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Deadpool - Xbox 360-Front_Standard

Deadpool - Xbox 360

Model: 76989SKU: 7602049

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Customer ratings & reviews

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  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Hilarious game, but lacking in replay value

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    Bought this game after watching a video of someone getting some of the Achievements for it. At first I was a little hesitant about getting it because I knew barely anything about Deadpool. Thankfully you don't have to in order to enjoy the game. As the title suggests, the game is about Deadpool a mutate mercenary for higher from the Marvel Comics universe and a character that is constantly breaking the 4th Wall. The game starts off with Deadpool taking on a contract and then the story takes off from there. Depending on your skill level, the difficulty you play on and whether or not you want to get all the achievements, gameplay can last from 6-35hrs. The game uses its character's affinity for absurd dialog and actions quite well. High Moon leaned on this heavily and there's barely a scene where Deadpool doesn't do something to make you laugh. High Moon also made sure to include a lot of 4th Wall breaking goodness. Taking heavy amounts damage will have Deadpool telling you to give someone else the controller, pets included, and deaths will earn you a quick rant. There are a few instances in the game where Deadpool will go so far as call up the Development team to complain about what is happening in game. Story wise, the game is sort of straight forward. Sort of as in, you are playing Deadpool's game and there's other stuff going on, but it'sn't important to Deadpool. There is a general "stop the bad guy, save the world" theme, but the exact nature of this is thrown out by Deadpool himself and you never actually learn what the bad guy is trying to do. The game is pretty much linear and doesn't offer a branching storyline of some sort. Comedy plays a heavy hand in everything, but this unfortunately makes replay value drop quickly. One can only hear the same joke so many times before it gets old. Gameplay wise, it's "use various weapons to kill a bunch of a bad guys". There isn't that much variety in the enemies in the game. You will see same guys throughout the game with the only difference being what grouping they appear in. There are a total of 4 boss battles in the game and the latter 2 felt somewhat lazy. Case and point, the final battle is that you have to progressively battle 20-30 of the same guy, with only a slight variation in each wave. Navigation is quite easy with a pretty linear path and very few puzzles to deal with. Unfortunately the linearity of things made backtracking impossible. There were a few instance where after you jumped on a ledge, the game would set the death line immediately below the ledge so jumping backing down to get your loot from an enemy, that you may have knocked of the edge, was impossible. One of my biggest qualms with the game was checkpoints. There are several points where the game will screw you over with checkpoints. Depending on where a checkpoint is set to go off, you may end up fighting guys you have killed before triggering it. In the last level, you have to kill 2 melee enemies and a flying enemy. After killing them and triggering the checkpoint you would expect to never see them again, well that isn't what happens. When you return to the checkpoint all 3 will be waiting for you and you have to fight them again with the same ammo you had when you triggered the checkpoint. This made it extremely annoying when you have to use only 2 specific weapons to get an Achievement. Another major flaw is the spacing of the checkpoints. There were a couple of occasions where you have to battle some seriously annoying enemies and then battle some more in the next area with no checkpoint inbetween. If you died, then you have to repeat both battles again. Achievement wise, they are all pretty easy with only the 300 hit combo and the 5 medals in challenge mode providing any difficulty. Aside from the checkpoints and lack of variety in the enemies, the game was quite fun. Depending on your skill level, the comedic dialog might keep you playing the game if you start with the games hardest difficulty. In terms of pricing, the game would be better priced at 39.99, but is fine at 49.99. If you are looking for a game to make you laugh, then this is your game. I have never laughed as hard at a videogame before. Here's hoping for either a sequel or maybe some good DLC. Note: I started the game on the hardest difficulty #Ultra-Violent# and used the other difficulties to get the Achievements I missed. In total it took me 32-35 hours to beat the game and get all the Achievements.

    I would recommend this to a friend