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Fujifilm - X Series X-E3 Mirrorless Camera with 18-55mm Lens - Silver-Front_Standard

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Customer ratings & reviews

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Manual dials make photography more fun

    • My Best Buy® Elite Plus Member

    Quick thoughts: I researched and tried quite a few cameras (Nikon d500, d7500, d750, Sony A7 ii, Sony A7r ii, Sony A7 iii, etc) prior to settling on this one. My previous collection was Nikon based. I had two camera bodies and 4 lenses. I sold it all and switched to Fuji. I am happy that I did but the reason I did may not be why you should. If you like manual control over your photos and amazingly accurate colors using JPG then Fuji X series cameras are great. Otherwise you might not enjoy all that this camera offers. Review: Photo quality: The photo quality is about average when you zoom in and look around at 200%. You’ll see about what any other camera with a 24mp apsc sensor can provide. However, the difference lies in the color reproduction from the camera. I shoot mostly RAW and import my photos into Lightroom. Within Lightroom you can select color profiles from Fuji and match their film simulations. The way Fuji interprets color within their film simulations is amazing. With my previous cameras that I owned (Nikon d7000, d500, Sony A7ii) I never could get skin tones and hair color to look right. I was amazed when I used the Fuji at how accurate the colors became. Now I don’t have to spend hours adjusting color tones, I just select the film simulation that best fits the situation and it works. To me that is worth switching to Fuji on its own. There’s also no AA filter so the sensor does resolve quite a bit of detail. There is still some noise but nothing distracting. The way noise shows up in photos from a Fuji camera is quite pleasant, not dissimilar to film. Autofocus: The autofocus on this camera is great in good lighting. It is quick and accurate. I won’t go into detail about the autofocus system itself, DPREVIEW can tell you all that information. I will tell you that it can track my 3-year-old with no problem. There is also the capability of Eye autofocus. While it doesn’t compete with Sony on this, it does work well. I wouldn’t buy this camera if that is your main need though. Startup time: This is important and relates to how long it takes for you to be able to take a photo after you turn the camera on. I will say it is 1 second or less. I haven’t missed any shots waiting for the camera to turn on. It feels instant really. It is faster than my Sony A7ii was. Is it loud: No, I don’t find the shutter to be intrusive. If needed you can use the electronic shutter completely silent shooting. Video: The usual stuff is present. 4K is available and works well and with no noticeable crop. I would use an external mic though, which is true with any camera. The video autofocus is good and is able to track my 3 year old without issue. Battery life: I have two batteries total and have not run out of power yet. I use my camera a lot, especially when traveling. Even so I typically only use 1.5 batteries. For most people 2 batteries will be more than enough for the day. Just remember to turn off the camera when it’s not in use. Viewfinder: I enjoy using the viewfinder very much. It just feels more engaging to look though a viewfinder rather than looking at a screen. It also works very well outdoors since you can’t see the rear display of a camera in sunlight. The viewfinder is kind of small but you don’t really notice that when using it. The quality is exceptional and it’s nice to see how your photo will look prior to taking it. This is one major advantage of an electronic viewfinder is that you get a preview of how your image will look so you can make adjustments in real time. Manual dials: Along with the unique image quality from Fuji I really wanted to try manual dials. Now that I have I don’t think I could go back. I have always wanted to use a camera and have it feel like an extension of my arm. Most cameras require you to hold a button and turn a wheel to adjust things like shutter speed, exposure, and Aperture. On the Fuji all of these items are accessible with dedicated dials. It is so much more engaging and enjoyable to just rotate a dial, the same dial each time, and know what it is doing. When composing a photo I don’t want to be slowed down with trying to remember which button and wheel combo I programmed for shutter speed or exposure. The Fuji gives me the ability to quickly adjust these things and get the result I was going for without any need to slow down. I am finally getting the photos I see in my mind that were so hard to get with other cameras because I can control the camera so much easier. Auto mode: Yes, this particular Fuji has an auto mode switch if needed. This is handy when letting someone else use the camera if they don’t know much about photography. It also works great if you want a Fuji camera but don’t want to learn manual control. Customizability: You can program nearly every button on the back of the camera to do what you want. There’s also a quick menu that you can program to display what you want. I almost never go into the actual menu on this camera anymore. With the manual dials you really free up a lot of button that normally would be assigned to things like shutter speed and exposure compensation. You end up with more buttons than you need which is a nice change. Touchscreen: It’s a touchscreen and it works well. It’s slow to respond for autofocus like on most cameras but does work. I wouldn’t buy this camera for the touchscreen alone but it is nice to have the option if needed. I use the joystick on the back of camera to move autofocus points as I find it to be more accurate and quicker. Build quality: This is another area where Fuji exceeded my expectations. The camera is solid and feels well built. The top and bottom plates are metal and provide nice weight. I have no concerns with this camera lasting a long time. Keep in mind this model is not weather sealed, so don’t take it in the rain. The “kit” lens is the 18-55mm and it is amazing. It is metal and extremely well built. The image stabilization with the lens is really good as well. The aperture range of F2.8 to F4 is not something I have seen on a kit lens in this price range. It is my favorite lens I have used on any camera. Another great thing with Fuji is their lens selection. Their lenses are made of metal unlike almost every other brand that uses plastic. A lot of their lenses are still made in Japan as well. They feel solid, like something that’ll last long enough I can pass it along to my kids. Software / Firmware updates: This is an area where Fuji demonstrates their commitment to their customers. They listen to feedback and implement it when possible into software updates. Fuji is always trying to make their cameras better and when an improvement is made they make it available to their customers. When a new feature is released they will release it to all of their previous camera models that are capable of supporting the feature. Fuji doesn’t make you buy another camera to get access to new features when your camera can support it. No other camera company does this. Thank you, Fuji. Bluetooth and Wifi: The Fuji app is easy to use and works well. You can control the camera fully from the app and transfer photos wirelessly to your phone if you want. I don’t use these features much so I can’t really speak as to how well it works long term. Final thoughts: I am quite satisfied with this camera and lens. I had a Sony A7ii and pre ordered the A7iii. I ended up canceling the preorder and got the Fuji. I have zero regrets and enjoy using my camera everyday. I didn’t enjoy using my previous cameras because of how disconnected the made me feel when using them. The Fuji doesn’t make me feel that way. To me, enjoying the camera allows me to enjoy photography.

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Best on the Budget

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    I am not sure why most people prefer XT20, but actually XE3 is the most complete Fuji Camera on the budget. It is lighter, more fetures, including 9 Braketing Shutter options, Bulb mode for 60 minutes, (XT20 only supports 30 secs) Flash comes separated and it is slighly more powerfull than Flash build in. XE3 has bluetooth and the viewfinder is convinience located on the left, so your noise is free and not stocket in the screen. Really impresive pictures quality, highly recomend!

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Great Camera

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    Great image quality. Small and easy to carry all day.

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