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AVG Internet Security (3-Devices) (1-Year Subscription) - Windows-Front_Standard

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for phone
  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Good protection with options to expand

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    The AVG internet security is a one year subscription plan that offers protection for up to three devices including smart phones and tablets. Some of the features are not too different than most other internet security software out there however there are a few key features that sets this slightly apart making it a little more desirable. I'm gonna talk about some of the features it offers and try to stay away from the technical aspects of it since you can find most of the specs from the manufactures site or Best Buys site. First off set up is very basic and AVG will walk you through it all. You will however need to set up a AVG account in order to utilize its full benefits and I highly recommend doing so if you plan on installing the software on a smartphone for tracking or theft purpose, which i'll discuss in a bit. Once set up is complete it will install a short cut on your desktop and immediately load the AVG screen showing you what you can with this software. I uploaded a picture for you to see the windows based menu items for this software. If you ever owned a paid internet security software your going to realize that there is a lot of similarities with this software. It pretty much does the basics that you may be used to. It'll scan your hard drive and temp files looking for any threats and available junk to clean up and help the pc run smoother. There's internet protection that will warn you of sites that you may be on that have potential threats to your pc. Also on a side note lets say you want to go into incognito mode for whatever your reason may be, it picks up on what you are trying to do and assumes you are going to visit a potentially harmful site and will therefore help guide you and protect you from any viruses, malware, spam or unwanted cookies that may pose a threat. Aside from the base features you have the ability to upgrade to even further functions for a set price depending of what kind of internet usage you plan on doing. For example here are a few features you can unlock . For an additional $47.88 for a one year subscription you can unlock features that will block your ISP address from anyone out there, you can block your internet history from prying eyes including your internet provider, you can shop online, chat or transfer funds all on a secure encrypted line so no one can see what you are doing. You can have all saved payment information and email communications encrypted as well for secure and private transactions and communication lines. This is just one package available. I found the ability to even have this accessible should I ever need it was a nice feature to have. Understand though that at the end of the day nothing is truly 100% secure however upgrading to this package will make it very difficult for someone to hack in to your PC and see what it is you are doing. Now lets talk about the smartphone function. When buying this security software you can install it on up to three devices and one of the other devices I installed it on was my Samsung S7 edge smartphone. Install is very simple and easy but you will need an AVG account to set it up. Simply download the AVG app, then once it has finished downloading all you do is open up the app and log in to your AVG account and activate for said device. I think this software really shines for mobile devices. There's quite a bit you can do with it and i'll go over just some of the key features for times sake. For one you can scan for hidden threats, boost your RAM, Clean up junk files, and activate battery savers. You can also block certain numbers and even test your internet speed. Where it really shines however is in its theft protection software which is all part of the subscription which is nice. Lets say your phone is stolen. You can get on your PC track where your phone is at but that is just the start. You can turn on your phones microphone to hear what is going on, you can also turn on the cameras to see whats going on or who has your phone. Now lets say you have some valuable messages, photos or emails you may not want seen. No big deal you can lock out whatever apps you wish thus requiring a password to access them. But lets say that still doesn't bring you piece of mind. No worries you have a hail mary save all function. You can back up all your info to a cloud then send a distress signal to your phone alerting it that has been stolen or missing. What then happens is it will snap shot the front facing camera, then completely wipe out all your files, messages, pictures or anything else you have have on there that is sensitive. Once this is done it will lock out your phone completely and sound a alarm out to hopefully detour your thief or help locate your device. This feature I only recommend in the event you can not get your phone back and deem it completely loss due to the fact it will wipe a lot of your personal stuff completely out. All in all this is a pretty nice package that offers alot of functionality depending on the person and your usage. After all we are not all built the same and do not have the same habits so why should our internet software be limited to only one function also. This software is a really good entry level protection program that takes up very little storage and more importantly doesn't slow down your PC or smart device in the process. Some security software out there will tend to slowdown your performance as it tries to over compensate in its protection. AVG however will not!

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  • Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

    Reputable name, quirky install

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    If you are shopping for "antivirus" (an all encompassing term these days to mean "keep me safe online") AVG is a reputable brand offering better benchmarks than some of the more popular names in anti-virus and web protection. However, I did find their install process a bit quirky. I was a new-to-AVG user (although I had used their product back in the 90s) and consequently had to sign up for an AVG account with my email as my username. Personally I am not a big fan of having to sign-up to download a product I have a license key for. Once I had my account established (and verified via the email message that landed in my PROMOTIONS tab rather than my INBOX) I found it frustrating that I had to sign-in to the installed app on my PC and my Android device to launch it. The actual install on my Windows 10 PC seemed to to take a bit longer than most apps, appearing to freeze at times but eventually completing. The install to my Android was a link via AVG to the Play app to a push install. Once installed on Android, you had to sign on to the app with your AVG account to activate the software. Once everything is installed and activated the product requires no interaction on your part unless there is a problem. I am VERY CAUTIOUS with my devices and truthfully would not normally buy an antivirus/web protection suite and instead rely on built-in antivirus/malware protection and run free tools as needed, however, I worry that my Android phone may expose me to more security threats than my PC simply because I interact with my phone differently. I picked the 3-device AVG license because I wanted Android protection first. I am using the other two license for the kids' laptop and an in-law. The web logon for AVG doesn't offer much other than links to download the product, order history, and renewal info. I had hoped that I would see my 3 devices on that page plus "status reporting." It would be helpful to know via an AVG portal if the kids' laptop was routinely blocking malware, for example. The app interface on the phone is very basic and, even with a paid version, appears to be suggesting other AVG products I should buy like AVG VPN and Alarm Clock Extreme which I find frustrating. The AVG dashboard on the PC is simple and makes you feel safe but at the same time, it doesn't give a ton of useful information without drilling into each tool. Antivirus and Internet Security software cannot keep you 100% safe because it cannot prevent you from clicking something you shouldn't, but AVG has a proven track record and the Internet Suite is worth the investment for 3 devices if you feel you need that always-checking security. Keep in mind that this is annual subscription software and a year later you will be faced with a decision regarding whether or not to renew.

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