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DeLonghi - Livenza 5 in 1 Grill - Stainless Steel-Front_Standard

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Customer ratings & reviews

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    DeLonghi Knocks Out Foreman!

    • Tech Insider NetworkTech Insider Network

    It's a knockout for sure. I've had a few George Foreman grills over the past 20 years and they were OK. To make a hamburger or veggie burger they did the job but I could never make much more with them. They were always set to just one temperature and couldn't be adjusted. I tried making various other sandwiches using them but they always seemed overcooked in some areas and undercooked in others. This DeLonghi - Livenza 5 in 1 Grill let's me adjust the temperature to my liking and let's me use it to make more than just hamburgers. The grilling plates which can be used to make burgers, chicken, steaks, fish or paninis come off (for easy cleaning) and can be swapped out for griddle plates so I can make eggs or pancakes. The unit can be used in 5 different configurations such as a contact grill for paninis, full grill, full griddle, half griddle or combination half grill and half griddle. The 3 knobs are clearly marked so you know exactly the temperature for the method of cooking you desire. The handle is rubber coated so I never feel the heat of the grill. They included 2 drip cups to catch the grease and fat that drains off the food and a small spatula for flipping the food. When open, the grill takes up about 18 inches of space so in a small kitchen like mine, I've to move around the pots and pans to give me counter space but with the DeLonghi grill, I can finally ditch my frying pan and skillets. So far, I've grilled chicken breasts, hamburgers and made a panini and as soon as I finish writing this review, I think I'll make a grilled mac and cheese sandwich. Yum!

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Great alternative to conventional BBQ

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    DeLonghi has always been my go-to brand in terms of small home appliances. We own quite a few appliances from them and are pretty much satisfied with them all. This product is no different. We live in the apartment, hence have a very limited space and absolutely no backyard where we can put a conventional BBQ grill. I do own a small flat top grill which I use quite often but the problem with that is it's outdoor. So with winters coming up, it's hard to use outside in the balcony. This DeLonghi grill has absolutely saved my life. I can use it indoor without any need of propane gas cylinder. It being an electric grill, has given us a lot of advantage. I was reluctant to get this initially but the wife insisted, so we got this and honestly, I'm so happy that we did. It comes with two flat griddle plates and two grill plates (with grooves). You just push a button on the side and lift them out up and at an angle. It's great that they come off so easily for cleaning. A plastic cleaning tool is also provided with it and is very useful. Both plates are non-stick which is a huge plus because it allows you to use less oil. You can even use non-stick spray. I recently started my health journey and have been eating mostly chicken and fish. So this griddle has helped a lot. Chicken comes out well done and juicy. With the outdoor grill, I used to cook chicken at once for at least 3-4 days just because I didn't want to clean it everyday but with this DeLonghi, I cook everyday. It's so much easy to clean. There are three knobs. The middle knob lets you choose between open grill or the closed position. Then one dial is for controlling the panini function and the other dial is if you are using the grill plate. When you turn it on, you have to wait for few minutes for it to warm up, and then the green light will come on signaling that it's time to cook. It goes up to 450F/230C. It also comes with a couple of drip cups that you can use when grilling something greasy. I marinate my chicken with a lot of marinade, specially the tandoori marinade which tends to ooze out a lot while grilling. So these drip cups help in collecting all that waste along with the grease if any. I love that the plates are removable and washable. This is great, so much better than cleaning my other grill. The plate on that grill is so big and our sinks are very small in comparison, so it becomes very hard to wash it but the DeLonghi plates are so small, making cleaning easy. It's great for making paninis as well which my wife likes quite a bit as she is a panini fanatic. According to her, it's the best so far. Both top and bottom sides heat evenly which is a problem with some other grills where one side heats slower than the other. This helps cook food evenly in this DeLonghi grill. We haven't tried making pancakes on this yet but I'm sure they will come out just as perfect. We might give them a try next time. I must mention here that the grill is lightweight and so are the plates, which are super light. My other grill's plate is heavy duty which makes it hard to clean. The size is perfect for our family (2 adults + 1 kid) and we can cook our one meal at the same time. For a bigger family, size might be an issue. The only drawback that I found is that the temperature setting are very hard to read, especially if you are using it in not well lit area. The fonts are marked with kind of light beige color which makes it very difficult to read. Overall, I'm very much satisfied with this product and will definitely recommend it.

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