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DeLonghi - Livenza All-Day Electric Grill - Black/Polished Chrome-Angle_Standard

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  • The versatility is nice, and having separate temperature control is great for cooking different ingredients.helpfullbuyer
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Customer ratings & reviews

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  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Versatile indoor grill

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    A good counter grill. The versatility is nice, and having separate temperature control is great for cooking different ingredients. The removable cooking plates makes cleaning much easier. While being able to convert from press grill to a dual grill is useful, the "broil" configuration is not as so since the locking positions are limited and ends up either being too high to provide heat or too low that it's touching the food. The press grill is a bit heavy and will flatten out more delicate meats, like salmon, or squeeze the juices out of steak and burgers. Liked: Different cooking configuration Dual temp controls Changeable cooking surface Disliked: Press grill is heavy and can crush some food Broil feature didn't work that well I tested this out as much as I could and my results were mostly good. Using it as a conventional grill was fine. I made burgers, chicken, and fish and they all came out fine. Switching to the griddle plate, more liquidy food like eggs will run towards the drip pan. Cooking with the grill press is probably only good for really thick food, like big sandwiches or really thick steak. The press is heavy enough that it will press down on the food and either crush it or squeeze out all the flavorful juices. It tends to overcook much faster as well. In that case, it's better to use the grilling position. The broil position wasn't that useful for me. The top has three positions that it locks into and usually ends up being too high and doesn't get hot enough to really heat, or it's too low that you might as well be using it as the press grill. This grill does what I needed from an indoor grill and having the extra functions just adds more to the versatility.

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  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    This May End Up Replacing Our Gas Weber

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    Since this is a kitchen appliance for the most part, and not really in my domain, the following review is by my wife, Mrs pillboy: I find it enjoyable to use this versatile appliance. We may never need or want to use our gas grill again. We've made boneless chicken breasts, hamburgers, pizza, grilled cheese sandwiches, pancakes, hash browns and eggs this past week. La mia pizza era eccellente! Our favorite was homemade pizza. We prefer a crispy bottom crust and achieved just that, in the very first attempt! This appliance is not ideal for making eggs, however it can be done if you "herd" the eggs with a spatula - the eggs want to flow towards the grease tray at the back of the grill until they solidify. This grill would be great for entertaining small gatherings or perhaps daily use for larger families. It fits nicely on our smooth-top range, under the exhaust fan. We found this location ideal, especially when cooking meat. In the future we may use it on the porch both for space and venting. I recommend the brief De'Longhi videos found under "From the Manufacturer" for informative overviews of several aspects of the appliance. I wish I had watched them prior to using the grill. Pros: No assembly required Contemporary styling Sturdy construction Informative display Simple to use Easy to clean Even surface temperature On screen timer (its use is optional) Multi-functional - Closed Grill, Broiler Mode or Open Grill Ability to adjust plates to different temperatures and change temperatures during cooking if desired Underside temperature of the appliance is not hot (countertops are unaffected) Cons: Waffle plates are not included - they may be purchased separately Price seems a bit high Eggs want to travel to the grease tray Other Observations: Cord length of 32 inches may require an extension cord in some settings Heats to 450? F in 4 1/2 minutes The variable temperature control dials include the following Fahrenheit temperatures: 140? , 175? 215? , 250? , 270? , 285? , 300? , 320? , 340? , 355? , 375? , 400? , 410? , 430? , 450? The sear function increases the temperature to 464? F for one minute and cannot be used again within a 30 minute period, even if the appliance is turned off then on again Default setting is Fahrenheit - Celsius setting is also included if desired

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  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Large, sturdy multipurpose grill

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    Pros Plenty of grilling space Includes flat and griddle cooking surfaces Can make waffles with optional accessory Versatile Easy to read digital screen Includes timer function Easy dishwasher cleanup Top and bottom cook surfaces are controlled separately Includes companion app Premium appearance Cons Actual temperature does not match set temperature Heating is very uneven Dials didn't feel smooth for such an expensive product Steep slope on for drippings causes items such as eggs to run Drip tray removal is in back Massive size limits kitchen placement in normal kitchens Only includes temperature settings and no Low/Medium/High High amp draw might require using a separate circuit The Delonghi Livenza is a very large multipurpose grill. The grill surfaces have an integrated heating element. The claim is by offering direct heating of the cooking surface you get even distribution of heat. With the included flat grill and griddle and optional waffle plates you have the option to cook nearly anything without the need of a stove or oven. In fact, the Livenza can even serve as an open broiler. A timer and sear function are also included to round out the package. There are only temperature settings and no options for Low, Medium, and High so some knowledge of cooking temperatures or using the companion app are recommended. Cleanup should be easy since the plates are dishwasher safe and the drip tray catches everything else. The front display has a slight angle meaning food will likely need to be cleaned off the front but the task is not difficult. Strangely, the drip tray must be removed via a back slot. With such a large grill, a side or front removal of the tray would be preferred. If you intend to purchase the Livenza, keep in mind this is a very large grill. You could be forgiven for mistaking this for a commercial grade restaurant grill it is that large. It looks and feels the part in every way. It feels very sturdy as if it was intended for frequent use. Digging deeper into the grill, the commercial type nature continues where each heating surface is controlled separately and a bright, easy to read display shows the set temperature of each heating surface. Unfortunately, the temperature set cannot be trusted but more on that later. The knobs feel sturdy except that turning them feels rough, almost as if there is sand stuck behind the knob. This takes away from the premium feel a bit. After continued use the rough feeling lessoned. One can only hope this is because they are tight from the factory for extended use and require a breaking in period. Carrying on with the more commercial theme, with this grill open you have as much surface area as most residential cooktops except nearly all is useable. When cooking large amounts of greasy food, such as bacon, enough bacon grease is vaporized where you may want to consider using it under your vent hoot if you don't have tall ceilings. Because of the size of the grill, if you intend to use both surfaces at the same time while having another appliance running, such as a small toaster oven, you will need more than a 15-amp circuit. Probably the boldest claim is that the Livenza solves the largest problem every cooking surface or grill and that's uneven heat. Unfortunately, during testing it could not live up to this claim. Temperatures were verified with a thermal gun to very as much as 80 degrees Fahrenheit from one area of the plate to another. This can the difference between overly runny eggs and dry eggs. Not only are surface temperatures inconsistent, they are regularly higher than set. When the temperature was set to 400 degrees, a check with a thermal fun verified temps of 436-448. A setting of 350 yielded 398 degrees. This does not prevent the Livenza from being a competent cooking tool, only less than accurate or consistent. If you are in the market for a very large multipurpose grill for larger meals and value a sturdy build quality and commercial look this grill may be for you. Just be ready for temperature inconsistencies.

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