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DJI - Spark Quadcopter - Yellow-Front_Standard

DJI - Spark Quadcopter - Yellow

Model: CP.PT.000732SKU: 5982611

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Customer ratings & reviews

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return to home feature
  • Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

    Warranty is Worthless

    • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase

    Although this drone at first did an okay job at flying, it has an extreme amount of defects. Return to home button never was effective as the device NEVER seemed to get gps service. After the drone took off by itself into the woods, after me pressing land about 8 times with no result, I tried to use the find my drone feature which was completely ineffective. After searching for about 45 minutes, I finally gave up thinking that the warranty would cover it. However, apparently all they could offer me was a 15 percent off discount, because I was flying in a bad environment. This is very interesting to me, as it was a wide open space with no obstacles around except the very distant forest that the drone took off too by itself. I spent 450 dollars on this item, which as a college student isn't an easy amount of money to drop, and the customer service was not only awful, but the warranty was also completely worthless.

    No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Great photo drone for the price

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    • My Best Buy® Member

    After 6 months of flying, I can definitively say that I LOVE this drone! Great resolution on the camera. Great value for the price. Intuitive to fly. Great for capturing farm photos through the seasons. Flew it on a 4 degree Fahrenheit day with no issues, also flew it in a light snowfall over my property with no issues (although you probably aren't supposed to do that)! Issues I have had: At first, it would not sync with the controller and the DJI app. After trying over and over for a few hours, it finally synced. Very frustrating. I just wanted to fly the darned thing! Sometimes there is a lag on the video, which is unfortunate. One time, the drone controls stopped working all of the sudden and the drone just started going off on its own random direction, without me even touching the controls. After a couple of minutes, the controls mysteriously started working again. The DJI app would not work with an old Samsung smartphone- the screen kept freezing, but works well with a newer iPad. Over time, the battery life/ flight time seems to slowly decrease. The return-home feature works great UNLESS you are flying below trees in the woods, and the auto-return-home feature kicks on, and your drone flies upwards so quickly before you can hit 'cancel return home', and your drone flies itself into a tree (this happened once, not too high off the ground, so nothing broke). This happened because the distance sensors that tell the drone it is too close to an object turn off automatically when the drone is in'return home' mode. Also, they say you can launch it from your hand and have it land in your hand, but I'd be seriously afraid of losing a finger! Those rotors are powerful! Overall, this is a great drone for the money! Buy it, already!

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Fun and easy to fly, excellent pictures

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    • My Best Buy® Elite Member

    I wanted a drone that wasn't a toy and could take some aerial shots of my home and recreational photos. I did a little online research and the DJI Spark got consistently positive reviews for beginners who wanted to learn to fly a "real" drone that does more than simply challenge you to maintain its position in the air. I connected to my Android phone and though that seems convenient I will eventually be buying the DJI remote for my Spark. The reason I mention this is that with my phone I'm restricted in my speeds and my range. That being said the DJI Go 4 app works very well and is easy to use. The Spark uses multiple GPS signals with its built in GPS receiver to maintain its position while taking pictures and to also allow it to return home (RTH) when you want to end the flight or when the battery reaches critical low level. The first flights went well, I suggest researching various YouTube videos, start with DJI's videos and then look at productions by "Kloo Gee" and "jeven dovey" to begin with. They offer experience driven, common sense advice about important things you really need to know and how to drill down to understand them and fly your Spark safely and effectively and have a little fun at the same time and to also take pictures and videos worth watching while it's flying. I do want to say I've only taken 16 flights so far but I really enjoy my Spark. I've bought 2 spare batteries, an aftermarket landing gear and a basic case to organize all my gear. I've been flying in temperatures ranging from 25? F to 60? F, the low temperatures do affect battery life and I get flying times ranging from 9 to 13 minutes. The Spark weighs in at .66 lbs and as that's greater than .55 lbs you must register your Spark with the FAA prior to your first flight. Remember, line of sight flying only, 400' vertical limit and respecting no-fly zones and to inform airports within 5 miles that you'll be flying your drone within the mentioned limits. The control you've with this drone is incredible but remember to make sure you've GPS signal, otherwise you're flying at your own risk. There's a beginner mode that reduces your speed and range and unless you've flown before use it for the first few flights, after that, don't be afraid to leave beginner mode! My wife enjoys it too! The only thing I might have done differently is to have bought the Mavic Pro which given the fact it comes with a DJI remote and can fly faster and has more than twice the battery life of my Spark. I want to say that I'm not disappointed, just offering advice is all. Watch the YouTube videos, consider the "Flymore" package version of the Spark or the Mavic Pro but if you want fun, good pictures and video and enhanced flight modes, you can't do better than the Spark.

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