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BakerStone - Pizza Oven Box Kit-Front_Standard

BakerStone - Pizza Oven Box Kit

Model: O-ABDHX-O-000SKU: 6188378

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Customer ratings & reviews

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  • Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

    Beware the back ledge of "pizza doom"

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    It looks great (initially), but does require 15-20 mins of assembly, is a bit bulky and not sure the pizza is any better than with a much less expensive and easy to store pizza stone. The concept is sound that a mostly enclosed 4 sided pizza stone "box" would cook more evenly, but I made 8 pizzas for a group of people and had varying results. Heat time - 4 burner grill (removed the flavor bars according to instructions) and it took about 20-25 mins to get up to 600+ degrees. Fit just fine on the grill. Opening is a little small - tip - do not make a pizza bigger than 12-14". Most of the pizzas we made the crust was cooked perfectly using a 1 minute to set, then turn every 30-45 secs (the back is much hotter than the front so this is a must do step). The crust was the only great part though. The dough wasn't fully cooked on top and the toppings didn't get hot enough either. Leaving it in any longer though and then you burn the crust... 2 of the pizzas were completely destroyed - 1 was an error of not enough flour as the pizza kept sticking to the peel and then the stone. Once it got stuck on the stone it was pretty much a train wreck from there - ingredients, sauce, cheese, Canadian bacon, peppers, you name it all got stuck on the stone. Waited a bit for those to melt on to a nice crispy blackness and then scraped off what I could with the pizza spatula, but because it is mostly enclosed this is very difficult. Also - DO NOT PUSH THE PIZZA IN TOO FAR! 2nd pizza fatality happened when it slid too far to the back where there is actually an open 2-inch ledge and the edge of the pizza bent over it and immediately heated in place. The part hanging off the back ledge then broke off while trying to get the pizza back out and to turn it. Why is this ledge of doom there?? Next pizza was going well until the couple inches of pizza from the above doom ledge that broke off caught on fire. I will try to clean the stone (not sure how well that can be accomplished as it's a total mess now - see pic) and give it another try, but after my first party with it and 8 pizzas, not impressed. I think it needs a lid or door for the front to allow it to cook the top of the pizza better and it would be nice to be able to lift it open to clean the stone and see and avoid that back ledge of pizza doom when putting the pizza in. Some newbie advice: Do not make pizzas on a metal tray/cookie tin - apparently that is essentially pizza dough “glue” and you will wreck your pizza trying to get it off the tin. Put plenty of flour and/or corn meal on the wooden pizza peel or they won’t come off and slide easily in the oven. Do not put too many toppings or make them too thick/heavy. A) you can’t get them of the pizza peel easily and B) your crust will burn way before the toppings cook/cheese fully melts etc. Overall a bit tough to use and made quite a mess with some average and catastrophic pizza results.

    No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

    Just a novelty

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    This can be a fun family experience where everyone is sitting around making their own pizzas but the novelty of the product wears off quick. I had a hard time getting pizzas to cook correctly. The middles kept coming out doughy and I'd end up burning the edges to get it cooked. I tried lower temperatures, thinner crusts, and less topping and still had issues. I think the convection part of the oven doesn't work that well. I wouldn't get this item if you were wanting a practical solution to making quick pizzas. Also the stones seem extremely delicate with no protection on the bottom when storing. And it's almost impossible to not get grease on the stones when cooking the pizzas.

    No, I would not recommend this to a friend