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Bose® - Soundlink® Color Portable Bluetooth® Speaker II - Aquatic Blue-Front_Standard

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Customer ratings & reviews

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  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Speaker system performance is acceptable

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    I must say I expected the volume to be greater. I have a cheap IPod Docking Station from IHome and truth be told the output volume is about the same. I like to use my IPod a lot because it carries my favorite music and (unless there is a cord I'm unaware of that I can use to play my IPod) you use a music streaming service and connect through Bluetooth to play music. Again, I would like it better if I could stream music and connect my IPod instead of connecting to my computer to access my ITunes account. The greatest features of this device are the superior construction. I use it primarily in my garage where I stir up a lot of dust, where I'm working with tools and I'm satisfied with the output and durability. Obviously it's very portable and that allows me to add extra boost to music when I'm in my car driving.

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Tiny but Powerful

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    What's on the box? Bold, portable sound. Water-resistant (IPX4-Rated) for real-life use. Durable soft-touch silicone exterior. Enhance with the Bose Connect app. Voice prompts for easy pairing. Make and answer calls with speakerphone. 8 hours per charge. What's inside the box? - 1x Soundlink Color Bluetooth Speaker II Aquatic Blue 5V - 1x USB to Micro USB Cable - 1x Instruction Manual - 1x Important Safety Information Manual - 1x Bose Support Contact Number(s) sheet Testing/Setup/Impressions: So the packaging itself isn'thing to gloat about. Its pretty standard when it comes to the way it was packaged. So for some of you (like me) that enjoys the way certain things are packaged, you won't be "WOW'D" by the packaging. But... As I mentioned, its for some of you. People that don't care about packaging; who cares? The unit comes in a solid built box and there's a plastic cover that protects the unit itself. When opening the plastic cover, you won'tice the build quality of this little guy. Its quite heavy for its size but I'm sure its heavy because of the way the build quality is. The material is as advertised, a silicone type of rubbery feel. Personally I like the material because you don't get any finger prints! But... You may end up getting a lot of dust, lint, or random stuff on it; pretty easily I must say. As far as cleaning it goes, I'm sure if you run a paper towel or napkin over it; it may end up leaving some paper remnants. If you use a towel it may leave some lint. I'ven't tried it but based off of the material as I've other things in my household with this material, you get left overs when you're trying to clean it with. You get a standard USB to Micro USB cable which is nice but there's no AC adapter. I understand the whole concept of "on the go" but it would be nice to include an AC adapter. That is my personal opinion on the charging method for this unit. I typically don't like plugging stuff into my computer directly to charge it. You get your standard manuals and other information included within the box. So setting it up, it was SIMPLE. Setup was a breeze and I was able to download the app off the store (depending on if you're using an Apple or Android device). You can still use the device if you don't download the app, its not mandatory which is nice for some people. But, I'd recommend downloading the app as its nice to have the standard features managed through an app. The unit itself performs exceptionally well. The voice is clear when listening to music, the base has a great "oomph", and the unit can go quite high in volume to bother your downstairs neighbor. The device is small, but it's raw power as I've posted on the title of my review. I didn't get a chance to test this thing with the IPX4-Rated water-resistant feature. I mean... Why would I? Its a electronic device so its not like I'm going to splash water on it purposely. But, IPX4-Rated is supposed to mean that you can basically do things like take it into the shower (bathroom) and the steam and water splash here and there won't damage it. You can have it near the pool and if water splashes on it here and there it'll not damage it. You of course can't submerge it or run it under water, its not waterproof; it's water resistant. Being said though, why would you do that to you electronic device...? So for normal day to day usage, you don't have to worry so much about splashing liquids on it (listen to music in the rain). So my wife has the Bose SoundLink Mini II Bluetooth Speaker at work, well her co-worker does. The sound quality on that unit vs this one, its comparable and almost similar. The battery on the Bose SoundLink Mini II Bluetooth Speaker supposedly lasts Monday-Friday with 3-4 hours of listening per day. The Soundlink Color II I'ven't tested how "long" the battery lasts, but I'm sure it'll be somewhat comparable to Bose SoundLink Mini II Bluetooth Speaker. Overall, I enjoy this little beast. Its great to carry around to family picnics, pool parties, hang outs, etc. Its a great day to day unit. I'd definitely recommend it as the price isn't too damaging on your wallet and it performs excellently. The only "gripes" I've about this unit's that there was no AC adapter and there are NO information at all on the technical specifications of the unit itself. Personally for me when buying ANY electronic device, I love to know what the technical specifications are. The other thing "which is an opinion as well" is the packaging and the material of the unit. The packaging was very basic. For me, I like being "WOW'D" when opening up a new electronic device. The material is really nice as I HATE FINGERPRINTS but it does attract dust and lint which I also don't like. But with these minor "issues", I'd still recommend this device. Conclusion: Buy it. If you're looking for a unit that can perform, is portable, and can endure the normal day to day usage of carrying around a speaker; its a no brainier. The cons I provided above isn'thing drastic of a REAL con which is why I still gave the unit 5 stars in my opinion. I like the unit, I'd use the unit daily, and it has that "BOSE" quality even though its tiny. Spend the money and get it, you won't be disappointed.

