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Canon - IVY Cliq Instant Film Camera - Seaside Blue-Front_Standard

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Customer ratings & reviews

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  • Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

    Not For Me

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    Loving photography like I do, I would like to clarify that I look for perfect image quality, which is the reason I own a Canon D70. That is not to say that I can't have fun with instant film camera such as the Canon IVY Cliq. After all, instant cameras were a big thing when I was a teen. I even tried one recently and I liked it but I am sad to say that even my ten-year old did not like this one. The pictures came out either too orange or too red in every situation. In low lighting, they were grainy and extremely dark. The flash made things even worse in that type of situation, with spots of intense reflection. In good lighting, it came out slightly better but not by much. The fact that it has no way of previewing the pictures before printing them, make it a waste of money, especially with the film you need to buy without the option of seeing whether it is worth it to print before you do so. If the quality was mostly good, this would not be a big deal but the fact that it is not takes the fun away. You can save the pictures to an SD card but you will need a computer to see them. By then, you'd better off with a pocket photo printer that you can connect to your phone, which probably can take much better pictures anyway. It feels cheap and seems to be designed with kids in mind but my younger daughter did not enjoy it either despite her initial enthusiasm. The pros are few but size is one of them. It is also light, easy to use and charged via USB. It has a small mirror for selfies but it did not impress me. I do like Canon but I cannot recommend this camera

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  • Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

    This is not a good camera

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    I'm not going to beat around the bush. The Canon Ivy Cliq is a truly awful camera that isn't worth the money. Do yourselves a favor and don't buy it. I've seldom encountered a product with no redeeming features or use cases, but I can honestly say that this camera is a complete and total waste of plastic. The camera is made of light-weight plastic and feels cheap in the hand. My camera was yellow, but the entire back of the camera is a glossy white plastic that will start to look dirty within a couple days of use. The camera has four buttons on it: power, shutter, aspect ratio, and duplicate photo. The camera has no LCD screen to it, and there are no menus or options whatsoever. Once you click the shutter button, the camera prints the photo (no matter how bad it's). There's no app, this doesn't pair with your phone, and you can't cancel the print if you know it's going to turn out poorly. This was okay with the original Polaroid cameras of the late 80s and early 90s back when you were getting instant gratification instead of going through the hassle of getting film developed, but this is quite frankly unacceptable in 2019. The camera does have a spot for a micro-SD card. If you should somehow blindly luck into a decent photo, you can retrieve it from the SD card to share or print later. And trust me, you will be blindly lucking into decent photos. The positioning of the optical view finder is awkward, and it's somewhat painful to use unless you're open to smashing your nose into the back of the camera. The camera's strap is a MAJOR design flaw. It's positioned in the upper left-hand corner of the camera, and it dangles right in front of the printer. There's a reason that the Polaroids of old spat the picture out through the front. With this camera, you have to move your left hand out of the way, and hold the strap so that it'sn't in the way of the printer. I'm at a loss as to why they thought this was a good idea. The instructions recommend that you be within 1.6 feet of the subject of your photo. At this distance, I found that the flash washed out my subject rather badly. It should be noted that there is no way to turn off the flash with this camera. The camera holds ten sheets of instant photo paper and the blue data sheet that comes with the pack. My very first print jammed until I took the paper out and lightly fanned it before putting it back in. The paper is fairly expensive at the time of this review, and you're not going to want to waste a single print. At 5 megapixels, this camera has the same resolution as my first digital camera from 2003. Given the size of the print (2x3 inches), the prints look "okay." If I could return this camera, I would in a heartbeat. I don't recommend buying this camera. Spend a little more and get something better, or buy a standalone mobile, instant printer and use your smartphone instead.

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