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Customer ratings & reviews

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Solid Business Class Printer


    This review is for the Epson WorkForce Pro ET-8700 EcoTank printer. EcoTank printers turn the traditional cheap printer with expensive ink business model upside down. This printer costs a fair amount up front, but ink refills should be less expensive per page than traditional ink printers. The ink packs are easy to install, just shake the packs a few times, remove them from the packaging, and snap into place in the printer. The high-capacity color ink packs that came with the printer are rated for 5,000 pages, while the extra-high capacity pack for black is rated for 10,000 pages. The printer comes with three packs of each type of color ink and two black packs. Setting up the unit was straightforward, but a little bit time consuming due to a large number of tape pieces securing the various components during shipment. The printer connected to my wireless network without problems. One nice thing about this model is that it can update its firmware via its menu system. It's a lot easier than downloading software to a PC and then uploading to the printer. The printer has a web interface that you can connect to with a browser on your network. The device appears to have a number of options related to device security, access control, LDAP integration, and many other settings that would be used in an office environment who needs more control over printer settings. Print quality seems decent and noise is reasonable for this type of printer. The printer also has a quiet mode for those needing it. Windows 10 was able to find the printer on the network and connect to it, however you can only access basic printer settings unless you download Epson's drivers instead of whatever is included with Windows. I've only had this printer for a few days, but my general impression is that this is a solidly built printer designed for an office environment. This is a review for the Epson ET-8700 EcoTank All-in-One Printer that I received free of charge to do a beta test and review.

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Best Printer I've Owned!

    • My Best Buy® Elite Member

    Installation was incredibly easy. I pulled off a TON of blue shipping tape and plugged it in and that's pretty much it. The only minor hiccup was that the tape holding in the ink trays was a bit tricky but pulling out the paper tray helped. I kept thinking that it would have to be harder but no, it was pretty much as simple as plugging it in. Initial thoughts on running the first test. This is the fastest, best printer I've ever owned. I decided to print a full page photo on the first print and it came out looking great in about three seconds. I was throwing a party I expected children at so I printed a few coloring sheets and then ran them through the copier, all very fast and easy. I mostly ran tests on photos/scanning or on simple document printing. For the scanner I both used the built in Epson utility and tried scanning direct to a usb drive plugged into the printer. They both worked well though it was faster/easier to use the scanning software. Sometimes I run a Linux desktop, and that's when I'd used the usb drive. For the standard document printing I've had to do so far, it's mostly just black and white or grey scale. It's almost, but not quite as good as the laser printer I've but I've also been using eco mode too. It remains fast. A double sided 30 page document was done in just under 90 seconds. My wife was a kindergarten teacher and has spent a number of years in grad school. Due to both of those I've purchased many printers trying to find one that just works well, fast and will get the job done. I've bought black and white laser, color laser, a number of ink jets. I've tried printers from $80 on sale up to $400 models and I've had problems with all of them over time. So far this printer has been the best of the batch. Pros: - Very fast. - Photos printed with crisp detail and almost right up to the edge of the paper. - Scanning software worked well and easily in Windows Cons: - Slightly loud when running - Blue standby light was fairly bright - Pretty expensive up front (though likely not as much as other printers over time) This is a review for the Epson ET-8700 EcoTank All-in-One Printer that I received free of charge to do a beta test and review.

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  • Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

    Great printer, ink may not last as long as claimed


    This is a review for the Epson WorkForce Pro ET-8700 EcoTank All-in-One inkjet printer. Summary With the exception of the ink usage problem, this is a GREAT device. Fast, easy, quiet, with a great feature set. Without the ink usage I'd have rated this 5/5. Pros: Great performance on both print and scan, dual paper feeds, easy (clean! @@@@@@@ setup Cons: It's heavy enough that they recommend using two people to carry it, needed updates for auto paper selection to work correctly, the supplied ink may last closer to two months rather than two years! Setup Setup was pretty straightforward, there's a LOT of tape that was used to secure it during shipping that needs to be removed, just make sure you open every compartment to get it all. Filling the ink reservoirs on EcoTank style printers always makes me a little nervous about spillage but this was as near foolproof as I can imagine. No bottles to open at all, each color came in a separate, sealed bag, keyed so that it can only go in the drawer it's supposed to. The only hiccup I had was that the trays the bags go into had inserts in them that looked like they needed to stay, but in fact were for shipping only and can be discarded. I could find any reference to them in the docs which had me worried until I realized there's simply no way the ink bags and these inserts can coexist in the trays and discarded them. Wifi setup from the touch screen was straightforward, as was cloud print. Printing The main paper is a good size and took about half a ream of paper. I loaded up the second feeder with glossy paper and tried to use the auto paper selection, but it just wouldn't work. After updating the printer firmware and drivers everything worked seamlessly from then on. Printing in both color and b/w was impressively quick, easily the quickest inkjet I've ever used, much faster than most small office laser jets I've used in the past. One initially frustrating thing I found was that duplex printing isn't available on some paper types. I'd select 2-sided, change the paper to Glossy, hit print and it would print single sided. After wasting a few sheets trying to figure it out I noticed that when I selected Glossy it reset duplex printing to 1-sided, and 2-sided was no longer an option. Something in the docs, a warning on the PC or printer before creating two sheets of recycling would be nice. The one issue I ran into, and it's a big one, is that the "ink low" warning came on (for two different colors) after printing just 127 pages! 30-40 of these pages were full color, full page, on glossy paper, but even so, this has me very worried about the "2 years of ink in the box claim"! The printer came with three bags of each color so that's one third of the ink gone already. I've reported this to Epson but have yet to hear back. Scanning While not quite as printing, scanning was quick and the document feeder that allowed double-sided scanning was a God send! No more standing over the printer while it slowly scans one side just to re-feed the sheet to get the other side scanned - wahoo! I primarily used the "Scan to cloud" feature and received a PDF in my inbox soon after the scan completed. This is a review for the Epson ET-8700 EcoTank All-in-One Printer that I received free of charge to do a beta test and review.

