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Belkin - DuraTek Plus 6' USB Type A-to-Lightning Cable - Black-Front_Standard

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Customer ratings & reviews

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for iphone
  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Better than apple

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    Got this cord for my iPhone XS and it's pretty crazy how much better this is than the charging cord that comes with the phone. Everyone who has owned an iPhone knows that within a year or two, you'll start to see fraying due to the thin, rubbery plastic they use and it's hard to get their cord, even with good care to last long. With this cord, they specifically used a braided design to prevent fraying, the whole thing seems much sturdier than a standard cord. The packaging is great, you just pop the case open, plug in the cord and you're good to go. My biggest and only gripe about the cord is it has a leather bound strap that is pretty large/clunky that is attached to the cord itself. The intention of the strap is you can easily roll up the cord, bound it by the strap and easily carry the cord around. The issue is that you can't remove this clunky leather strap without cutting it off with a knife, so it's just stuck on the cord forever. Please note that this is for the cord only, USB cube/wall port is not included Either way, it's great and I'd highly recommend this over the normal iPhone charging cable.

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    so far, so good!

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    In spite of the title above, this is the white belkin 4 ft DuraTek Plus lighting to USB-A cable + strap made for the iPhone and iPad. It took my iPad Air 2 from 4% battery to 89% battery charge in 3 hours while it was not being used. The cord feels sturdy and although I did not try to be brutal with it, I did twist and turn and pull on it some to simulate some passage of time and at this early stage, it held up well and appeared to be sturdy right at the junction of the cord and the attachments, where I've typically seen fraying or breakdown with the standard models. Although I've had it for a short time, the five year warranty suggests that the company is pretty confident that it will last and from what I see and have experienced so far, I think that it will. The addition of the strap is a nice feature, as well.

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