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C by GE - C-Life A19 Bluetooth Smart LED Bulb (2-Pack) - White-Front_Standard

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Customer ratings & reviews

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Great Bulbs

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    I was looking for a cheaper no frills bulb that works with Google assistant and these were the answer. They do not require a hub (just a Google Assistant or Alexa). They're brighter than the standard LED bulbs I had so that was a plus. It doesn't come with much instruction so I had to learn on the fly. It's pretty easy however I recommend setting up one bulb at a time. I plugged in and turned on EVERY bulb I purchased (10 in total) and they seemed to get confused with each other. After several minutes of having issues I set them up 1 by 1 and had no issues. The only other problem I had was that it seemed like 2 of the bulbs had the same ID or something because when I tried to set it up it kept trying to pair 2 at the same time. I took it back and they swapped it out for me and that seemed to do the trick.

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  • Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

    Dumb bulbs

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    Tried several different ways to get these bulbs to do more than to act as dumb bulbs. Instructions are almost non-existent and the ones on the box don't work. Ended up finding a youtube video with some of the most ridiculous steps to reset the bulbs. Downloaded the app for android and found that these bulbs don't work at all other than to act as regular dumb bulbs. I was well within 40 feet and tried to connect. Cut the distance in half. No connect. Stood under the bulb and same nothingness. Cannot recommend something that doesn't work. Avoid.

    No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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      GE Lighting Expert

      Hello, laserwizard. Sorry to hear you have some trouble with the bulbs. We recommend reaching out to our C by GE team (844-302-2943 or for assistance/troubleshooting the cause of what you are saying.
      Thank you.

      GE Lighting Customer Service

  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Excellent Affordable Smart Bulbs

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    The GE - C-Life A19 Bluetooth Smart LED Bulbs work well and are very affordable for entering into the world of the Smart Home. The only reason I did not give a 5-star rating is because it came without adequate instructions. It clearly is designed for the Google Home units. Even when setting it up via the GE app, it wants to send you to Google Home to finish up. The advantage of this is that it works with Google devices without needing an additional hub. It also works very well with the 'C by GE' app, although that's not as convenient as asking Google to control the lights. These will only work with Amazon Alexa if you add GE's own hub first. I only have Alexa at home and so used the app. Everything worked as advertised. Later, I moved the bulbs to my office so I could try them with my Google Home. This works great. I can not only group the bulbs and turn them on or off (together or individually), I can also have Google increase of decrease the brightness. In Summary: If you understand the boundaries of these bulbs and are comfortable using the web to get instructions, they are a solid choice at a great price.

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  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Decent smart-bulbs with or without the Home Mini