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  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    A true workhorse for the small or home business


    The Epson Workforce Pro ET-8700 EcoTank All-in-One Printer will certainly meet the needs for most high-print demand small home office or business users if they can get over the ridiculously long name and come to terms with the hefty price tag. . Let's touch on the price to start with, $999.99, is what you will find most places. This comes with an extremely capable printer\fax\copier\scanner, with two years of ink supplies included in the box. Epson defines two years as up to 16,000 pages black/11,000 pages color according to an ISO standard, which will probably stretch for most home users to three years depending on volume. The warranty covers a year or 150,000 sheets (whichever comes first) and you can double this by registering the printer with Epson, so two years or 150,000 pages. Pretty stout in my opinion. Now the setup of the printer for the most part was simple. You do have to pull off about a mile of tape holding all the various doors, tanks, trays, and covers in place, but the packaging more than sufficient to keep the printer unmarked through shipping. The ink packs were honestly the best improvement over the previous models of Eco-Tanks, because there is no more mess in trying to fill the tanks and subsequently spilling the ink all over the printer, desk, carpet, and then getting kick out of the house by your wife to live as a bump on the street with your printer. There are four trays (black, cyan, magenta and yellow), and the pouches have keyed mounts and slide perfectly into the tray. You get a nice lock engagement knowing the trays are seated putting one's mind at easy about spilling ink. Once a new ink pack is installed the charging (it sounds like Iron Man's Repulsors) is about 5 minutes. On to the question on everyone's mind, "How is the printing?" Well let's just say it is faster than most any other liquid based printers I have tested. On average it was about 20-22 pages of B&W text per minute single sided and 14-16 pages duplexed. The color\photo printing was obviously slower, 18 pages a minute or so single sided, and I didn't duplex the photos. Also, I loaded some 5x7 glossy in the rear tray, which turned out just Okay. The colors ran a little more than I would have liked, not as crisp as expected. Speaking of the rear tray it can hold up to 80 sheets of regular paper, slightly lower for the premium stock, card stock, and gloss. Also, it will accommodate other media including photo paper, envelopes, card stock, etc. Personally, I found this feature of keeping an alternate set of stock loaded in the printer always, for me it is the 5x7 glossy, rather than having to remove/adjust/reload the main feed tray. Let's move to the one or two things I honestly didn't like or had problems with. The packaging was pretty excessive, like miles of tape holding everything in place. This might have been necessary, but that was the longest part of the unpackaging. The next problem is how the ink is packaged. You have a box and in the box, you have a bag and a warning pamphlet. In the bag, you have another bag. In THAT bag you have the ink pouch and an instruction pamphlet. This is for EACH color so 14 times the waste. Finally, the biggest problem was setting up the Google Cloud Print. You have an option on the touchscreen to register, however when you set that it gives you an error... So, you try and set it up with the software (which is awful) loaded on your Windows PC, however it still gives you an error. You must go to the Web Interface of the printer to register the Google Cloud Print. However, once it is registered I have had no problems using it. Overall, I find this printer to be a true workhorse of a printer, with all these glorious features that for the most part just work without any prompting or setup. In my defense I didn't test the faxing capabilities since I do not have a landline anymore. I would give this a 4 out of 5 due to a few little hiccups, but would recommend this to a friend or business needing a printer of this quality and capacity. Please be aware: This is a review for the Epson ET-8700 EcoTank All-in-One Printer that I received free of charge to do a beta test and review.

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