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  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Overall a great speaker i


    This Bose speaker should satisfy anyone who is familiar with Bose products and their high quality in sound and material. Convienent to take with you everywhere you need your sound to be and appears to be able to take a beating due to its rugged feel. There are some things I didn't like about this product which I will discuss in a moment but my complaints aren't a deal breaker and I would definetly buy this product again. My wife and I are fans of the Bose brand and own many Bose branded products from a soundbar to headphones. We chose to get this speaker because during the summer months we spend a lot of time outdoors grilling and watching our outdoor entertainment system. We thought this product would compliment our outdoor activities. Unboxing this speaker was straightforward. The box contained the speaker, a USB cord, and directions on how to set up and use. What is annoying is that as you read through the instructions you find out that you need a wall charger (which is not included) if you want to power or recharge this speaker. If you don't have an wall outlet that has the USB port, a wall charger that has a USB port in it, or a power strip with USB ports (I happen to have all three), then you will disappointed as you will to go out and buy one. For the price that you pay for this product, $129.99, you would expect that they would include everything that's needed right out of the box to be operational. While this is not a deal breaker for me, is was annoying. The look and feel of this speaker is great. This little speaker has a nice shape and size and the material on the outside feels military grade. I didn't take a hammer to it but it definitely feels like you could take one to it without damaging it. I was impressed. You can toss this powerful little speaker across the room and not worry if it hits the floor or ground that the speaker will get damaged with confidence. Bose really got that right with this product. My only complaint is that the material they used to make it rugged (a rubber type material) makes it a magnet for dust, dirt, cat hair, and all other forms of detritus. I can only guess that the reason it collects and holds on to dirt, hair, etc. is the rubber is probably generating a small static electric charge every time you pick it up. Cleaning the debri off of this speaker is annoying because it doesn't want to easily come off, but it does come off. The instructions for the care of this speaker lets you know that you need to use a damp cloth to clean it but to be careful not to get any liquid in any of the speaker holes. That was a little surprising to read because the pictures that Bose has on its website showcasing this product shows that it has all kinds of water on it making you believe this speaker must be waterproof. It's not. As read you find out it's Water Resistent. With this speaker loving to attract my cats hair and the the fact it wasn't waterproof, still not a deal breaker, but, again, just annoying considering other comparable wireless speakers on the market in the same price range are waterproof. Playing your music or listening to videos, movies, YouTube, etc. through the speaker is easy. You are instructed to download the Bose Connect app from the App Store and to go from there. I used my iPhone 7 to connect without issue. Once you download the app, it easily finds your speaker and updates it. After that, open up any app you use to play music or watch videos and you will be in for a treat and blown away by how rich and full the sound is coming from this little speaker. This speaker has great bass range and the highs are very pleasant. You aren't able to control any sound output like treble and bass through the app but you could do that through another app I'm sure but it doesn't seem necessary. Bose knows their product and they do sound extremely well. They never seem to disappoint in this area. So, overall, should you buy this speaker? Absolutely. I liked it so much I ended up buying their higher priced speaker the Revolve + and was blown away even more with that one but that's a different review. If you are asking yourself of this speaker is worth the money, it's. You won't be disappointed. If you can afford their more expensive wireless speakers, skip this one and get the other. Whatever your budget, you won't be disappointed.

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