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CORSAIR - K68 Wired Gaming Mechanical Cherry MX Red Switch Keyboard with RGB Backlighting - Black-Front_Standard

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Customer ratings & reviews

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for pc
  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Once you go Corsair k-68 RGB you never go back.

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    I bought this after I returned the Alienware RGB keyboard due to it not being compatible with Windows 7. I got to type a little on the Alienware keyboard and it felt okay but the Corsair k-68 feels way better. I love the clicky sound it makes and a tactile feel when I am typing. I highly recommend this keyboard to anyone looking to upgrade. The RGB lighting is definitely a sweet, sweet bonus! I downloaded some custom profiles for my keyboard and I am well pleased.

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  • Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

    Not designed for gamers

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    For a product advertised as a "gaming keyboard", it's interesting that this keyboard doesn't actually seem to cater to gamers. The only gamer-centric feature I've observed is the button that disables the Windows key. ===[ Layout and Design ]=== The first give-away that this keyboard is not intended for gamers, is that one of the most important gamer-centric keyboard features is entirely missing; it doesn't contain any dedicated macro keys. One might retort: "Oh! But this is at the entry level of a line of gaming keyboards. Higher models *do* have macro keys!" And for the reality check: a stock Honda Civic is not a race car simply because Honda also makes race cars. [ Positives ] - Heavy, sturdy construction resists unintended sliding/movement. - The font chosen for the key labels is bold and clear. Function representation is implemented well in most keys. - The elevated, open key design aids in cleaning debris from the keyboard. [ Negatives ] - The wrist wrest is made of flimsy warped plastic that doesn't sit flush against a flat surface. - Keys tower above the keyboard's base, with the base itself having a high profile. You'll likely have to adjust your desk and/or chair to comfortably use this keyboard. - Secondary key function labels (such as the ampersand on the number seven key) are either not backlit, or are very dimly lit. Every other backlit keyboard I've has these labels properly backlit. - Complete lack of secondary functionality for the function keys, which is a first among my keyboards containing an FN key. - High placement of most key labels (rather than centered). ===[ MX Cherry Red ]=== Because of the complete lack of tactile feedback on the key press transition, full key presses are required. Unfortunately, the combination of very long key travel distance, early trigger point, and late release point translates to a lack of control over key press timing. This is particularly frustrating with the key release timing, where there is a significant duration where the key remains in a pressed state after intention of release. This lack of control is a disaster for twitch gaming. I've found this keyboard to be unusually demanding on my fingers, and has caused a marked decrease in my typing accuracy compared to other keyboards I use. As for the independent key RGB backlighting, its implementation feels like a novelty. There could have been some interesting applications for this technology, for example assigning scaled colors to a key/button to indicate CPU or GPU temperature, memory usage, CPU or disk load, or other metrics. Indicators to flag the presence of new content in social media that you follow, or alert you to a new unread email, would also have been interesting. I can't say it's surprising that they'ven't tackled these usage scenarios, considering the very basic yet critically important features they've also not bothered to implement. ===[ Corsair Utility Software ]=== This software, which the included instructions directs users to install, is terrible. The most glaring problems I noticed include include: - Inability to assign macros/actions to key combinations (instead only to single key presses). Compounded by the lack of any dedicated macro keys, this greatly hampers the utility of this keyboard for no good reason. - No apparent way to tie keyboard profiles to game executable files for automatic profile switching. I consider this to be an absolute necessity, and this is a feature found in the stock software provided by a popular competitor. - Custom profiles only persist while the software is running and where it can maintain an active connection to the keyboard. For example, even something as simple as using a single custom static color applied to all keys is 'lost' when the desktop is locked, where then the keyboard reverts to whatever backlighting mode (among those available by default) was selected when the software was not in active control. ===[ Conclusion ]=== The lack of any macro keys, inability to assign macros/actions to key combinations, no support for automatic profile switching, and arguably poor choice in key switches all strongly suggest that Corsair made virtually no attempt to cater to gamers with this keyboard, and merely slapped the 'gaming' label onto it for the sake of sales. I do not recommend this keyboard for gaming.

    No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Looks Great. Performs Well.

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    I've been a gamer for many years so I'm always excited to try new gaming hardware. Unboxing the Corsair K68 Cherry MX Red keyboard was a pretty standard affair. In the box you find the keyboard, a snap on palm rest, and a manual. My first impression of the keyboard is that it feels solid and well made. It definitely has some weight to it but in terms of actual size it's somewhat smaller than other gaming keyboards I've used. As I put it into place on my desk I notice that the keyboard sits flatter than the keyboard it was replacing. I'm not sure I'm a fan that it doesn't sit higher but we shall see. No doubt I'll get used to it. The fact is I'm always a bit anxious about switching gaming hardware because new hardware can tend to mess with your game at least temporarily simply due to the different feel. I attach the palm rest. It does look nice and adds some size and overall presence to the keyboard. I like its textured surface. I also really like the textured surface on the space bar. I installed the software which I downloaded from the Corsair website and took some time to check out the settings which seem pretty basic. Here you can change lighting effects, create macros, and change some performance settings. Really not a ton to see here. There are some pretty cool lighting presets you can select or create your own. I set the effects to my liking but find the whole process a bit confusing on this Corsair. I think the settings menu could be better. The keys on the K68 sit kinda elevated above the keyboard. I think this is part of the spill proof and dust proof design but it looks cool because the light effects glow from under the keys instead of just through the key itself. Ultimately it's a really nice look. I also like the volume and multimedia controls on the upper right. Adjusting volume mid game is a breeze with this addition. There is also a button to adjust the brightness of the lighting effects or to turn them off altogether. There is also a button to disable the windows key. Nice feature. Anxious to see how the Corsair K68 feels and performs in action I load a game. I immediately feel surprisingly comfortable using this keyboard. The keys have a nice feel and are much quieter than my previous mechanical keyboards. As I play a few challenges in Wolfenstein The New Colosus I very quickly note the excellent responsiveness of the K68. In the settings I had noticed the polling rate set to a default of 1000 hz/1msec. Apparently this is is higher than other keyboards I've used because there is a remarkable improvement. Movements within the game register immediately with very little pressure on the keys. I'm sold! There was a time when I was a noob and naive. I thought that a keyboard was just a keyboard and played with basic manufacturer issued keyboards. I couldn't have been more wrong. In gaming your skill is largely dependent on your equipment. Milliseconds matter! I could already sense the improvement in my gameplay. Overall I'd have to say that for a mid priced keyboard you're getting a ton of value and performance for your money in this Corsair K68. It looks great and performs well. It sure helped my gameplay and I'm confident it will help yours.

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