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Dyson - V11 Animal Cord-Free Vacuum - Purple/Nickel-Angle_Standard

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Rating 4.9 out of 5 stars with 63 reviews

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Customer ratings & reviews

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Delivers On The hype.

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    I have a closet full of Dyson products and love most of them. This one may be my favorite. It is a little heavy and slightly hard to push but worth the extra effort. When I first got it I cleaned my bedroom rug with its predecessor, also a Dyson, to see what else I might get from the rug with this vacuum. What I didn't get was any hair or other surface debris. What I did get was all sorts of ground-in dirt, the kind that is so hard for most vacuums to pull up from a deep-pile, tightly woven rug. Also, the battery life far exceeds any previous cordless vacuum cleaner I have owned.

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    I'm Impressed!

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    Dyson has been very successful in developing a brand that is highly regarded as innovative and cutting edge by the public. The Dyson SV14 V11 Animal cordless stick-type vacuum continues that reputation. I've owned an older DC35 since 2009. It had worn out its third battery and after ten years of service I decided it was time to see what the newest Dyson cordless stick-type vacuum had to offer. The newest model SV14 V11 shows that Dyson has improved every feature of this category of vacuum and has added a few more. To make a performance comparison I used my old DC35 to clean a throw rug at our back door as thoroughly as I could and then went over the same rug immediately with the new V11. It picked up an amazing amount of sand, dust, pollen and fibers that the DC35 had left behind just minutes before. Features: - A 25.2-volt battery and a new brushless digital DC motor in the upper section delivers twice the suction of any other cordless vacuum according to the Dyson literature. My personal results seem to back that claim up. - The Cleaner Head that rides on the floor or carpet, also has a high-torque motor but rather than run continuously at its highest speed and power, the head is computer controlled. When the V11 senses carpeting, it adds power to the Cleaner Head and upper vacuum motor to maintain brush RPM and increase the suction to lift the dirt from deep within the carpet. When it senses that the Cleaner Head is back on a hard floor surface, the power is reduced to appropriate levels. This constant sensing and adjustment ensures the cleanest floors possible with the lowest amount of battery drain. When the Cleaner Head moves back over the hard floor, you can hear the power decrease. - The upper power head contains a final stage hepa type filter that prevents fine dust particles from escaping the Dust Bin during operation. - The Dyson SV14 V11 has a large 0.2 gallon Dust Bin. When you want to empty the bin over a trash can, pushing one lever ejects the dust and dirt effectively with a shot-gun-pump-action-like mechanism. My older Dyson required banging the collection bin on the trash can to get the dust out. That sometime resulted in some of the dirt falling to the floor. - The V11 comes with several attachments both powered and unpowered to clean difficult spaces like stairs, chairs and automobile upholstery. - The stiff rotating bristles in the Cleaner Head combined with the very high suction force, clean carpeted stairs so well that it lifts the dirt filled crushed carpet in those high traffic areas and re-fluffs the fibers to refresh the flattened out high traffic areas of the carpet. PROS: - A much improved (compared to my old Dyson) on-off trigger is far more comfortable to use. - Automatic load sensing and variable power output extend battery life. - The configuration of the power brushes and Cleaner Head has been changed so that the head pushes forward through heavy carpet much easier than earlier Dyson models. - The ball-swivel head allows the vacuum to be easily maneuvered around corners and obstacles. - Includes a wall mounted charging station with necessary screws and brackets to mount the entire V11 and SOME of the vacuum accessories when they are not in use. - Vacuums various floor surfaces VERY well. CONS: - The extra power comes with extra weight. My old DC35 weighed 5 lbs. while the V11 weighs 6.5 lbs. - The V11 come with 4 extra head attachments, but the charging station only has mounting points for 2 of those attachments. There is a plastic clamp to mount two extra attachments to the main down-tube, but that makes the entire vacuum heavier and more awkward to use. That means 2 of the 4 attachments will wind up in a drawer someplace and may be forgotten.

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  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Strong Vacuuming Power - Only 6.7 lbs. but Awkward

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    The most important point I want to make about this vacuum is it's vacuuming strength and battery longevity. This unit's strong enough to replace a high-quality traditional vacuum because the battery on this unit does last close to an hour. The battery provided me plenty of time to vacuum all the rugs, carpets, and hardwood floors on my 1100 sq. feet home. And the amount of dirt and debris this V11 unit picked-up was incredible. I had just vacuumed everything a day before with my regular vacuum, and I was quite surprised how much dirt was left behind and picked-up by the Dyson vacuum. Along with its exceptional suction power and durability, the unit's relatively quieter than a traditional vacuum. Don't get me wrong, the motor still makes a strong vacuuming sound, but I was able to vacuum at night while my 7-year-old slept. I wouldn't have dared tried that with our regular vacuum. The main reason for my 4-star rating is its awkward weight distribution. The weight on this unit's concentrated at the top near the handle. Even though the vacuum only weighs 6.7 pounds (about 10 pounds lighter than a traditional vacuum), it feels awkward supporting the weight up high rather than its usual place down low on the ground. I adjusted to this change quicker than my wife did. After vacuuming for a while, she noticed her arm getting tired sooner. However, as with most things, I'm sure we'll adjust, and this may no longer be an issue after a while. Another awkward design choice is the "trigger" button. Your finger needs to hold in the trigger in order to run the vacuum. After vacuuming for a while, I would have preferred an option to lock the trigger in place to keep the vacuum running. However, with a locking option, I'm aware that I may drain the battery much quicker than expected. Besides these two issues, the vacuum is quite impressive. The unit comes with a main vacuuming powerhead, as well as a smaller powerhead attachment for cleaning smaller areas like couches, stairs, etc. I loved how well the smaller powerhead picked up a lot of my cat's hair from the couch and its arm rest. A few other things worth mentioning, the main powerhead has an adjustment that allows you to control the suction by opening these little red "gates" located at the bottom front. Out of the box, the red gates are completely down, leading to a very strong suction. While trying to vacuum one of our decorative rugs that included a lot of patterns and bumps, it was a struggle to move the vacuum across the rug. But once we adjusted the gates/openings on the main powerhead, it was a lot easier to vacuum all our area rugs. Also, the gates need to be opened in order to pick up large debris, such as kibble. Finally, the vacuum comes with enough information to get you started. In addition to the manual, Dyson includes a QR code that you can scan with your phone to view additional setup and usage videos. It was from one of these videos that you're informed that the vacuum's batteries are designed to be left on the charger permanently. So, you don't have to worry about overcharging it. Overall, I'm very happy with this vacuum. It will be replacing my old traditional vacuum. The technology built into this vacuum is cutting edge and it's definitely keeping things a lot cleaner.

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