel offers many customizable settings within Settings. Low-light scenarios introduce some granniness and noise in the pictures but that's to be expected. Still, photos came out decent and useful. Overall, I'm very satisfied and happy with both the video & photo capabilities of the Evo. 10 out of 10~!! ==== Autel Explorer App & Intelligent Flight Modes ==== The Autel Explorer app is well-designed, comprehensive, and simple to use. Besides granting the user access to ALL the drone settings & the special Flight Modes, firmware updates are handled here as well. Inside Settings, there are 8 main entries on the left column & inside the "Intelligent Flight" menu, there are 6 modes to choose from - Camera (default startup mode), Dynamic Track (Evo follows a subject), Viewpoint (Evo flies toward a subject), Orbit (Evo flies in a circular pattern around a subject), Waypoint (Evo flies a predefined flight path), and VR (Virtual Reality goggles). I had lots of fun playing around with all the special flight modes (except for VR) & they all worked very well as intended. My favorite one is Dynamic Track, which I used often to chase around my hyper toddler. ==== Wish List ==== I'm very happy with the Evo but I wish it could do a little bit more. The highest on my list is for the automatic obstacle avoidance system to work while the Evo is flying in reverse. Please, Autel, include this feature in an upcoming firmware update~! Second, I wish it was less sensitive to magnetic interference. At times, the Evo's compass had to be recalibrated because I put the Evo down on some concrete (such as my driveway) & the metal inside caused a calibration error. Third, I wish the Waypoint Flight Mode will let me select flight points on the map first then having the Evo fly toward them instead of me having to fly the Evo to each Waypoint first. ==== Conclusion ==== Flying around in the skies while recording videos and taking pictures with the Autel Evo has been a highly fun and joyful experience, filling me up with child-like wonder and delight. I now have an additional tool to capture wonderful memories of my family and pets. I highly recommend the Evo to everyone for its user-friendly design & flight control, excellent build quality, and all the fun flight modes & safety features that work harmoniously together. Autel has engineered a high-quality drone & app ecosystem and I look forward to their future endeavors and products.

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