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    PROs: - Functions simply as bright LED bulb upon initial power-up--no flashing, blinking, blanking or waiting for an app or voice assistant to pair; very nice if you want to deal with all that later and you just need a bulb in the socket - 'C by GE' app allows remote control for power, brightness, schedule setting, and one-touch "scene" settings (Good morning, I'm home, Party, etc.) - You DO NOT need a Google Home Mini, the Google Home App, or even a WIFI network--with the C by GE app, you can group lights (i.e. office, bedroom, entryway, etc.), configure timers or scenes, and manually control the power and brightness when you're nearby using Bluetooth only (if that suits your needs) - Though the color temperature is not tunable (for that, you need the C-Sleep bulbs), the 2700K preset has a pretty comfortable warmish (incandescent bulb-like) hue that is pretty conservative and therefore versatile for typical household, kitchen, living room or bedroom duty...essentially anywhere you'd like to exercise some smart-bulb functionality but don't need wild party rainbow colors or daylight/cooler bluish whites - Okay, so if you DO have a Google Home Mini (or a C-Reach bridge to use with Echo/Alexa), setup and integration into the home network is pretty much instantaneous and you get all the hands-free voice activation you could want for power, scheduling, brightness levels, and out-of-the-home control CONs: - Ugh...despite a VERY painless and quick Bluetooth pairing process, the C by GE app requires yet ANOTHER account login and password to create and save before you get anywhere - There is an 11-step factory reset procedure that is kind of dodgy with alternations between on/off cycles that vary from 2 seconds to 5-10 seconds each. Though I was able to get the bulbs reset multiple times while switching between C by GE app-only control, and using my Google Home Mini, I sometimes needed 3-5 extra on/off cycles to finally get the reset confirmation blinks in the bulbs...someone less patient or less precise on the light switch might have a great deal of trouble - Don't just snag a set of these bulbs off the shelves without understanding the requirements or reading a few reviews--like many have already indicated, these bulbs come with virtually no documentation and the simplistic instructions on the box give no mention to the C by GE app that actually provide pretty extensive, hub-less/Google-less near-field control and programming Summary review: At about $12 a bulb or less, this is a pretty inexpensive and relatively painless way to get some basic, smart-bulb functionality into your home or office. For example, using the C by GE app, you can program them to gradually wake you up each workday morning with ever-increasing brightness levels until you're ostensibly forced out of bed at maximum brightness to begin your day. Ready to watch a movie--just use the "movie" scene and all grouped lights will automatically dim to a more intimate, TV-friendly brightness level. You can easily use the remote power or brightness sliders to blank or dim the bulbs to your mood/needs individually or in groups/rooms and even update the firmware from inside the app. For those places where you don't have a WIFI signal, or if you'ven't yet invested in voice control hardware like a Google Home Mini, but would still appreciate some light automation/scheduling or remote control for your lighting needs, the C-Life bulbs represent a pretty decent value. Note that the limited instructions on the back of the box would lead you to believe that you need a Google Home Mini and the Google Home app to use these bulbs. Absolutely untrue. You DO need a smartphone or other Bluetooth enabled device and the C by GE app...this is indicated nowhere on the box. However, setup using the app is quick and painless (at least it was for me): 1) Screw in the bulbs 2) Open the app 3) Press 'Add new devices' 4) Select 'C-Sleep & C-Life Lights' (there are actually two other devices, Sol and C-Reach, that appear on the screen, so you might be returning to this app later for even more smart-home goodies! @@@@@@@ 5) Wait for it to connect via Bluetooth (about 10-20 seconds)--when successful, each light blinks 3 times It is here where the app tells you that the bulbs are ideally configured with Google Home, but it gives you the option to continue with the C by GE app (it even gives you an "Are you sure?" prompt to really hammer home the point that these are designed with Google's ecosystem in mind). Press ahead and you can start naming bulbs, naming rooms, grouping lights, choosing scenes, setting schedules, etc.. . just be aware that your ability to do any of this is limited by Bluetooth network reach. I confirmed this by disconnecting my Google Home Mini, turning off WIFI on my smartphone, and even turning off my wireless router. Yes, configuration and control via the app is still possible so long as you've got a near-field Bluetooth connection to at least one of the bulbs themselves (and the bulbs are within Bluetooth reach of each other). But without a WIFI control hub like those shipped with some other bulb brands, a Home Mini, or GE's own C-Reach bridge to use something like Alexa, know that you cannot, for example, use the app to turn on your front porch lights from the store so you can illuminate your path before you're home; or tell Alexa while you're in the car down the street to turn them off because you forgot've to be within Bluetooth operating distances for manual control (typically 40-50 feet or less). But, you can just as easily program an automation schedule that ensures your porch lights turn on after dusk and turn off before bedtime; you simply can't cycle power, adjust brightness, or manually intervene on that schedule until you're back in range with your smartphone. Now...if you DO have a Google Home Mini, the experience is probably about as painless as you'd expect. In my case, the Google Home app immediately found the bulbs waiting to be configured, named, and added to my groups and rooms. Voice control worked for hands-free power and brightness adjustments just as with any other brand of integrated smart-bulb we now have in our house (currently 3 and counting), and I could remotely control the lights from the road or other locations without needing to be within spitting distance of the lights themselves. Interestingly, if you happen to install the lights and try to configure them first via the C by GE app, and then choose to set them up with Google Home as suggested, the app itself will reset the bulbs for you. However, a factory reset after the fact, i.e. you bought a Google device down the road and now want to use Google Home/Mini to control and automate the bulbs, will require a lengthy and often imprecise reset procedure (referenced in CONs above). Still, it's nice to know you've some options even if Bluetooth connectivity (vs. WIFI to the bulbs or via a hub) to the bulbs is a bit out of the norm and just might be problematic in homes/areas with lots of congested Bluetooth activity. Overall, a good, if not great, acquisition. I would have definitely preferred tunable whites (available in a slightly pricier model bulb), and integration with non-Google voice assistants or out-of-home control via the current C by GE app requires a separate purchase of the C-Reach Bluetooth-to-WIFI bridge. Still, budget-minded buyers curious about smart-bulb/smart-home functionality who haven't yet taken the Google plunge may appreciate what these bulbs have to offer.

