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Chameleon - 7" Widescreen LED-LCD Headrest Monitor with DVD Player-Front_Standard

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Customer ratings & reviews

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  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Exceeded expectations.


    I purchased two of these for our 08 Toyota Highlander LTD and I am quite pleased with the product so far. First off, I purchased the Chameleon 7" LED-LCD Headrest DVD Monitor. I chose this for a few reasons: 1. Each headrest has a DVD player 2. Both headrests can be linked together to play the same DVD 3. It has external speakers, a 3mm jack for headphones and also supports IR headphones (not included) and FM modulation. The external speakers are nice since our 2 year old will not keep any headphones on. Its also nice that there is a 3mm jack in addition to IR support. This way, if the batteries die in the IR headphones, you can always plug regular ones in. 4. The price was very reasonable. 5. Came with 3 leather covers - black, tan and gray. The gray was a very close match to our Toyota Gray leather 6. Has jacks for USB, SD Card Reader - I haven't even tried this yet. 7. It also has A/V input for Gaming Console (Wii/Playstation, etc). 8. System included all cables - even the cables to connect both headrests together. Before purchasing, I read many online reviews and most were fair in regards to the product. There many negatives reviews based on the lack of instructions. However, I thought the instructions were quite sufficient. The instructions explain how to hook the unit up, connect it to power and how to connect the INs/Outs to another monitor or source. What it doesn't tell you is how to remove the existing headrests and how to fish the wires. Since each install would be vehicle specific, I wouldn't expect this info anyways. The complete install only took me about an hour. I thought it was quite easy - but I am also handy. Remove the old headrests, fish a coat hanger/wire down the hole, tape the connectors to wire, fish back up, connect to headrest wires, slip back down in hole and wah-lah, all connected and ready to go. Another nice aspect of this headrest is that it has notches to control the height adjustment - I've read that other system do not have this. It also has a tilt feature as well. Our HL has grey leather and the gray leather cover that came with the system was a very close match. maybe a shade darker, but if you weren't looking for it - you would never notice it. The picture is awesome. Much better than I would have thought for the price. Hopefully if they last a long time, it would be money well spent. Now, the only thing that I don't like about it is the players automatically start playing when power is applied. Therefore, if you have them hardwired or plugged into the cig lighter, once you start the vehicle they come on and begin loading/playing. It would have been nice if they required a user to hit a "Power ON" button to turn on. To get around this, since I hardwired mine to vehicle power, I just added a switch and installed it in the dash. This was I can control when they come on and when they need to be turned off. My only other gripe is it seems the FM Modulator is a bit weak. When modulating through the stereo, you really need to crank up the volume and it can get pretty staticky (if thats a word).

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

    Works Great...For A While


    I bought this unit from Amazon a few months ago. It was easy to install and it worked great...until it didn't. One day it just stopped reading DVDs ("DIsk Not Found" error). The price is great so I'm ordering another one but this time I'm adding the Besy Buy protection plan so if it dies I'll just get another one. The price is so low that it is still a good deal.

    I would recommend this to a friend