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  • Rated 4 out of 5 stars

    Mixed feelings

    Posted .

    Day 1- 4 hrs undisrupted running time ($20 extra for a VGA to micro-HDMI cable, $45 for a rolling hardshell briefcase, $500 for a mediocre sound system, and a $20 mini-fan to blow to machine as it heats up within minutes). Picture quality is worth putting your feet up for. Luminosity is amazing. It's brighter than the actual room lights when it's just on. Just try to get a real screen and not settle for a grainy off-white wall. Day 2 -2 hour presentation great. It was 30 degrees in the room and the dual purpose of the projector was to warm hands. Picture quality still perfect. Day 3 -The real test of withstanding 5 hours of running time. Picture still great. Used the sound system. The one built-in won't do it. Didn't have the fan blowing on it this time. It gave out after two hours. Changed up the cables to what was included and pulled out different laptops. Projector wouldn't feed any pictures from any sources (laptop). Sent everyone off disappointed. Have to postpone presentation. Also realized it's a minimal distance in setup of about 8'-10' if you want to fill a decent 100" screen for a presentation which means the projector comes first before the people sitting around the table or the picture itself. Yes it skews or provides different perspective. You still may need a book or something that won't melt it burn to keep it leveled. At the end of the evening I couldn't call anyone to help me figure it out. Put it away for two weeks. Said I'd try again. Day 4 - Another presentation, it worked again 1 hour running time no disruptions. I know this was designed for work use and it easily could be for home, but one has to come up with a plan to keep it cool. For now til the manufacturers can figure it out, get that extra fan and those extra accessories and out a replacement bulb on the market. I'd be happy to try one that doesn't overheat. If manufacturers read this, let me know that is a possibility. I loved it as it produces amazing quality picture and then it has it's downsides.

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