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bObsweep - Bob PetHair Self-Charging Robot Vacuum & Mop - Champagne-Front_Standard

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Customer ratings & reviews

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Fantastic device for automatic cleaning of house

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    Bought bobsweep pet hair because of the great discount price. But was sceptical about ability to perform as advised because we have 1 dog and 2 cat plus 3 girls with long hair not to mention the rabbit and 2 guinea pigs. But "reggie" as we named him does his daily cleaning with maximum efficiency you can tell the quality and power of vacuum because of noice but the noise is not silent but didn't expect that of tje vacuum was to do what is needed. Only.problem we found but have a work around for is the vacuum tries to go.over. a couple of floor covers and he gets beached but if we block him from going there we get. A full clean also apart from the pet hair he also picks up the sand salt tracked in from outside. Once used for a bit he finds his way home to charging station without problem. After a couple of days the dog is not disturbed by him running while he is in his cage as the bobsweep isnset to run after 8am mon -. Fri while everyone is out

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    If you have disabilities Bob is a great help

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    I used it yesterday and again today I LOVE BOB!!! Hes my new man!! I have always been fairly healthy and active. I have fibromyalgia among other things going on. Way to young for my life to have come to a strong holt. ? Vacuuming has been my worst night mare. I am a clean freak so its even harder on myself. ? With having two cats one being a persian who loves to drop her "babys" as we call her fur balls. I really should/need to do a quicky vac everyday. ? But feeling the way I do I have serious pain for at least 2 days after each time I vac. So yeah with that being said I really cant vacuum everyday. This little BOB has been here for two days, he has made me feel so happy just being able to keep up with the kitty's. I didn't post this right away it's now been a few weeks having Bob. And still the amount of vacuuming I have to do is only under and behind with detail, Bob really does keep up with the worst. I do have 98% hard wood floors, only 4 small throw rugs. Bob can vacuum the ones with rubber backing just fine. He will get stuck in a few places but over all I have NO problems. Bob does not make very much noise at all I think he's quiet. You can be next to him and still have a normal conversation. One of cats is terrified of vacuums and this one does not bother her. One review I read the person mentioned about having a can of compressed air on hand I totally agree do this! Dust is dust clean it out. Take your time getting used to how he works within your home you will have fun. I would love to have a second one for my basement. I'll be getting one for my daughter when her home is done being built. Oh and Bob sends thank you gifts for adopting him, I love this guy. Thank you so much Bobsweep you have made my daily life a lot easier. Now if can you make a Harvey to clean my bathroom! I'll be all set. Thank you?again!!! Bobsweep - Pethair Robotic Vacuum - Champagne (Beige

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