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Dell - Inspiron 2-in-1 14" Touch-Screen Chromebook - Intel Core i3 - 4GB Memory - 128GB eMMC Flash Memory - Urban Gray-Front_Standard

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  • Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

    Terrible Laptop

    • My Best Buy® MemberMember

    I am a college student who is studying to become an elementary teacher and working at a daycare. I wanted a laptop that could also be used as a tablet because it's helpful with the work I do. I like to use a laptop when working with kids because I can connect it to a big screen and have them use technology to enhance their learning experience. I also need to keep all of my lessons and information stored for future use. I bought a Dell Inspiron because the Best Buy worker kept pushing me to buy it, and it sounded like a good laptop. I cannot afford an expensive laptop, so I chose it because they were having a student sale, and it brought down the price significantly. This was two years ago, and my dell inspiron laptop has broken three times. The first time, the touch screen stopped working, and this was within the first 6 months of purchasing the laptop. The second time, the screws inside of laptop fell out and one of the hinges came out of the inside of the computer. After that, I only had one hinge keeping the top and bottom pieces together. The top piece was dangling and about to completely break off. I found someone to fix it, and it held up for a few months. My laptop is now doing the same thing it was doing before. A screw just fell out of the inside of the screen, and the hinge is beginning to come out. I have only used this laptop twice as a tablet because it makes a cracking noise any time you try to push the screen back. This laptop is supposed to be used as a tablet, and that was one of the reasons I bought it, but I can't even use it for how it was intended. Beware if you're buying this product. The hinges are not made to even be moved at all. If you're going to buy this, I would not suggest closing your laptop EVER. Don't even think about taking it to class or work because after a few times of opening and closing the laptop, it'll break.

    No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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      We're very sorry to hear about the hinges on your new Chromebook. This is not the experience that we want any of our customers to have. We hope that you are still able to use your Chromebook in the condition that it is in now. If you have additional questions about your Chromebook you can check our Product Support Page here:

      1-800-624-9896 Dell

  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Google things fast

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    I only use this Dell 2-1 14" Chromebook for - All Things in the Google Universe (ecosystem), some other Play Store apps, social, internet, internet, internet and a writing app. I'm not doing 3-D modeling or heavy photoshop. Do I wish I had more money and purchased a Pixel Slate with an i5 or 17 and more memory, yes. This is 4 pounds and the keyboard if stuck to it. I would prefer something 2 lbs or under with a detachable keyboard and a faster processor for when I use demanding apps. So far however I've not had any issue. The outdated i3 processor is doing everything fast I've asked of it. I keep multiple applications open and 25 tabs without a hint of delay. Next time step up and spend some more coin, plus I had 10 minutes to decide as Best Buy was closing, I was in a hurry...After spending thousands on a mac (they have less expensive ones) this is great, just without Garageband, etc. I use the heck out of this and it has worked very well except the wifi range isn't spectacular, however I've an old single band router and an only one slow internet with poor maintenance and at 12mbps - in the middle of the desert. The battery life is excellent. I'm looking forward to a tablet in the future that does not have a fan, still stays cool and with a faster processor. I was told because this was solid state and did not have a fan, I must have misunderstood, it has a fan. Things with hinges will fail. For the money it is so far so good. It was "on sale", isn't everything? I think some people who hate Windows like me, who like the Google cloud concept, and love the way this syncs to an android phone will like this set-up. It is like my mac before cat hair killed it and how it synced with my iphone, but less money. If I wasn't addicted to a stylus of the Note line of phones I might still have an iphone and I would have looked at ipads. This will help with my closeted wanna be writer ambition, research and most internet everything. It is fast for the things I do and boots up fast like a SSD should. Interactions are instant between Google apps. If you are in this price range (on sale only; It was $150 less), aren't doing things that require a high end processor, don't mind the 4 lbs and think 14" then maybe? If you have more coin and demand more from a device then step up I suppose. I've had this less than a month so time might change my opinion. If I had more time to choose and think about it I would have spent more, gone lighter, leaner and more powerful$

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Get Compelling Overall Value