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  • Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

    Decent Basic 'Smart Bulb'

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    So, first let me say that the C by GE light bulb is an economical alternative to some of the more expensive bulbs that are out on the market today. The bulbs appear to be well made and GE has been in the light bulb industry for a very long time so I think that counts for something. Why only 3 stars? I'll explain. First, let me say I was excited to have the opportunity to expand my smart lighting at home. The bulbs are not cheap at all and I find it hard to justify spending $15-50 on a bulb just for the convenience of controlling it from my phone, having it dimmable, and or change colors. Out of the box, there are exactly Z-E-R-O instructions. I was dumbfounded. Keep in mind, I have two other smart lighting kits already up and running in my home so it'sn't like I'm clueless as to what to do. Generally, smart bulbs connect to a hub which connects to your wifi network that you can then control from your phone or other accessories. Not the case with the C Life by GE bulbs. I thought maybe the instructions are included on the box. They are! However, it only references connecting them to your Google Home Mini hub. Since I don't have one of those, I was a little perplexed. Surely they would say "No hub needed" if a hub wasn't need, right?? They wouldn't have sent me a product to try without first telling me there was equipment needed? Right. So I decided to Google if these bulbs could be controlled another way. I found an article from over a year ago indicating that these bulbs could be controlled directly via Bluetooth but you would never know it from the box or the missing instructions. Knowing that there has to be some kind of controller, I went to the iTunes app store and did find there was a C by GE app. Once I did that, I simply plugged the light in and opened the app. The light was found and it was quite easy. If using this method, you can't control the lights from across the continent since you do have to be within Bluetooth range. There's no connecting to home wifi or a hub, we're talking direct control from the phone to the bulb. In a way, I like the simplicity. It's just a shame GE couldn't stick a 1,2,3 instruction card the size of a business card in the box to tell people they don't have to run out and buy a Google Home Mini. . or was that the plan? I'm sure some people took them back since there wasn't any instructions on how to set them up other than the instructions specific to the Google Home Mini printed on the outside of the box. So, minus 1 star... I wanted to subtract 2 just because it's so basic, but I didn't. During setup, I did encounter another hiccup. I have the Google Home app on my phone for other purposes. The app sees this and assumes you have a compatible Google Home bridge. It will recommend that you use the Google Home app to setup the new lights. Unfortunately, that won't happen unless you do have a compatible Google Home bridge along with the app. So just another unnecessary frustration. Once I made it through setup, the lights can be customized to your liking. They are fully dimmable and can be assigned to different rooms. You can program the lights to do different things at different times of the day which is always nice. Unfortunately, I noticed that anytime the light is dimming or getting brighter, it's choppy. My Philips Hue bulbs have very nice transitions from color to color, from darker to brighter, and from on/off or off/on. It's a smooth transition and it feels like a premium product when your lights gently turn on or off or transition colors. If you don't know what I mean, I'll try to explain it a little more technically. If I have a light set at 50% and then adjust it to 100%, I would ideally like it to transition between the two...meaning it would go 51%, 52%, 53%, 54%.......all the way up to 98%, 99%, and 100%. This would be a smooth and subtle transition. The C Life by GE lights just adjust instantly to 100%. If you adjust the sliding bar for brightness gradually down from 100%, it will dim choppily all the way down. I think this is just a programming issue and could possibly be fixed within the app OR it could be a hardware preset that doesn't allow all the various incremental adjustments that a smooth transition would require. In any case, it cost it another star. If you're going to spend $15 for a smart bulb, the least it could do is transition smartly to give a premium effect. In conclusion, if all you want are some smart bulbs that will be On or Off, this is a good option for you. Additionally, if you don't care about the choppy transitions between on/off and brightness settings, possibly the right bulb for you. For those of us really into the lights being part of the cool environment, this probably isn't a good option. I'm going to find a spot to put these where I won't be as likely to notice any of the annoying shortfalls. I'm also going to say that I wouldn't recommend this to a friend since I think most people will want a more 'complete' product and for a few dollars more, you can get it from other brands. Pros: *Price *Build *Ability to use without a bridge Cons: *No instructions *Choppy transitions

    No, I would not recommend this to a friend