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BakerStone - Gas Stove Top Pizza Oven Box Kit-Front_Standard

BakerStone - Gas Stove Top Pizza Oven Box Kit

Model: OS-ABDXX-O-SSSSKU: 6188379

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Rating 4.4 out of 5 stars with 41 reviews

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Customer ratings & reviews

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  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Makes Delicious Pizza - Takes Some Time to Finess

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    The BakerStone - Gas Stove Top Pizza Oven Box is an ingenious creation. Once we dialed it in, it produced a delicious, artisan pizza. Assembly was mostly straight-forward, though it took a few trys to get some of the alignment to work. The warnings about heat and a minimum clearance of 10-11 inches caused us some concern. We finally put damp cloths over the areas of exposure. After using it, we realized we didn't have to be quite as concerned. We had the stove burner set to high, but it took about an hour (not 20 minutes) for the heat indicator to barely cross the line into the pizza range. It never went higher. As a result, we needed to more than double the recommended times for rotating and cooking the pizza. As far as cleaning, we let it continue on high heat (per instructions) for 20+ minutes, but there are still some spots that didn't cook off. Although the above issues could be frustrating, they also add to the 'artisan' experience. It's all about experimenting and dialing it in according to your tastes - all of which makes the finished product feel very personal and unique. Once we got it going, my wife and I had a great time with it. And we thoroughly enjoyed our personal, handcrafted, stone-cooked pizzas! This is a great product. I only gave it 4-stars because there is room for improving the design and functions.

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  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    A definate party hit!

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    Before I got this pizza oven from Bakerstone, I was looking at a lot if different options. I have a Traeger BBQ, so I was not sure how their BBQ top ovens would work on the wood pellet set up. Especially with you needing to close the hood to get the best temperature for the food. So now we have the gas stove top model and it is awesome. It is big and heavy, but that is mainly due to the clay parts inside. The case iron top on my stove can be a somewhat imperfect or not particularly level surface, but the Bakerstone sat perfectly level on it. The gap between the stove flame and the Bakerstone is just enough that the heat rises directly through the center of the pizza oven and disburses pretty evenly. If you hold your hand in front of the pizza oven, you can feel the rush of hot air coming out the front of the Bakerstone. This is good and bad. Since we used flour on the dough, it can be tricky getting the pizza off the pizza paddle into the oven. You will end up spilling some flour on the clay at one point or another, and that will burn since the oven gets so hot. Depending on your gas stove set up, you may trigger your smoke detectors. The directions say to place the pizza oven on the biggest eye of your stove, which for us was the front left one. In doing this, and with the heat radiating out the front of the pizza oven the smoke is not absorbed by fan/hood. My correction to that was a few different things. One, I moved it to a different burner in the back. It did not work as well, as it did not get as hot. But it still worked well enough. The second option is what we plan on doing this weekend, and that is getting it outside and using a coleman stove we have. It is a basic one eye gas propane burner and we will have a get together outside using that. I hope that works well, as it is easier to clean up a mess outside vice off the stainless stove top. All and all, this pizza oven is a great option for indoor use as long as you have the right set up. Mine works, but it is not ideal and I have to make sure nothing burns and gets the smoke detectors going off! I would definitely recommend this to anyone that enjoys homemade pizza and likes to make them at home. Cook time varies, but we usually had pizzas done in 4-5 minutes. We did have to rotate them once, as the back of the pizza oven is hotter than the front. Just be aware of that. I would definitely get one again, we really like it!

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