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    Dell Inspiron 2-In-1 14" Touch-Screen Chromebook - Urban Gray Model: C7486-3250GRY-PUS SKU: 6299820 UNBOXING and PRESENTATION I really wanted for this to be something special from Dell since this is their first premium Chromebook, but you get the standard Dell treatment. Nothing spectacular. just a brown box with plastic bags protecting the finishes. It seems Dell has the same packaging for you whether you spend $300 with them or $3,000. In the box you find the charging brick, the Chromebook, some instruction manuals, and plastic with your cardboard. I was immediately struck by how solidly built this is though! It has some heft to it. More to follow. - BUILD, PERFORMANCE, and DESIGN This is Dell's 1st premium Chromebook and they did well for their first build. It's beautifully designed and follows the Inspiron design language. I'd say this is better construction than the XPS line. Here you get a beautiful matte gun metal gray hefty aluminum chassis and you can tell when you pick it up. It tips the scale at almost 4lbs which may be a deal breaker for some users. Chromebooks are very light in this price range. I found it a bit heavy to take with me after I have used my PixelBook. There are some sharp lines that take away from the overall feel of the device in your hands, but otherwise perfect. The processor is top notch not a Pentium or Celeron chip. You get an air cooled 2.2GHz 8th-gen IntelR CoreT i3-8130U chip. That means efficiency and performance BOTH! With 4GB you have plenty for productivity, gaming, streaming, etc all while multitasking like a boss. If you are buying this to run a bunch if Linux applications you may want to get a model with more RAM. Wireless performance is great. It supports up to AC wireless. Connections are solid and speedy. I feel this device provides just enough connections for external devices and for the price it is a top contender. The screen is the best you will find at this price point offering a bright and crisp picture. It's a FullHD 1080p IPS touchscreen display in the more recognizable 16:9 aspect ratio we are used to seeing. Nothing special as far as touch responsiveness, it is just average. The keyboard is black lit and may take some getting used to as far as key spacing. The strokes are smooth but a bit mushy for me, and have a nice tactile feel. The trackpad is above average in build, but I don't find it as accurate as I'd like it to be. I have to swipe multiple times to get it to move where I want it be and I find myself tapping on the screen a few times. Unfortunately because of design choices, you will need to use two hands to open it. Don't think you can use two fingers to start opening it, these hinges are super tight. Again, attributed to the solid build quality. The screen half of the device is very light and the two parts lack a cutout for finger placement. I can tell you the build quality is excellent if you can deal with the weight. The hinges are tight and don't wobble and wiggle with slight pressure like cheaper built laptops. I do have a testimonial concerning the durability here. This laptop fell from my kitchen counter to the hardwood floor and nothing major happened but a small dent in the corner of the body. It landed on the corner of the screen while closed and it just separated to absorb shock. I quickly snapped the bezel to the body and it was good as new. No screen crack or internal damage. An unintentional drop test that passes with flying colors. - USER EXPERIENCE AND FEATURES The experience on this Chromebook is on par with the PixelBook. No lagging and it works great. It runs ChromeOS and that means you get Chrome Webstore and Google Play Store access! That is something I love. OPTIONS! Now there is no need for an Android tablet if you have this. One less thing to charge. Battery life is excellent netting me around 7 to 7.5 hours of my heavy use. This means with video streaming, gaming, email, and some Microsoft Office work. The average user will not get this battery life, they will see closer to the 8-11hr range. I love that updates are handles directly by Google and this does not have Dell bloatware you find on Windows laptops. THANK GOD! As a result, this thing is snappy and very responsive while being power efficient. It boots up very quickly in under 8 seconds. The screen is very bright with accurate color and excellent viewing angles. The touchscreen is just average to me. The provided stylus is an added bonus I use for note taking. When I don't have my Note 9, this will be the fill in. The stylus itself is constructed well out of plastic. It does not need to be charged A compelling overall package put together by Dell. SPECS -4GB DDR4 Memory one slot available only. -128GB EMMC Flash Memory -Air Cooled 2.2GHz 8th-gen IntelR CoreT i3-8130U -Built-In Webcam and Backlit keyboard -14" 1920 x 1080 (Full HD) LED IPS Touchscreen - this is a nice display. Colors close to accurate but a little on the cooler side. There isn't any oleophobic coating (like smartphones) to guard against fingerprints so be prepared to clean this screen a lot. -3.5mm microphone-in/headphone-out combo jack, 1 USB, and 1 HDMI out -IntelR Wireless-AC connectivity (2x2, 867 Mbps) and Bluetooth 4.0. Lots to like... -Chrome OS - Auto updates and software patches from Google directly! Nothing better than that. It's a hybrid OS that blends Android and ChromeOS together in perfect harmony. Not all apps are optimized yet, but there has been great progress. -Stylus Builtin - This is just a nice to have. It'sn't spectacular like a Wacom but it is functional. -2in1 Design w/ 360 flip & fold - this is a plus for a 2in1. They offer options but cannot completely separate from the keyboard. Not to like -Lack of Options - If you want more ram or a different chip in this frame factor. oh well. There is no option to upgrade RAM or storage. This isn't your typical Dell build-a-product. There are no options. Take this or leave it. -Bluetooth 4.0 - Why are we still releasing 4.0 devices? It's almost 2019, we need BT 5.0 for more range with wireless and power efficiency. -Sharp Edges - This is just my preference, but I'd like them to refine the edges and smooth things a bit. -Weight - I'd like this too be .5lbs lighter to be more comparable to other Chromebooks in this range. -It's kind of an awkward aspect ratio so it feels big for no reason. Tablet mode isn't close to a true tablet experience. It's big but weight is distributed evenly. -Non-upgradable RAM! Enough said. No option for them to or you to DIY it. Very disappointing. SHARE MY THOUGHTS GO/NOGO If you can deal with the weight, this is for you. 4lbs isn't much but compared to other Chromebooks this is on the beefier side. I'd say this is great for a student or person invested in the Android ecosystem. Professionals can look here too for a portable work device. Lastly, this is built to last. This one is the best overall package on this price range.

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